20 Best Ideas to Incorporate Virtual Reality for Events

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Virtual reality for events, despite the fancy-sounding term, is not actually an entirely new thing. Did you know that the concept of virtual reality was created by Charles Wheatstone and used back in 1838 that involved an early stereoscope version?

However, the trend hasn’t captivated most of event organizations and professionals. At least, not until the early 2015 when major brands started to incorporate virtual reality in events experimentally.

According to a 2020 data by AR Insider, 19% or almost one in five event consumers in the United States have used Virtual Reality in that year, which is an increasing 3% from the previous year. More than half of the users stated they’re satisfied and happy with the experience.

What makes incorporating virtual reality for events is special compared to various media formats, is its capability to make the audience get extremely immersed. Their brain and senses are appealed to process the experience as if it’s actually happening.

Therefore, in comparison of more conventional media types, using VR technology can help to create more interactive, memorable, engaging, and persuasive events.

Without a doubt, virtual reality in event management will become a next major trend in the industry. However, at the moment, only a handful of companies have recognized about the power and value that this technology has to offer.

Here are some ways you can use virtual reality events platform for the benefit of your business or organizations:

  • Conducting tours. Aside from online social media campaign, a lot of business have started to incorporate VR technology into their marketing strategy by showcasing a vacation resort, commercial building, even a new design of a city.
  • Attending several events from one place. Virtual Reality is used by event organizing teams these days to make people being able attending several events from a single location. There’s no need for the attendees to go for miles anymore.
  • Gathering people from different locations. VR offers ability for different people across the world to get together into an event, in the same time and same place without having to be physically there.

If you are interested in incorporating virtual reality for corporate events, classes and workshops, expos and trade shows, parties and festivals, and practically any other types of events, you may get some inspirations below.

Innovative Ideas to Integrate Virtual Reality for Events

Innovative Ideas to Integrate Virtual Reality for Events

VR has come out as an extremely promising tool for event marketing. It can be used on every stage of planning process, such as pre-, post-, and especially during the event to make better impression and immersion of the audience.

  1. Display your products like never before. (Display your products in action)
  2. Make things interesting with a little Gamification.
  3. Allow your attendees to network better.
  4. Help your speakers give an AR speech.
  5. Go tech-savvy with virtual information booths.
  6. Virtual name tags and business cards.

The following list will show you some ideas of virtual reality for events design to help you creating an even better event for your guests.

VR Incorporation Ideas for In-person and Online Events

In the last decades and upcoming ones, VR has and will become a major technology tool that can benefit event professionals to transform their organized events.

  • 3D virtual avatars
  • Real-Time Illustrations During Sessions
  • Build Unique Immersive Environments
  • Virtual Trivia Night
  • Virtual Activity-a-Thon
  • Virtual Gala
  • AI-Generated Connection Recommendations
  • Gamify Connections
  • Sell Banner and Pop-Up Ad Space on Your Live Stream
  • Brand Transitions Between Speakers or Slides
  • Get Sponsored Event Games to Boost Engagement
  • Offer Sponsored Virtual Event Bags
  • Incentive Registrations With Swag
  • Online roundtables for an authentic networking experience
  • Provide a virtual photo booth and watch attendees get involved
  • Fuel the spirit of competition with a leader scoreboard
  • Create hype with a live countdown for each session
  • Virtual art tours offer a cultural pause
  • Visualize your audience’s learning journey
  • Be creative with a virtual cocktail party!

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Take a look at various ways to incorporate virtual reality at events below. Using one of the inspirations provided here may be able to enhance the experience of your attendees towards your event.

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