Three Reasons Why Attendee Feedback is Powerful

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Strong communication within our tightly knit community is critical to EventCamp’s sustained growth. Our best resource for gauging our event’s success is through conference evaluations. In asking attendees for their feedback we are:

  1. Gathering real intelligence regarding attendees experiences.
  2. Building trust and loyalty with attendees by demonstrating we value their input.

While this year’s post conference evaluation results were mostly positive we did receive some criticism regarding a few issues. Our follow up action plan is to utilize what we learned from those constructive comments to tweak next year’s event design.

Three Reasons Why Attendee Feedback is Powerful

So why is attendee feedback so important? Here are three reasons why I believe it is a powerful force for events:

It Builds Deeper Relationships — If you care enough about your conference participants to ask for their opinions and they, in return honor that request, by responding with their open and honest feedback, that builds trust across the community.

Open Dialogue Leads to Collaboration — if you foster a culture of open dialogue then collaboration is more likely to occur, as communication barriers are eliminated. Creativity flourishes in this environment.

Diversity of Opinion May Lead to Growth— Sometimes a disagreement, or alternative viewpoints on a particular subject or issue, may lead to a new or “morphed” revelation, or “Ah Hah” moment, resulting in innovation. This is growth at its finest.

Of course, in order for feedback to serve any useful purpose you must do something with it. So, it is incumbent upon you to apply what you learn, through the feedback process, with integrity.

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