80+ Best Thanksgiving Invitation Wording Ideas, Free Templates, and Tips

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Are you looking for some proper guidance on composing your Thanksgiving invitation? Luckily, you have landed on the right website. Here, you will find everything from invitation samples that you can adjust as per your needs to professional tips on how to draft your Thanksgiving party invitation, including what to include and what you need to leave out.

Even with all of the uncertainty that the year 2021 has brought to us, there is still plenty to be grateful for. One of which is a new perspective on things most people used to take for granted. While many are still hurting this year, it would be best for you to take a minute to be grateful. Also, if you want to express your gratitude to others, sending Thanksgiving invitation cards is an excellent approach to do it.

A Thanksgiving invite isn’t just coming to your parents’ house and enjoy the food they serve. According to research conducted by Syracuse University, rituals and routines that have been performed for over 50 years assist enhance mental health, physical health, and general well-being of kids aged 0 to 5.

Dr. Barbara Feise, the writer of “Family Routines and Rituals” also argues that when most parents possess positive family memories, they tend to be able in a more positive way with their children. So, if you want to create a happy memory for your kids, celebrating Thanksgiving is a must. You can look for Thanksgiving invitation samples to start off, or you can check out the following tips.

  • Include the essentials – When you create an invitation for Thanksgiving dinner, you need to mention the essentials. These include the location, date, and time as well as who’s organizing it.
  • Set up an RSVP date – At least set up a week to receive answers from those you invite. That way, you will have a considerable amount of time to purchase the ingredients, prepare, and cook.
  • Use a Thanksgiving invitation template – You don’t need to create the invitation card from scratch. Simply look for a template that comes in a relevant design, customize the existing wording with your own or look for ideas on this post, and you’re all set.

Ideas to Create a Thanksgiving Invitation Wording

Thanksgiving is a wonderful annual occasion that deserves to be celebrated with a feast. It’s a perfect moment to gather around and offer gratitude for everything you are thankful for. You can distribute the invitation through a nicely composed invitation card.

Ideas to Create a Thanksgiving Invitation Wording

It’s time to eat turkey and yams and cranberries too, just like the Pilgrims used to do!

Please be our guests on Thanksgiving Day for feasting, reminiscing and counting our blessings.

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for all we are blessed with. Please join us for a wonderful holiday meal.

Thanksgiving is the time of year, when we gather with our friends so dear.

Thanksgiving… and we gather together to give thanks with the wonderful friends who have enriched our lives.

The wine has been poured and the table is set for a Thanksgiving dinner you won’t soon forget.

To family and friends we hold so dear, we want to share our bounty this year.

There ios fresh pecan pie and cranberry delight, so much to give thanks for on this special night. Please join us for Thanksgiving Dinner.

There are few things we are more thankful for than having our family in our lives. Help us celebrate Thanksgiving.

The turkey and ham have been laid to rest, so come join the [last name] family’s Thanksgiving fest.

Thanksgiving should be shared with family and friends, because you have given us reasons to give thanks.

Thanksgiving is a time to surround yourself with good food, good friends and family. Please join us for a Thanksgiving meal.

Please join us for a Harvest Dinner as we celebrate this time of year!

Join us for Thanksgiving dinner To give thanks for the many blessings bestowed on our family.

From our family to your family, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

Don’t be a turkey! Put on your stretchy pants and loosen up for a night of drinking and feasting.

Let’s count our blessings and get together for Thanksgiving dinner.

We’re so grateful for friends like you. Please join us for our Family & Friendsgiving celebration.

We welcome you to our annual harvest dinner as we celebrate the season of gratitude.

Please join us for a cornucopia of good food, good drinks, and good company.

Give Thanks, Eat Pie, Repeat!

In this season of thanks, please be our guest for a Thanksgiving feast.

Let’s be thankful together. Please have a seat at our table for Thanksgiving supper.

Be our guest for Thanksgiving Day. Our door is wide open as we welcome you and count our blessings.

The table is set and the turkey is trimmed. Please sit with us for an evening of food, fun, and thankfulness.

‘Tis the season to count our blessings, and that includes you. Join us for holiday feasting with friends and family.

So Grateful. Friends and family, let’s gather to give thanks, share a meal, and make lasting memories.

Let us all again come together and celebrate this auspicious thanks giving party to all our beloved as we all celebrate this auspicious day with a grand party.

Everyone is cordially invited to be a part of this grand celebration of their thanks giving on (_) and we have organized a feast on this behalf.

The dining table is waiting for all the guests to have a sumptuous potion! Make sure you are on time for the thanks giving treat!

We always have been busy in our lives and hence we all invite () for attending this grand celebration on behalf of this thanksgiving.

Warm food, and fresh food awaits us all at the table (_) on (_) as we all invite (_) on behalf of this thanks giving party and hence we all wish for a nice day.

We always have craved for this day as we all come together and hence celebrate this day with our family as we invite (_) to our thanksgiving party on (_).

We shall always remember this day as this day of togetherness comes only for one day and hence to make it special we invite you to be a part of this thanksgiving party.

Delicious food, and a great time awaits you as we all invite you to be the part of the celebration for this thanks giving party on behalf of (_) family.

