Norby Raises $3.8M Through Seed Funding Led By Gradient Ventures to Grow Its All-In-One Marketing Platform For Creators

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Near the end of July this month, the Brooklyn-based content marketing company Norby raises $3.8M of capital investment. This round of funding was led by Gradient Ventures and joined by several companies such as Charge VC, BBG Ventures, Notation, and Bungalow Capital. It was revealed that the fund is going to be used by the online conference platform provider to extend their package of upcoming audience management generation.

Further Details Norby’s Acquired $3.8 Investment and Future Plans

After thriving for about a year since it was established last year, the announcement of Norby raises $3.8M through a round of seed financing made itself to the news. The event was led Gradient Ventures with several participants including Charge VC, BBG Ventures, Notation, and Bungalow Capital.

The lead investor, Gradient Ventures, is a venture fund company under Google that focuses on AI program. The 2017-bornt firm is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It operates to invest and connect young startups with artificial intelligence’s innovation and resources. Most of the funds it provides are used to help founders to discover new ideas in advancing their technology products, utilizing the best and most updated recruiting practices, and navigate the challenges in the field.

In the similar vein, the capital acquiring online event platform startup itself stated that the investment is going to be used to extend their package of upcoming audience management generation. So far, they have been growing organically and slowly, gaining new users through invitation and waitlist system, along with product demonstration strategy.

About The All-In-One Creator Marketing Platform Norby

Norby is a company that was established by Nick Gerard (current CEO), Steven Layne (current CTO), and Sam Safer Valentine (current COO). It aims to provide relationship building management for content creators or emerging brands and their audience. The company has been offering services for hundreds of clients, some of the examples being The Future Party, Sad Girls Club, Bulletin, Shop Latinx, Jess Tran, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Shanika Hillocks, EVRYMAN, Allbodies, and so on.

The conference platform provides marketing technology that combines several features such as events, newsletters, SMS, CRM, referrals, link tracking, link in bio, and many more. Their big idea is to integrate various services such as MailChimp, Eventbrite, LinkTree, into one reasonably-priced subscription-based service. It offers a single solution for everyone who wants to manage an online community so they won’t have to use separately created and handled costly patchwork of services.

The very reason above is why this virtual conference provider is perfect for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses compared to other virtual meeting platforms. Indeed, a big portion of its customers comprises of less than 10-staffer organization.

That being said, the virtual event app developer doesn’t offer free tier service package. The premium package begins at $20/month. There is, however, a plan by the company to provide more affordable $5/month package.

For the big picture, this virtual events company sees itself as creators’ advocator and insulator against big virtual event companies’ power. The CEO expressed its long-term desire to assist creators in building their own communities as sort of a counterbalance to massive content platform such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

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