InEvent Raises $2M for Virtual Conference Platform

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In a seed funding performed by Storm Ventures, it was announced that InEvent raises $2M worth of investment. The funding will be used by this online event platform company to improve primarily in the product innovation area, along with development of its hybrid management.

More about $2 Million Seed Funding for InEvent

In early February 2021, a publication was made that InEvent raises $2M from a seed funding conducted by Storm Ventures. This investor is a venture capital firm that concentrates on funding enterprises at their early investment stage.

The newly collected funding, as stated by the company’s CEO, Pedro Góes, is going to be used to help them to extend their team. In a further note, Góes also revealed proudly about the diversity of the company’s team, which comprises by women in half, and the managerial comprises in half by individuals with Latino background. The fund would be used to advance the products of their virtual meeting platform as well, such as adding marketing automation and enhancing the video player.

Góes then predicted about the possibility of massive-scale, real life conferences again, when the pandemic is over won’t reduce the attraction of their service. This is because more and more event organizers are going to bring hybrid events, by combining in-person and virtual elements. He noted about how the company has resources to support their clients by using their website, their virtual event app, and their hardware.

The online conference platform provides service for more than 6500 hybrid events in 2020, which summed up to over 60 million minutes of streaming. Regardless of whether the event organizers want to create virtual or in-person events, the platform is going to help making more customized and structured event. For instance, their notable customers include Santander, DowDupont, and Coca-Cola.

That being said, the company is going to focus less on replicating events for the big brands, and more concentrated on assisting virtual events for smaller businesses where the partners and their clients can connect. They’ve sidestepped from developing 3D features to create nearly real-life experiences, and instead moving towards creating valuable online event for hosts and attendees.

Some features made available within the virtual conference service are including marketing package with messages and emails, integrated registering system to process payments and gather data, and virtual incorporations with CRM such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce, and app to build attendees engagement during live virtual, in-person, or hybrid events.

About InEvent

InEvent is a platform service for business’ virtual and hybrid events. Even though it was established in Brazil, it is now based in Atlanta. The company was founded by individuals with computer engineering background: the current CEO, Pedro Góes, the current CTO, Mauricio Giordano, and the current CRO, Vinícius Neris. It now has employees in 13 different countries.

Their conference platform uses digital technology to shift enterprise events. Its back-to-back paid solution provides simplified training, community, travel, and event management. Every step on the experience is boosted by APIs, mobile, and web services that connect the clients in personalized, automated, and secure platform.

As it now has branches of virtual event companies in several countries, it continues to assist businesses to see events as a powerful, rapidly growing industry, which allows them to handle their compliance and promotes their engagements with audiences.

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