The SmartCMO Virtual Events was (on demand now) One of the Better Events and Drew a Strong C-level Crowd

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If you are interested in seeing a very good virtual experience, one that attracted and engaged C-level executives, check out the Smart CMO Virtual Forum (although the live version of is over), we think you will pick up some good ideas.

SmartCMO targeted many different types of attendee organizations, and in the end, over 20% of those who attended were C-Level marketing executives with Fortune 500 companies. Pretty impressive for ANY event! Registration cut across all industry types including representation from financial services, insurance, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing and retail, along with federal, state and local government, military, educational, and associations and not for profits.

VIVA Creative and JAGENCY created a very interactive virtual event design targeted specifically CMOs and marketing executives. They had about 1,000 people who registered to attended the event. Sourabh Kothari, Senior Manager of Global Virtual Events Shared Service was one of the speakers and he later told me he was amazed at the amount of high-level marketers present and especially the amount of interaction. Kothari mentioned that they had to shut down his Q&A session at the end of the allotted time but they were still going strong.

We particularly liked the session Amy Wilkins, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Martha Stewart Weddings did on perpetual virtual environments. There are also some creative ideas like showing Ted Leonsis’ (Investor & Board Member at Groupon) interactive virtual office…go ahead listen to some of his messages. These creative engagement techniques drove average visit time over 3-1/2 hours, with average visit time per login of over 2-1/2 hours!

If you are interested in attending a great virtual experience, you can click here while the on-demand event is still open. Over 1,000 registrants and over 300 attendees to the live event.

The forum will continue on demand and new content will be added in December, with another live event forum day to be held early in 2011.

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