Virtual Concert Platform Flymachine Raises $21 Million in New Funding Round

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Have you heard about this: Flymachine raises $21 million for its startup project? You may not even know what is Flymachine is. As the world is facing a debilitating condition called as ‘pandemic’, this makes startups dealing with online conference platforms are growing in abundance. But what on earth is Flymachine and what does it offer? To find its answer, make sure you read this explanation below.

What is Flymachine?

To be said shortly, this company is basically a startup that focuses its business on making virtual concerts possible for the world. The company is based in San Francisco and has been new to the world of startup. The main objective of the company is to seek out the right formula to create an online music concert possible to be done in a livestream.

The ambition is reasonable, though. Since the pandemic has stroke the world, sweeping clean live events like never before, the company aims to make live concerts possible just like conferences took place using online conference platform.

It is true that the platform had just founded in early 2021—as if following the trends of people getting vaccinated and hence making it possible for them to attend concerts. But it still has potentials to be as big as other names as Spotify who also tried its best with virtual concerts. Hence, the team behind Flymachine tried to get the attention of investors—which they finally did.

As said in the early part of the article, Flymachine raises $21 million in funding for their newly born company. That said, it seems like investors have its thing for the idea of virtual concerts.

Flymachine Plans to Boost Its Business

There are other platforms that go their way to turn real performers into such avatars in order to create something new in terms of digital concerts. Other smaller performers may even have to satisfy their crave of audiences over Zoom or Oda—the newer startups. But Flymachine seems to prefer the traditional way to ‘handle’ its viewers.

Hence, instead of converting personal attendees into virtual participants, the company aimed to get some love through its excellent UX.

So, even if you have to babysit your baby or getting a seat too far from the venue, the platform will put their best to diminish such discomfort in having a night in—as said by the CEO of Flymachine, Andrew Dreskin.

Aside from that, the company plans in getting more partnerships with lots of concert venues. To mention some, there are:

  • San Francisco’s Bimbo’s 365 Club
  • New York City’s Bowery Ballroom
  • Seattle’s The Crocodile,
  • Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom, and
  • Nashvilles’s Marathon Music Works

All of which are known for being a renowned music venue for concerts. With that in mind, it should not be hard for the company to get the platform become known by the public.

What Features You Can Get as an Innovation

You might wonder what kind of features you can get from the platform. Well, to keep it short, let’s just head to the greatest one: the platform enables you to cheer and talk with anyone near your seat—without making it too noisy, like the common concert hall.

With that feature, it becomes no wonder to have Flymachine as one of the companies that investor believes to get bigger in the future. Despite its laid-back strategy to get people using their platform, it seems like the company is optimistic about the switch from live concerts to virtual concerts.

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