103+ Best Bear Puns Quotes Ideas to Share to Your Friends, Colleagues, or Family

103+ Best Bear Puns Quotes Ideas to Share to Your Friends, Colleagues, or Family

Bears are unbearably cute (as long as it’s tame), and probably that’s why people are making some bear puns quotes over their cute appearance. If you are one among those people enjoying puns, you may have stumbled upon some pictures, memes, or random people’s statuses on the internet involving bears.

Although there are no certain facts mentioning about bear puns and its history, the history of puns itself came long way from the Mayan era, according to one source. Furthermore, it is told that in Mexico, there was a verbal duel involving puns called k’ehel k’op. However, you should know not only Mayans that got their puns, but all languages and cultures also got their own style of puns.

Despite no words being said about the history of bear puns, funny bear puns already got their own fans across the world. It is not only because such puns are universally acceptable, but the fun that comes from enjoying wittily composed puns can also outshine the effort that is required to make the puns itself.

Some of you may think how to have our own bear puns list? In order to do that, you can do these things as follows.

  • Browse for some sources online – These days, there are lots of pages showing you lots of cute bear puns or bear puns love. Simply type your query in your search engine and you’ll be shown the result in no time.
  • Make it yourself – If you love DIY even to the extent of creating your own puns, make sure you have read some samples to know how a pun generally written. Typically, puns will involve two phrases with contradicting meaning. You can read some samples of bear puns in this page below.

Unbearably Funny Bear Puns Sample

If you are looking for some pictures with bear puns message in it, you can dig for such pictures online. No need to make the puns yourself, you may get it easier as you’ll only need to browse through online directories of puns. Not to forget, you can get your own entertainment by reading some funny puns like never before.

**_I could hear the bear making faint growls. I was bearly awake.

**_The bear told his enemy, “I’ll fight you with my bear hands.”

**_The bear said he loves Spiderman. He also said he loved Peter Pawker in the movie.

**_The bear refused to go out with her friends on Sunday. She said she wanted to spend some koalaty time with her family.

