German Startup Rooom Raises $7M for Multifaceted 3D Virtual Events Platform

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September 2021, it was announced that Rooom raises $7m for multifaceted 3d virtual events platform. The company that based in Germany has also integrated various communication means to its virtual meeting platforms. More details about it below.

About Rooom

Rooom, which three o’s on its name represent the three space dimensions, is a cloud-based virtual experience platform that allows the users to enjoy the service without download it. Its service can be utilized even without VR or AR headset – a headset functionality that provided for Facebook Oculus users.

In this online event platform, the users are able to access various digital contents, including virtual rooms, virtual stages, 3D models, and many more through web browser. It features online 3D tech, WebGL, by Khoros Group – which this virtual events provider is also a part of.

When it was still operating in secrecy during last year, the company backed up IFA 2020, a tech virtual conference event that was attended by over 200,000 virtual participants in Germany. During the event, it displayed the tools provided within the platform. Hans Elstner, the CEO, also laid out the company’s vision and goals in advancing virtual communication.

About the Multifaceted 3D Virtual Events Platform

As the event of Rooom raises $7M for multifaceted 3D virtual events platform makes quite a news, a lot of people started to be curious about their service. By using this company’s service, there’s no need to hire agency to establish digital experience. It is a self-service platform where everyone, even without relevant skills or knowledge, is going to be able to enjoy complicated 3D specials.

Through this conference platform provider company’s service, the users are also able to select the best template for their events and showrooms. There is also a library of 3D objects that filled with decoration, furniture, advertising space, and exhibition booths. This way, the customers have chance to establish a personalized environment by only using several clicks and also offered ability to easily reuse the content.

The online conference platform provider also offers a feature called ‘ExperienceCloud’ that includes required visualization and marketing for broad range of industries, in one convenient platform that provides four components, as explained below:

  • EventCloud: All-in-one flexible solutions for virtual event companies clients to plan and execute their event through the web, in simple and quick ways.
  • SpaceCloud: A feature where companies can conduct interactive 3D virtual conference event that also includes all around showroom tours to display their services. By using it, the customers will be able to explore various scenes such as halls or rooms through desktop PC or mobile device.
  • ProductCloud: A method to 3D promoting products online for sellers and manufacturers. Here, the customers will be able to experience 3D product models through their browser without any required virtual event app – that provides textures, colors, angles, and more.
  • ImmerseCloud: A feature provided for event organizations and companies to utilize AR (augmented reality) to market their products. It is very suitable for a broad range of business.

Before Rooom raises $7M, this company has spent three whole years of ExperienceCloud development, according to the CEO. In general, it still relies on the Khronos Group’s standards of 3D visualization. It also has joined as participant to contribute in development of WebVR, WebGL, and glTF.

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