Event Feedback Surveys, A Way to Know the Aftereffect of an Event

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Feedback from audiences is important to understand whether an event is meeting the organizer’s expectation or not. Event feedback surveys can be your references as an event planner to evaluate an event after it is over.

Event feedback surveys become more substantial if the event you are managing is a promotional event. From the results of survey assessment, you will know that the audiences are interested in the product or service you are promoting.

Running an on-the-spot or virtual event feedback survey is not as easy as it seems. If not done properly, it will only be wasting time and resources. Here are few tips on how to make a good feedback survey.

  • Define Goals and Audience. It should be clear and focused as it will indicate the direction in which and what results you want from the survey.
  • Draft Questions. How to ask for feedback in a survey should be relevant. However, keep in mind that you are asking the audiences to answer the questionnaire. Therefore, the survey should be kept short but precise to waste no time.
  • Consider How Many Samples are needed. A small sample size may yield results that are not very reliable, so measure how many clients you need to reach. Prepare event feedback survey questions which are relevant to your event activities.
  • Find the Best Method for Distributing Surveys. If the question is longer and takes more time to think about, the telephone method may not be the best choice. Paper surveys are a great option as they are simple.

Event Feedback Survey as an Evaluation

The event feedback survey is a quantitative-based evaluation. Therefore, how to evaluate survey represents on what needs to be seen as the percentage generated. For example, you can see what percentage of the audience is using a product.

Event Feedback Survey as an Evaluation

Event planners should also look at the balance between confidence level and margin of error, as well as display numbers on other aspects of post event feedback survey questions and understand the effect after the event ends.

Things to Pay Attention to when Screening Audiences Feedback

Event planners must pay attention to the survey target. Do you think the opinion comes from the audiences in accordance with the activity? Make sure the audiences giving feedback survey for event suited to the needs of your event activities.

Another important aspect on how to give survey feedback is the number audiences participating. In addition, it must also be considered whether the pattern has been seen and the audiences asked to provide feedback have represented the segment you need.

The best way to increase the effectiveness of customer feedback is to discuss it with other teams involved in the research process. A powerful brainstorming process allows researchers to see more clearly the problems that can be used as research topics.

Audiences’ feedback is a research process that requires the best mindset of the event planner on how to make a feedback survey. Increase empathy and avoid bias, embed the mindset that the survey you are doing is intended as material for learning.

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