**_The bear fell down and hurt himself. He said the pain was unbearable.

**_The little bear was so spoiled. His mother panda’d to every need of his.

**_The polar bear had to tell his mother about the accident. He said he hates to be the bear-er of bad news.

**_The little bear was always talking about his favorite after school club, it was the Cub Scouts.

**_The boss had to fire this koala from the job. He did not even do the bear minimum.

**_The bear refused to take the train. He said he only wanted to travel on a bear-o-plane.

**_The bear says he does not like to wear shoes. He likes to be bear foot.

**_I knew the perfect gift for the baby polar bear. He loves blue-beary cheesecake.

**_The polar bears were extremely messy. Their mum screamed at them and said: “Did I raise you to be a bar-bear-ian?”.

**_The bear said he loves Macbeth. His favorite playwright is William Shakesbeare.

**_The bear’s wife likes to go to the local vegetable vendor. She loves to beargain.

**_The bear only has Coca-Koala when he is thirsty.

**_The bear and his wife got divorced. He said they were polar opposites.

**_The bear was waiting for his friend to join him. He had pawsed the movie.

**_When the bear was caught cheating in the game, he was immediately diskoalafied.

**_The bear family got stuck while on their way to a picnic. They were lots of bearricades on the road.

**_Baby bear was very ambitious. He always wanted to be a bearrister.

**_The brown bear said he does not get sleep anywhere but in his own beardroom.

**_When I invited the bear to my birthday party, he said he needs to check his koalendar.

**_When the contract was signed between the bears, the claws were not clearly defined.

**_The plan was cancelled by the bear last minute. His friend said, “I feel beartrayed”.

**_The bear could not enter the concert. He said there were a lot of bearriers.

**_The bear could not understand what went wrong with his singing. He thought his voice sounded very bearitone.

**_The bear did not pass his exams. His teacher complained, “There was no koalatative justification in your answer”.

**_The bear always asks everyone to be positive. He says nothing is impawssible.

**_The first thing the bear told his wife when they got married was, “I will love you furever.”

**_When the baby bear got chocolates, he was not happy. He only wanted to eat Cadbeary.

**_The bear did not join the dinner party. He wanted to paws and reflect.

**_The bear tripped and fell down the stairs. He screamed, “How embearassing!”.

**_A polar bear was very artistic. He loved drawing self pawtraits.

**_After looking at his GPS, the bear said, “Give me a second. I have to get my bearings.”

**_When the bears heard a gunshot, there was a pandamonium

**_The bear said she wanted to move out. She wanted to be indepandant

**_The zoology teacher said to his students, “Bear in mind the important details.”

**_A boss told a bear that he was koalified for the job.

**_Baby bear wished Papa Bear Father’s Day. He said, “You are the beary best.”

**_The bear did not have any fur. He was bare.

**_I offered a ride to the bear and asked him where he wanted to go. He replied saying “As fur as possible”.

**_The spoiled baby bear said he wants a chau-fur to drive him around.

**_The bear said he wanted to visit a psychiatrist. He was scared he is bi-polar.

**_He argued with the bear over the food served at the table. He said he begs to diffur.

**_The wrestling match between the bears was intense. They both fought tooth and tail.

**_The bear moved from one city to the other. He called his life ‘A Tail of Two Cities’.

**_The hunter thought it was no problem to hunt a bear as it would not make a diffurence.

**_The bear got arrested yesterday so he’s meeting his clawyer today.

**_When bears die, they are bearied.

**_The famous bear did not get bail. The judge said that the claw and order are the same for every bear.

**_Papa Bear had a tough time explaining to his kids what metafurs mean.

**_The bear was not efficient at work. His colleagues say he was good fur nothing.

**_Every picture from the jungle was beautiful. Every picture had a story to tail.

**_The only advice Papa Bear gave his kids was ‘Fake it Tail You Make It”.

**_The bear visited the doctor and got diagnosed with tubearculosis.

**_My brother said he fur-got who Winnie the Pooh was.

**_The bear wanted a break from work. He applied for furlough.

**_When the bear wore the wrong coloured clothing to the party, he called it a faux paw.

**_The bear had severe back pain. The doctor told him it was because of incorrect pawsture.

**_The best time for bears to have lunch is fur o clock.

**_The party saw many fashionable bears. Some of them were wearing suspandas.

**_It was very difficult for the baby bear to lie to his mother. He could never pull off a bearfaced lie.

**_The bear’s favorite fast food joint served the best bear-gurs.

**_The bears were racing. The referee said “Ready, Teddy, Go”.

**_The Lebanese bears live in the capital of the country. They live in Bear-ut.

**_The bear’s car crashed in the middle of his journey. He had to then call for an Ubear.

**_The bear was not given the job because he was underkoalafied.

**_I dreamt of a bear eating me. It was a bite-mare.

**_The bears were excited to meet their cousins. They had to travel to Bear-lin.

**_The bear’s family was against her career choices. She wanted to be a bear-tender at a local pub.

**_The teacher refused to teach the class of bears. She said they were bar-bear-ic.

**_He was a daring bear. His friends called him a bear-devil.

**_The baby bear loved Chemistry as a subject. He said he loves the element Bearium.

**_The bear filed for bankruptcy when his business did not work. He didn’t feel paw-sitive.

**_The hunter shot down the bear. We felt bad for the bear-eaved family.

**_The bears said they love to go for bear-be-ques during the winters.

**_The number of stuffed toys sold in a year went down significantly. There was a steddy decline.

**_The bear could run at a fast speed. He was the flagbearer of his county at the Olympics.

**_It was not difficult to guess the bear’s favourite ice-cream flavor. It was strawbeary.

**_It was his bear-day yesterday. The bear turned two years old.

**_The bear worked hard for his exams. He stood furst in a class of fifty.

**_The party was full of bears who like clicking pictures of themselves. They were all carrying Polaroids.

**_We got a bear as a pet. Our monthly expandature is very high now.

**_When I wanted to click a picture, the bears refused to strike a paws.

The Polar Bear Puns Inspirations

If you love the ‘icy’ bear that’s also called as polar bear, you can find polar bear puns as well by browsing through the internet. Now, you don’t have to compose your own words to make polar bear puns; just type the keyword and start browsing. No needs to worry about its quality since online people are really cold-handed in terms of combining witty words into an ‘effective’ pun.

**_Why is a polar bear a cheap pet to have? It lives on ice.

**_What do you call a polar bear that has his degree in dentistry? A molar bear.

**_What did the polar bear say when she slipped and fell on the ice? “How embearassing!”

**_Where do polar bears go to vote? The North Poll.

**_What do you call a toothless polar bear cub? A gummy bear.

**_Where did the polar bears go on their date? The snow ball!

**_What’s a freezing polar bear referred to as? A polar brrrrr.

**_What’s a polar bear’s favorite food at Taco Bell? Brrrrritos.

**_What type of cereal does the polar bear always have for breakfast? Ice Krispies.

The Unique Panda Puns Samples

Although science set panda and bear as two distinct animals, that does not mean panda does not have its own puns. Search down below for some remarkable, wittily designed panda bear puns, especially if you need it for a certain purpose, be it to be sent to your loved ones, friends, or colleagues. Alternately you may insert such pictures into your presentations and make it as an ice-breaker picture.

**_What do you call 2020? A panda-emic.

**_What do you call a bear that says he never wants to grow up? Peter Panda.

**_Why do panda bears like going to flea markets? They get the best beargains.

**_What types of drawings are panda bears really good at drawing? Self paw-traits.

**_Why do pandas save money printing photos? Most of their pics are black and white.

**_What did everyone tell the mommy panda about her newborn cub? Your baby is beary, beary cute.

**_What does the husband panda bear tell his wife every night? “I love you beary much!”

**_How do panda bears stay cool in the summer? With lots of bear conditioning.

**_Why did the panda quit his job? He was getting bear minimum wage.

**_What did the panda pack in her suitcase? The bear necessities.

So, which kind of bear puns you are going to use? Is it panda, or is it polar bear? Whichever bear you are using to make your puns, searching for some puns online will never get you to the wrong path. Instead, you can have your puns way easier.

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