Nikkei XTECH Expo 2020

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Nikkei XTECH Expo 2020 is an event promoting business talks and exchanges between exhibitors and business leaders as well as conveying the forefront of innovation occurring in the “cross area” of business and technology. We are waiting for many companies and organizations concerned to participate in the exhibition in October 2018.


Nikkei XTECH Expo 2020


Start Date: 

October 12, 2020


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Event Type:

Virtual Events, Online

End Date:

October 23, 2020

Contact Information:

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Tel : +81-3-6811-8083

E-mail : [email protected]





Event Location:


Event Categories:

Technology, Enterprise ICT, Cloud Computing, Information Security, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Digital Document


09:00 AM-06:00 PM

Attendee Numbers:


Event Description

“New normal” brought about by the new coronavirus. A typical idea is non-contact / non-face-to-face. Events and exhibitions also have to face just such a new normal. Therefore, we decided to hold the “Nikkei Cross Tech EXPO” in 2020 online.

How will the living environment, offices, means of transportation, stores and factories, and working styles and organizations change in the future with the situation of With Corona? Digital technology is important in every situation. At the online “Nikkei Cross-Tech EXPO 2020”, we will hold various lectures and introduce solutions, focusing on the viewpoints of digital transformation in the with corona era, which is inevitable for everyone, and the new normal of working styles and organizations. We will deliver more powerful content than usual for technical keywords and themes such as artificial intelligence, 5G / IoT, and blockchain. Please visit the venue and experience the forefront of digital technology.

The Xtech Expo is an ICT event exhibiting new trends and solutions in ICT that will kick-start innovation, paving the way for the company’s sustained growth and, at the same time, clearing the air of stagnation. The event will bring together various digital technologies for innovation of business and industry.

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