Report for Event: Things You Need to Add into Your Event Report Document

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Are you an event planner who is told by your boss to make report for event? In making a report on event, you need to write certain things which are highly essential and must be available on your report. However, it is not that difficult that it can leave you wondering what to write for days.

If you are confused about how to write an event report, you better not take it as a difficult document for what you need days to have it done. According to, making this document is actually pretty easy as it takes you only word processor and basic information of the event–such as date, time, and the location where the event was carried out.

In addition to that information, the source also points out that information like the attendee demographics may be required while making the report launch event. Such information may be required if the event you are conducting is related to an organization, and the organization itself needs such information–let’s say, for their business.

To make it easier for you, actually, there is report of event template which you can use to make the report after event. Such a template will help you to cut time preparing the outline hence you may only need to fill in several details.

You may wonder how the procedure is in making a report on event in college, or maybe how to report adverse event to FDA. Actually, the base is the same: you need to have the essential information included in your report. These essentials will include, as said, the date and time of the event as well as the location where the event is carried out.

However, you must have known that it is not the only thing to include when you are making a report for an event. These things will also be needed to be included for a more comprehensive report on event management.

  • The summary of your event. Write a summary which describes the best of how your event was carried out.
  • Add the information about the attendee feedback. This is one of the most important detail for an event since it is typically the most related thing to the objective of the event.
  • How your event is. Was it a big success? Was there something to fix about the event? You can express that on the event report to give an insight on how the next event should be conducted later.

Report for Event Details

Report for Event Details

The details of your event report are not only those three as well as the date, time, and location of the event. You may also need to add how the event staff performed in that event and what your expectation is for any upcoming events, if any.

Other Details to Include

Aside from those aforementioned, some reports will need to add how the budget is planned and used during the event. This is one of the most required details since events won’t be able to be carried out without the budget.

  • Media exposure
  • Participant demographics and registration data
  • Participant engagement

If you are confused about how to make the event report, it will be nice to consider getting a report of event sample as guidance. That would help you in making the report more detailed without any crucial thing which you may miss.

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