8 Best Marketing Techniques to Promote Trade Show Exhibits

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Marketing is the lifeblood of most businesses. Businesses invest hundreds of billions of dollars each year supporting marketing efforts – many of which don’t pay off as expected. Campaigns that work cost less and are more effective than those that don’t. The most effective marketing techniques for promoting trade show exhibits have been around for decades and have been refined to be as effective as possible.

Marketing Trade show exhibits can be tricky since you’re trying to market your company and products while also making your booth stand out. After all, a lot of thought goes into creating a successful campaign.

Importance of Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show exhibits are a great way to showcase your products and services. Whether you are a small business who’s just starting out, or a large business needing to expand your market share- trade show exhibits are an excellent medium for attracting new customers.

Trade shows provide extensive networking opportunities as well as the chance to sell directly to consumers in an interactive setting. These are also beneficial to the customer because they allow them the opportunity to see, touch and compare products and services from many different companies all in one location.

If you have never participated in a trade show before, there is no need to be overwhelmed or intimidated by the process. There are many resources available that can help you maximize your efforts and increase your sales.

8 Marketing Techniques To Promote Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows are a fantastic way to market and promote your business. In an industry with diverse competition, trade shows can help you attract and build relationships with potential customers.

Making the most of the experience, however, takes more than just setting up a booth and waiting for people to walk by. You need a marketing strategy that attracts attendees to your exhibit and gives them a reason to stick around. Here are 8 of the best marketing techniques you can use to promote your trade show exhibit:

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to get the attention of attendees in your direction. If you have attended a trade show before, then you must have noticed that some booths stand out more than others. One of the components that make a booth stand out is digital signage. When using digital signage, you can use it to show the product or service you are offering, run any slideshows related to your company, or even show videos related to your business.

The next time you plan on attending Trade show exhibits, ensure you learn as much information as possible about digital signage and how it can be helpful in marketing your business.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool in promoting your trade show exhibit. It helps you get more exposure by getting more people to talk about your products and services while generating interest in what you have to offer. Social media has changed the way we do marketing. Social media has all the elements to promote your trade show exhibit, create buzz, and generate leads in no time. You can take steps to connect directly with your customers and prospects.

You can use different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to advertise your brand, update current and potential customers about the upcoming event. Also, you can share videos or images of your previous event to create brand awareness.

Send a Press Release

Trade shows can be an excellent opportunity for you to get noticed by the press – especially if you have something new or exciting to showcase at the event. Sending a press release is an easy way for journalists and reporters to find out about upcoming trade shows, so don’t forget about this marketing tactic!


A website is the first place that people use when they’re looking for your company. And, it is the most effective way of informing people about your presence at a trade show. You could add a section on the website for trade shows with all the relevant information such as time and location of the event, booth number, list of products to be showcased, schedule of events, etc.

Television/Radio ads

If the event is held in a specific city, consider running television or radio advertisements before and during the show. This will help ensure that locals know about it and want to stop by your booth. However, you’ll need to make sure that these ads are fairly priced to generate any sort of return on investment (ROI).

Make promotional videos

If your budget allows, create promotional videos that showcase what your company has in store for potential clients at the upcoming trade show. These videos can help generate buzz among attendees and get them excited about what they will see at your booth.

Use these videos on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to engage prospective customers and draw their interest toward your products or services.

Give away promotional items

You can promote your business in different ways at a trade show. The most popular way is by giving away promotional items. This can be done in several ways. You can offer prizes for people who fill out a survey, give away free samples, or even offer prizes for solving riddles based on your product or company.

When deciding what sort of promotional items to give out, keep in mind that the more practical the item is, the more people will use it and remember your brand.

Have the right people

The people that represent your company on the trade show floor are just as important as your exhibit and products. Make sure that they are dressed appropriately, and they understand who they will be meeting.

The first impression your customer gets of you starts before they even enter your booth, so make sure that you send across the right message.

Final Words

Branding the custom exhibit is a very effective way to get your logo and message out into the trade show community. Also, traffic will be generated by the visual appeal of your exhibit, as it creates an attraction that draws people in.

Increasing visibility at industry trade shows will definitely promote your business. However, you need to win more visitors over to your site or booth, also known as conversion. There are many resources available for you to use now.

Just remember, though: set a budget for yourself and monitor it closely. Know that you don’t have to go over and beyond what you can afford. All you’ve to do is have fun while generating more revenue for your business.

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