Event Planning From A to Z: 20 Manuals in One Overview

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No matter how much experience you have organizing events, there is always a new challenge around the corner. That’s what makes the profession so stressful, but also so interesting. To avoid burnout, even the most experienced event organizer could use an overview of tips and manuals for when problems pop up.

Whether you need tips on how to bring in sponsors, insights from the event industry, or how to get more out of your social media promotion… We’ve put together 20 resources for you here in a handy overview that you can consult anytime, when you need it most.

Inspiration for your event

Are you looking for an overview of the latest industry trends? Or maybe you need some tips on how to organize your work processes better? These handbooks and trend reports can help you.

Trend report for the events sector 2019

More than 300 American event organizers provided input for this report. The results from this research give you a clear picture of the events industry in 2020, and provide you with benchmarks that you can use for your budget plan, team organization, and marketing strategy for the coming years, for example.

The future of festivals: 6 relevant trends

Who are your visitors? Why do they go to an event like yours? What makes the difference for them between a great event and an indispensable one? Find out how to create an unbeatable visitor experience.

Innovation for your event: Take your conference to unprecedented heights

Your attendees have thousands of other conferences to choose from. Why should they go for yours? Innovating and constantly venturing into new territory is a must. You have to be willing to take risks to do so.

In this guide, you will get practical advice from experts and find out what you can do to revamp your congress time after time and make innovation a standard part of the development and execution of your event.

The ultimate productivity guide for event organizers

Event organizers regularly face high pressure and high stakes. In this guide, productivity experts from Asana provide tips on more efficient processes and better work distribution. This is the foundation of stress reduction.

Think beyond theatre set-up – 20 creative ideas for a successful business event

Another list of ideas for business events. But of the practical kind that provides immediate inspiration and action.

From email marketing to social media, there are many ways your visitors want to hear from you. Find out what suits your event best.

The 10 best ways to promote your event online

Your event is coming up: you have invested time, effort, and money to give your visitors the time of their lives. But how much money is left over for marketing your event? Looking for a comprehensive overview of cheap and free ways to promote your event?

Essential Guide: Everything you need to know about social media

Social media accounts for nearly 25% of web traffic to ticket pages. Find out how small tweaks to your social media marketing strategy can create a big increase in your ticket sales.

Template: Plan your marketing and advertising activities

Download this handy planner that will help you outline your marketing and advertising strategy. This 16-week planner can be customized to your specific needs.

The Instagram handbook for event marketing

A sophisticated social media strategy goes beyond simple posts. Attracting thousands of followers and likes is not your ultimate goal. Your goal is to sell tickets – and that won’t happen until you know how to use social media platforms strategically.  Learn all about Instagram here.

Sponsors are a crucial part of your event budget, but many organizers find it difficult to bring in the right brands and organizations. Find out how to bring in sponsors today.

The DNA of event sponsorship

In this guide, three sponsorship experts explain how and why your sponsorship strategy is leaving money on the table, causing you to miss out on bigger and better opportunities.

Workbook: How do you determine your market value to sponsors?

Are you lying awake pricing your sponsor assets? Before you blindly allocate amounts, it’s best to read through this guide. That way, you’ll run less risk of under-or overcharging sponsors.

5 tips for small music venues to get sponsorship

Attention music venues! Are you already bringing in the necessary amounts through sponsors? Festivals used to have a monopoly on sponsorship in the live music world. But that seems to be changing…

Write the perfect sponsorship proposal for your event

This sponsorship proposal template takes you through the strategy of each page of your proposal, so you can create your own winning pitch.

Template kit: everything you need to organize an event

This is not so much a manual as a kit with all kinds of practical templates. From budgeting your event to creating an advertising schedule, you’ll find it all in this kit.

Applying for a permit for your event – a handy step-by-step plan

What should you not overlook when organizing an event? One of the most important critical success factors is obtaining the right permit for your event. If you fail to do so, your event could be in real danger.

Playbook: how to avoid common festival mistakes

Solving unavoidable challenges faster and protecting your visitors from chaos, who wouldn’t want that? Find out how to avoid chaos, limit negative reactions on social media and communicate with your visitors to manage their expectations.

Your ticket partner is one of the most important choices you can make as an event organizer. Consult these resources to find out what all you need to think about when sourcing a ticketing or registration system or another event tech.

Selecting and setting up an online registration form – what do you need to think about?

Without the right tool, it becomes very difficult to collect the necessary data and grow your events and organization. Even worse, you run the risk of losing potential registrations. If the process is flawed or just too difficult, people will soon give up.

Getting started with RFID for your music festival

The last thing you want is poorly functioning wristbands and poor handling, only to leave your visitors more frustrated. Don’t let fear stop you, but make sure you’re well informed.

The secrets to data-driven marketing for your event

Collecting and using the right data can change the course of your business. But which data should you focus on?

The anti-stress checklist for event organizers.

While we can’t guarantee that everything at your event will go exactly to plan (is that even possible?), we can make you feel a little more at ease with this indispensable pre-event checklist.

The day of your event

Sometimes a checklist makes the difference between being at a loss and having everything under control. You may find some support in this checklist on the day of your event.

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