Fun Icebreakers Ideas for Virtual Teams

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Remote meetings may involve people who have never met physically before. And for that matter, to have a productive discussion may not be attained. Fun icebreakers are necessary to make the environment easy.

Favourite Things

In this icebreaker recreation, everyone is encouraged to name their favourite aspect. This icebreaker game is beneficial because it can be tailored to align with the meeting goal, work surroundings or something more personal. However, since the participants are all asked to call their favourite, there may be no hazard for “getting the solution wrong”. This works properly for faraway teams because everyone can participate.

Here’s the way it works. Assign the “Favorite Thing” topic. Possibilities include, “favourite component about the company” or “favourite aspect of the product”. Ask the crew members to find an image on-line and add it to a photo-sharing site, shared power or on-line whiteboard. Within the group, each member ought to gift the photo and a quick description online. It will stir the creativeness and creativity of the participants and makes a perfect springboard to brainstorming.

Aliens Have Landed

This icebreaker may be useful for groups with far off individuals with language and cultural differences. Tell the group to imagine aliens have landed on Earth and need to study your company. But considering that they don’t talk English or recognize your product, it needs to be defined with five symbols or pictures. Ask every player to upload five simple snapshots to the team that nicely describe and speak your company’s products and culture.

Fun Icebreakers Ideas for Virtual Teams

Emoji Check in

One of virtual icebreakers for remote teams that can be done is emoji check-in. This icebreaker idea is suitable for those who have short time to break. It will boost and live up the tiring or boring routine of virtual meetings. Take 7-10 minutes to do this quick icebreaker. This kind of virtual icebreaker ideas is phone friendly. It can be your icebreakers for phone meetings.

Then, how will it work? Ask how your teams’ feeling about his or her day by mentioning an emoji that describe the feeling of your teams. Here, you can know better whether the meeting runs well or not. Another icebreaker using emoji is guess the movie ice break. You need to prepare the several tittle of movies and make them into emoji. Let your teams guess and have fun!

Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie is a simple yet fun things to do in the middle of your virtual meeting.

This icebreaker idea works when each person of your teams have their 3 things about themselves in mind to say latter. Of course two of them are truths and one is a lie. One person will take turn to say 3 things about her/him and the rest will guest which of the statements is a lie.

Besides giving fun to the teams, this icebreaker idea will also lead the teams to know each other better.  Therefore, it will build the greater sense of teamwork.

Questions Check In

If you need quick icebreakers idea, this might be your best options. Just throw some questions that interest your teams.  Funny questions will bring more engagement and joy during the meetings break, such as:

“What’s the craziest items you’ve ever bought?”

“What’s your secret talent?”

“If you could be an animal, what would you choose?”

“If you were the richest man alive, what would you buy with your money?

This quick icebreakers idea can implicitly become a tool for your team to get know better of each other or to express teams’ feeling toward each other by questioning such icebreakers questions like this,

“Who’s your favourite person in this team?”

“What’s your biggest fear?”

“What’s your favourite thing about this company?”

A short ice break during your meeting will be a great idea to release stress.

Background Challenge

It is a mandatory for a virtual meetings to use video call platform such as Zoom, Skype, IBM SmartCloud Meetings, and other applications to make the meeting alive and success.

Here, you can make icebreakers for meetings only with changing the background of the teams’ screen. Easy, isn’t it? First thing to do is to decide the theme of the background challenge itself. Here are some examples you can have to spice up your meetings.

  • Halloween theme
  • Superheroes scene
  • Childhood cartoon
  • Places to travel
  • Messy workspace


After picking the theme of the challenge, now you can pick the winner and let the winner deciding the next theme. This can be the funny icebreakers your team will love. 

Doodle Time!

 According to the interview conducted by CNN, doodling can increase the concentration level in the workplace. It can also create spontaneous idea that help the workers to explain better about the ideas they have in mind and of course can increase the creativity of the workers.

