Best Ways to Promote an Event on Social Networks

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Social networks have become a powerful tool to promote any in-person or online event, and therefore, it is necessary to use them to achieve greater visibility. In this article, I’m going to explain some creative ways to increase awareness, engagement, and sales at any conference.

Use Facebook Ads for remarketing

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, has a significant advantage in custom hearings on Facebook because it allows showing ads to people who have visited your website. Advertisers can show event ads to Facebook users who left their website before making a purchase.

This strategy is usually very effective because it is very difficult for people to make a purchase the first time they hear an event or see an offer, for example, in the case of high-priced items such as conferences and conventions.

Tip: When advertising to previous website visitors, be sure to exclude Facebook users who have already purchased some of your products or services. This can be easily accomplished by creating a custom audience from the same page to track conversions, i.e., the page ” Thank you. ”

Create a video with the previous events

Videos, unlike texts, provide a unique opportunity to convey the energy and emotion of a live event visually. Great visuals and catchy audio are a powerful combination to get people excited about registering for the event.

In addition, it allows users to share the video with their friends, which makes it viral content and thus achieves a greater reach of the content. Before you go, you must take into account some aspects to create an event video, such as:

  • Remember your target audience. Video has to convey the value of your event to potential attendees and clearly show the benefits of participating.
  • Post to YouTube and Vimeo. Each platform has different strengths, but the goal will be to take advantage of both. YouTube is the second search engine in the world and the most used video platform on the Internet. Vimeo, while more minor, offers more control over our brand and there are no advertisements to distract users.
  • Promote everywhere. As you can see, you have numerous ways to promote your video. The video can be shared almost everywhere: website and event landing page, newsletter, articles, and social networks, including 15 seconds of video on Instagram. Now it depends on the creativity and originality that you put into creating your content.
  • Facebook loves video. Uploading native videos on Facebook increases the exposure of your video on the users’ news feed. Socialbakers reported that ” Facebook videos achieve a viral reach ten times higher than YouTube links .” You can also set the video as “featured” on your Facebook page for greater visibility.

Use visual testimonials

Do you have positive feedback in the final polls from previous events? You have probably interviewed the attendees or speakers where they have made statements with great enthusiasm about the specific sessions, about the speakers or the event in general.

Believe it or not, you should take advantage of this valuable content as proof of guaranteed satisfaction for the next event. You can even use that content to create simple graphic images with these quotes and comments. They will later be shared in newsletter campaigns, social platforms, blogs, and a personalized signature in emails.

Always make sure to give those phrases the authority because people love to see these thoughts, as they often share these images on their social profiles. Having these statements from third parties gives greater credibility because they make very close and credible publicity about the speakers, sessions and events.

Tip: A well-done testimonial video builds more confidence in viewers because they can see and hear the words of praise rather than read a text in bold type highlighting the famous phrases of the speakers.

Use photos of attendees in social updates

If you have already done previous events and have fun photos that were taken at the events, you can take advantage of them to publish them on social networks. Better still would be if you share the content published by some users on their social accounts about the event.

Always choose a good-quality photo where some of the attendees appear, and you only have to create a status update to be shown to the followers. In the publication, you must name the people who appear in the images and use the tagging function if possible. In this way, tagged people will comment, say the things they have learned, and express their longing for the next event.

Create an unique hashtag for all social networks

Although this seems absurd because it seems logical, you would be surprised if you were aware of the numerous events where this basic rule is skipped. Create, use and promote the specific hashtag of the event in all the content published. Do it before the celebration. Any place is good to promote the hashtag, such as the email signature, images, infographics, articles, etc., and be able to increase the reach so that the message reaches more people.

Using a specific hashtag has two advantages. The first is making it easier for people to find your shared content and people’s comments about the event. The second advantage is that it offers the possibility of creating and participating in a conversation with attendees and interested people.

Mention your event and hashtag in the Bio

Now that you have created the hashtag for the event, you must add it to all social accounts’ “About me” or “Biography” section. The little use of this section is very frequent, although it has great potential to highlight important things.

If you also have a web link, you can add it to the bio so that people have a convenient way to find out more by clicking on the link. This action is about providing information to people and linking the event directly to your brand. Remember that people want to connect with people, and in this way, you will achieve greater authenticity and transparency with your own brand, not just the event in question.

Share images of speakers with famous phrases

Concerning the previous point, it is not necessary to exaggerate the importance of visual content in social publications. It is about sharing a photo with the face of the speaker and sharing something relevant about that person.

To do this, you can choose an inspiring phrase for each speaker who will attend the event and design an image containing the personal photo to associate their authorship visually. This is to give people a personalized vision and presentation of each speaker. This tactic offers the opportunity to get more exposure for the event because the presenters can later share it with their followers.

Publish posts in your blog

What better way to highlight the experts who will be attending the event with a blog post written by them? Asking professionals for their collaboration brings many benefits such as:

  • Speakers are grateful for the opportunity to showcase their knowledge to their audience.
  • A preview of the great content that will be shared at the event for potential attendees.
  • Experiences of several experts grouped in a single post.
  • Valuable and long-lasting content for future events.

Do you know what content to publish in these posts? Here are some ideas for making these types of entries summarized by experts:

  • Marketing Tips
  • Favorite social media tools
  • Blogging tips
  • Marketing predictions
  • Facebook Advertising tips
  • Twitter tools


Have you used any of these ways to promote an event? Would you add any more shapes that you have seen? Leave your comment and we will discuss it.

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