105+ Best Happy Anniversary Message and Wishes for Friends

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Your wedding anniversary is just around the corner, and a generic happy anniversary message seems won’t be enough to express how much you love your spouse. In this article, you’ll find a bunch of ideas to establish a wedding anniversary tradition with anniversary sayings like no other.

The importance of a wedding anniversary cannot be understated. It reminds you of the most crucial moment of your life, and that’s when you exchange a happy anniversary message with your dearest spouse. While you’re unlikely to hold anniversary celebrations to commemorate your marriage, you can still wish your partner happy anniversary funny wishes on this special day.

Based on the survey conducted in the US, more than 61 million married couples in 2019, with 80% of them celebrating their annual wedding anniversary. If you’re one of those couples, there must be a time when you want to make the celebration a bit different. To live up to the atmosphere of your anniversary party, making some funny anniversary quotes during your speech can never go wrong. However, throwing a party isn’t for everyone. Allow the following suggestions to inspire you in making a memorable anniversary where you can also share your most funny happy anniversary messages.

  • Plan a vacation – Not a fan of travelling? Plan a low-cost weekend getaway where you can drive while sharing some anniversary quotes funny enough to make your spouse laugh.
  • Revisit memorable places – It’s a perfect idea for couples who happen to lose track of what made them together and say some funny anniversary wishes to lighten up the mood.
  • Recreate old photographs – You can recreate memorable old photos and share them on your social media with some funny anniversary sayings as captions.
  • Celebrate with relatives and pals – Include your family and friend in a celebration if you’re close to them, and make use of the funny wedding anniversary quotes in this post for your speech.
  • Renew wedding vows – This idea is intended for milestone celebrations. You can renew your vows followed by unique anniversary sayings for husband, which you can find on this page.

Best Happy Anniversary Message and Wishes for Friends

Best Happy Anniversary Message and Wishes for Friends

Cheers to two imperfect pieces that fit perfectly together.

Happy Wedding Anniversary! May peace and happiness never leave your home!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you! Your marriage is so inspiring to us! May you keep finding more reasons to be happy every day! God bless you!

You have stood by each other in all the good and bad times in all these years. Congratulations on successfully spending one more year of married life. Happy anniversary to you!

Your marriage proves that you don’t need money to make a marriage happy and long-lasting; you only need to know how to love truly and unconditionally. Happy anniversary!

You have spent years together that many couples envy of. I wish you a happy wedding anniversary. Stay happy and joyful forever as you are always!

God truly made you two only for each other. And he brought you together just to show the world how a happy marriage looks like. Take my heartiest good wishes for you!

The twinkle in your eyes and the smile on your face tells a lot about marriage. Congratulations my friend for spending a year in loving each other.

May your love keep on growing and someday become the epic love story one has ever seen. Happy anniversary, friend. May God bless you.

May the celebration today turn out to be just as fantastic as you two as a couple. Dear friend, I’m really proud to see you happily married to the love of your life.

You have shown the world that when two people love each other truly, nothing can weaken the bond they share. All my best wishes to you on this special occasion!

It’s always amazing to see you together as a happy couple. True love like this is so rare to find nowadays. Wishing you a wonderful wedding anniversary!

You have the kind of love in your heart that can do the unimaginable. Your marriage has worked fine for so many years because your love was one of a kind. Happy anniversary!

I knew someday you’d make a perfect life partner for someone. Congratulations on completing one more year of a happy marriage. Happy anniversary friend!

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, friend! You two have always looked incredible together; it’s no surprise that you still are so much in love! Best wishes!

Congratulations on your anniversary! You two were indeed made for each other!

I still remember the times when you wanted to ask her out. It only seems like yesterday! Now with ten years of marriage under your belt, I’m wishing you a happy anniversary. Here’s to many more!

May your love story never have an end and may your love for each other grow and grow. Happy anniversary to you both.

I became friends with you both separately and you’re each so special in your own way – but together, you’re unstoppable. I can’t wait to see what adventures the next year brings!

What’s the plan tonight then? Fancy restaurant? Think you’ve got space for a third wheel?

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since you first kissed at the club at university. Look at you and your growing family now. I’m so happy to know you, and so glad you found each other. Here’s to lots more years together.

My life is so much better with a brother and sister-in-law in it like you.

I’m so happy for the love you two share. We all love you so much and hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

A very happy anniversary to my wonderful friends. I can’t wait for all of the years to come.