Come and be a part of this wonderful celebration of thanksgiving and hence we all request the pleasure of your presence on the day of (_) at (_).

Keep up the spirit of togetherness and let us enjoy this wonderful feast organized on behalf of this thanksgiving party and we all hope that (_) shall be a part of it.

We invite all of (_) with great pleasure in our hearts in a hope to celebrate this day with a lot of joy and pleasure, as we request the pleasure of (_) to attend this celebration with us on this thanksgiving.

We invite (_) on (_) on behalf of this auspicious thanks giving party on behalf of (_) family and all of (_) are requested to bless us with their presence.

This day shall be celebrated with every ounce of happiness we can have and also with no empty stomachs, hence let us all celebrate and enjoy this thanks giving party.

We live to live happily and hence we celebrate these days to reignite the spirits of happiness hence we celebrate this thanks giving party with all.

We hereby wish to have a nice time and so you shall as well and that is why we wish everyone around a happy thanks giving party.

We have always been grateful to people who are still together with us and hence as a great re union we organize this thanks giving party on behalf of (_) family.

We shall enjoy this day as we invite all our relatives to visit us to witness this wonderful dinner on behalf of this thanks giving.

Let us all come together and celebrate this thanks giving party and we wish all a very happy meal today and we hope you celebrate this day memorably.

With abdomen full of delicious food, the post party game on the day of thanks giving is what excites me! Please come and join us with your family!

Friends, family and everyone, this is the best time to reunite and have a gala time because the thanks giving weekend is here already! Can’t wait to meet all in the party!

We shall always be proud of our togetherness as we celebrate our thanksgiving on (_) at (_) and (_) are invited, we hope to make this day memorable.

We all are always busy within ourselves and a day like this comes very less that we all come together on behalf of an occasion like this thanks giving on (_) at (_).

We all shall make sure that this day shall be memorable as we all invite () to be a part of this thanks giving party and this celebration is incomplete without your presence.

(_) family requests your presence on (_) and we all hope to feed your appetite with the most delicious food around and fill your hearts with joy as we celebrate this thanksgiving.

Please be our guest at (_) on (_) as we invite (_) to be a part if the celebration on behalf of this lovely thanksgiving day and hence we shall feel good along you.

(_) request the pleasure of your presence on the night (_) as we all cordially invite to feast on behalf of this thanks giving day.

We all will be blessed if you present yourselves on this night, as we organize a lovely dinner on behalf of this thanksgiving on (_) at (_)

We all cordially invite you to eat the delicious sea food we request that you shall attend this thanks giving and we hope you all shall enjoy this day.

Let’s keep up our bond strong as we wish for the presence of (_) on (_) on behalf of this Thanksgiving Day and we shall make sure that this day is spent with joy

This day shall be as good as it can be as we all come together to celebrate this thanks giving party and have the best time of life!

We always shall remember these days since these are the days which we shall always keep in our memories, and hence we all invite (_) on Behalf of this Thanksgiving on (_)

After a long time we shall again dine together under this lovely moonlight and making best memories, as we invite you to our thanksgiving celebration on behalf of us.

However, if you don’t have much time designing the invitation cards, you can simply send a Thanksgiving text invite to your relatives and friends. No need to bother about the wording you will need to use on your invitations. With some wording ideas you find on this page, you can send a festive invitation in no time.

Making Thanksgiving Invitations with Templates

Please join us for a gathering of FAMILY, FRIENDS, and FOOD to celebrate Thanksgiving at three in the afternoon The Lowenstien Home 736 Wellington Ave Grand Rapids

Gobble up a good time Potluck Thanksgiving Feast We’d be thankful if you’d join us And share your favorite dish Special kids table for little turkeys The Andersons

You’re invited To our annual Thanksgiving pie swap Please bring a dish to share Kindly rsvp

Please join The Walker-Gaileys team for a Thanksgiving Treat rsvp

Let’s kick it. Please join us for a very thankful friendsgiving followed by football on the television. Thanksgiving Day at 2pm

Food Coma Please join Arlo and Richard for A VERY THANKFUL FRIENDSGIVING The Brock Residence 2 Van Duesenville Road, Great Barrington

en and Erin invite you to Thanksgiving feast To bring together friends & family With gratitude and gravy Rsvp

GIVE THANKS Join jus for dinner on Thanksgiving Day at 4PM The Williams Residence I New York City Please bring a dish to share

Friendsgiving! Come celebrate Turkey Day before we all trot home to our families. Leave incredibly full.

Jen and Erin invite you to a virtual Thanksgiving feast. Thursday, November 28th at 2 o’clock Link to follow

Join us for Thanksgiving Hosted online Thanksgiving Day At 2PM Link to follow Jen + Erin

Peas join us for a Podsgiving Dinner Please join us for a gathering of family, friends, and food to celebrate Thanksgiving three in the afternoon The Lowenstein Hom Grand Rapids Kindly Respond

Get pumped for Thanksgiving. We’ll be social distancing and will have lots of extra masks. Extra points if you bring chairs!

Whether or not you can visit your parents’ house to join the Thanksgiving celebration, you can at least still able to celebrate this heartfelt moment with your dearest friends. Let your friends know that you care about them by sending them a loving invitation with the help of free Thanksgiving invitation templates.

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