The impact of AI on Trade Shows of the Future

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Exhibitions – What is AI? Artificial Intelligence (AI) are machines designed to act and think like humans. It is a simulation of human intelligence. Its algorithms make decisions using real-time data most often.

From digital assistants to chatbots, 77% of consumers are already using AI technology. It ranges from big data analysis to popular chatbots like Siri and Alexa. The AI market will reach $118.6 billion as of 2025.

What is a trade show?

Trade shows are events where various companies introduce and showcase their products.

How will AI impact Trade shows?

AI is more than a technology meant for entertainment. From the perspective of trade shows, it takes care of basic processing. Plus, it also streamlines operations.

Here, are the top five ways it will impact trade shows:

Language Translation

The economy is becoming a global economy. Trade shows are seeing more global attendees.

In this situation, language becomes a barrier in communicating. However, voice-activated Artificial Intelligence can act as a translator. It allows vendors to expand the business globally.

Consumer Electronics Show, which is the Biggest Technology Conference, is held in Las Vegas annually. It recorded over 180,000 attendees from over the globe. In such a situation, AI is the key.

Faster and smarter networking

Trade shows can host thousands of people at one go. In this situation, explaining each person about the product is impossible. Time is very crucial.

AI can be used to match potential customers looking to do business with the vendors. Plus, it can schedule a meeting after going through the calendars of both sides.

It’s a greener option

Trade shows can be pretty big and confusing. Most shows would hand out maps and information leaflets. However, with AI technology, the environment can go paper-free.

It gives a full experience

Showing and explaining how the product operation works can be difficult for vendors. It has to been seen and experienced by taking a tour of the company. However, it is possible by combining the technology of AI and virtual reality. It brings the whole company in front of the attendees.

A more extensive data collection

The use of Chatbots gives a fun experience, plus it collects data. The questions asked by attendees can provide an insight into what they want. The data collected can then be used to provide what the customer needs.

Also, AI can help collect surveys at the exit instead of traditionally giving out paper forms for the attendees to fill up. It is the closest option for getting honest feedback. Plus, it is more convenient for the attendee.

Artificial Intelligence popularity is growing every day. Some top AI companies include Apple, Google, etc. Found in supermarkets to big companies. It is becoming the new normal.

As for trade shows and events, AI technology is becoming embraced. Who knows what the future holds. But one thing’s for sure; AI technology impact on trade shows are already occurring.

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