Here Are Some Considerations and Questions To Ask Yourself When Building Lists: The List Building Strategies

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1. Where (in your sales funnel) are you going to place a squeeze page to capture names and email addresses?

2. What is your call to action? What are you giving away of value worthy of them giving up their privacy by allowing you to email them? To get people to subscribe you need to give them something of value. Your opt-in page must be dedicated to that call to action – it should be your best sales pitch. Just hiding opt-in boxes on a page with multiple objectives won’t work.

3. How is your page designed? Every page needs to be tested for each type of audience. If thousands of prospects land on your page but don’t sign up, then it needs to be modified until it converts people to customers. (Use Google analytics to track traffic and conversions)

4. Which list can you start with and how will you segregate it? How are you planning on building your lists moving forward? Are you going to have a different list per event that is broken into 3 sub lists of leads, prospects and customers or are you going to have one master database of leads, prospects and customers for your company? Auto responder software will allow you to send broadcast emails to different people, regions but they cannot filter by your events.

Here is what I mean by filters: You can have the flexibility to send an email to all of your leads for your August event who signed up in July from an IP address in California. You can also send an email to all clients who signed up sometime last year who live in the USA. But in any case, you cannot filter by event or lead type without building a list for each.

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