Doodling can be one of virtual icebreakers ideas you can have to have fun with your teams during the break time. Besides can build fun environment, it can also boost the creativity of your teams that will give good impacts in the meeting itself. Make sure that your team have their paper and pencil or pen. Give them 10-20 minutes to doodle the paper. After finished, each member of the teams can show their artwork to each other and give short explanation about what they’ve made.

You can also have drawing challenge for your virtual meetings. Make a little funny and odd theme for your teams to draw such as, drawing 2 animals combined as one or draw your own version of superhero. This also will explore the creativity of the teams.

It’s a Coffee Time

After a tiring meeting, why don’t you and your teams have coffee together?  Take a 30-minutes break and let your team make coffee or tea or anything they want to drink. Here, each person in the teams can show how they make their drink and perhaps sharing the recipe of their drink.

You can make your coffee break as a sharing session for your teams. Have a casual and fun conversations such as talking about the popular TV shows, or talking about gardening, or anything you and your teams like. Be relax and enjoy the coffee. It’s a great idea if you want to treat your teams by delivering them drinks. Surprise will always be a great idea!

Virtual Dance Party

Daily Mail UK has reported that during this pandemic, employees sped more their time sitting and slouching in front of their computer. It causes aches and pain for the employees 58% in the neck, 56% in the shoulder, and 55% in the back.

To avoid this kind of pain, you can put a virtual dance party icebreaking for your team. Let them stretch out their body by dancing and having fun. Thing you need to do is choosing the theme of your dancing party. You can choose either 80’s dancing or hiphop dancing, or others type of dancing. Make sure that you prepare the music that suits with the theme chosen.

Each person can grab some properties while they are dancing. Dancing will make your body more relax and of course will boost your and your teams’ mood.

10 Common Things

This recreation is a superb fit for brainstorming groups that do not understand one another or paintings remotely. Group the team into small organizations and ask them to give you a list of 10 things they’ve in the commonplace. Remote teams must use a shared document or a web whiteboard to generate the listing quickly. If coaches choose to keep the topic extra business oriented, restriction the list to paintings or enterprise associated topics.

It can be as simple as, “We all wear shoes”, to something greater specific inclusive of, “We have been all employed in 2014”. Regardless of the answers, it will create a bond, generate discussion and laughter and get the institution thinking creatively. Allow time for on every occasion to share their list with the bigger institution on the net whiteboard. This will create an electric, dynamic atmosphere, well suitable to brainstorming.

Take a Picture

This was advanced as a quick icebreaker for distributed teams. To begin, ask every team member to take and submit an image of something on their desk to a not unusual on line page.

The group member should choose something that high-quality describes them and how they work. It can be an image, an award, or something silly. Take turns explaining why that item became chosen.

A second alternative is to take a photograph of your footwear and upload it. Take turns doing screen shares so everyone can participate, no matter location. Your choice of footwear says a lot about you! This is an easy and fast method to learn something personal, with a piece twist, approximately everyone on the group.

A-One Word Icebreaker

The one phrase icebreaker may be used without plenty of preparation, and movements quickly. Break the crew into small groups and ask them to brainstorm thoughts in the form of one word that describes “x”. An online device for mind mapping could paintings properly. Or, they could use an online whiteboard solution or maybe a shared Google report.

For teams without a whole lot of time, this icebreaker does double duty. It acts as a  laugh and interactive icebreaker however it additionally kicks off the brainstorming session. Choose a phrase aligned with the assembly goals, along with the product itself, or the solution it is attempting to provide. Ask the group to reconvene and share their answers. The variety of one phrase answers can be enlightening

Those are some options of fun virtual icebreakers ideas you can have for your virtual meeting. With inserting moment for ice break, your team will experience more fun and amazing meeting session.

Do you have any other fun and attractive icebreakers ideas? Please let us know by mentioning your ideas in the comment section below!


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