What You Should Know About Distance Learning – Is It A Boon Or A Curse?

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Is learning confined to places like schools and universities? No, it isn’t. Knowledge and Learning can be imparted or absorbed at any place, anytime, and at any age. With an increase in technology, several methods provide for a great place for learning. Online learning lectures and assessments pre and post-lecture help a person know more about the knowledge they had in hand and what they have gained. Commonly called as Distance learning, it is gaining high popularity not just among youths but also amongst those who are inquisitive for learning.

Benefits of Distance learning

It strives to provide for a learning session either conducted by a pre-recording video or a live session. There are certain benefits that it provides for including:

  • They are the best to be used for students who are unable to go to school or for people who are no longer eligible for enrolling in schools.
  • It provides for highly skilled professionals who help render their services to students who are learning and does not always ask for age credentials.
  • They help in providing recorded live lectures, and therefore, distance learning is a great means to catch up with the lost parts of the course.
  • It provides for effective and efficient learning when the learner wants to over the classroom learning where one has to sit in even if they don’t want to.
  • It provides for easy adaptability and comfort as one can access it from anywhere and at any time and is also cost-efficient as it may or may not require paying for the course.
  • It is one of the greatest ways as it allows not just normal but also expert lectures that provide for the best of all knowledge.

What You Should Know About Distance Learning – Is It A Boon Or A Curse?

Drawbacks of Distance learning

Apart from what it carries along for good distance learning also has certain drawbacks that include:

  • It may require a strong network connection, and therefore, if the network is facing some glitches, it interrupts the learning process, especially a live one.
  • Too many sittings in gadgets can lead to strain in the eyes, headaches, and other physical ailments that can be permanent damage if continued for a longer time.
  • It may not be as interactive and interesting as a classroom and, therefore, can lead to easy disinterest and lack of motivation.

Anything a video or a material that calls for increasing the learning or knowledge can be called learning at a distance if it does not includes institutes. YouTube, e-learning platform, and several interactive spaces like Google classroom, webinar, etc. that are present in the form of sites for search engines and applications in stores are all part and parcel that provide for distance learning. It is a great way of gaining something valuable but one must carefully decide a schedule to prevent any ailments due to continuous sitting and should keep reading books for it is a form of learning and not just a break from the screen but also a great exercise to keep one’s eyes safe!