It’s hard to believe that the little brother who followed me around for all those years has now been married for ten! I’m proud of you, little bro. Happy anniversary to the both of you!

Sending love to our favorite couple on their anniversary!

May you continue to love, cherish and honor one another for years to come. Happy anniversary!

You two are an inspiration to those lucky enough to know you. Happy anniversary.

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is something different. You did it. Happy anniversary!

May your lives be filled with adventure and your love be never-ending. Happy anniversary.

Wishing a perfect pair a perfect anniversary!

Wishing you an anniversary as special as the love you two share.

You two weirdos are perfect for each other.

Congratulations on another year spent together. Wishing you the most love, laughter and happiness for years to come.

Here’s to another year of being great together!

Happy [*st] anniversary, you old lovebirds!

Always knew you two had something special.

Can’t believe it’s been [*] years already. Here’s to many more!

Warmest wishes to the wonderful two of you on your [*] anniversary.

Another year, another great reason to celebrate!

Congratulations all over again!

Wishing you a happy ‘you two’ day!

Love and much happiness to one of our all-time favorite couples!

Hope the next [*] years are even happier than your [first decade] together!

Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.

Anniversary cheers!

Happy Wedding Anniversary. May your love and care grow stronger every passing year, and may nothing come in between you two.

May this marriage anniversary brings you closer than ever. So happy for you two. Happy Anniversary!

The freshness of your love and affection is surely meant to last forever. Happy 1st wedding anniversary. May God bless your love forever.

Watching the two of you is so inspiring. You are one of the most beautiful couples I have been honored to meet and know. True love brought you together and gave you all these happy years in your life. Happy Wedding Anniversary my favorite couple.

Hope this wedding anniversary grows your love double and bond stronger, buddy.

Your greatest accomplishment is staying married for this long. Achievement unlocked my friend. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Congratulations, You two are made for each other. May this anniversary, be the best one for you.

Congratulations on wearing the marriage ring and bearing the suffering for another year successfully. Happy Wedding Anniversary my dearest friend.

I admire and respect the two of you for your commitment to your marriage. You are an exemplary couple and I am blessed and honored to be your friend. Happy Anniversary.

Another year of being together. You guys rock! Stay in love with each other. Happy Anniversary!

I wish you all the best as you begin another year of your lives together. Happy Anniversary.

Each year of marriage is very special and unique and the soul sings anthems of love. We wish you to hear this divine music forever!

You are a match made in heaven and every second of this beautiful day reminds me of that. Happy Wedding Anniversary my friend.

Destiny has brought you together and you are honoring it by loving each other unconditionally. Wishing you a lovable wedding anniversary my friend.

All these years of your marriage teaches us a lot about love and relationship. Have a great Wedding Anniversary dearest inspirational couple. I wish nothing but the best for you two.

Happy anniversary! May the ever-growing days be the testimony of your love for each other.

Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day.

Amusing Wishes for Wedding Anniversary

Amusing Wishes for Wedding Anniversary

You can never go wrong with just saying happy anniversary. This greeting is as simple as it comes. However, when you couple it with happy anniversary sayings mentioned in this post, it becomes much more meaningful.

Warm anniversary wishes to two dear friends who mean so much.

It’s so cool that two of my favorite people are married to each other. Here’s to [two] great years…and many more!

I wish both of you a fantastic anniversary. May you two lovebirds always stay happy and loved. Happy anniversary to both of you.

Seeing you together, always happy and smiling makes me realize that happy marriage still exists. God blessed both of you by giving you to each other. Happy anniversary!

Your marriage is one of the most beautiful bonds that I have ever seen. You guys deserve a big appreciation for making it such a strong one. happy anniversary!

The number of years you have spent together tells about your marriage more than we can ever say about it. You two are just unbelievably awesome. Happy anniversary!

Its difficult to make a marriage work nowadays. But you two have proved once again that true love doesn’t know any barrier. Happy anniversary!

Thank you for showing us what real-life “happily ever after” means. Best wishes for today and for all the days to come. Happy Anniversary.

Happy anniversary to the couple who inspires me every day. You guys complete each other. Only best wishes to you guys.

May heaven bless you so you can overcome any difficulties and enjoy every moment of happiness together. Happy anniversary, you two.

The years you have spent together only says one thing, that is you both were truly and only made for each other. Happy anniversary to both of you!

Sending my warm wishes to both of you on your anniversary. You two made me realize “happily ever after.”

You two have given this marriage such strength over the years that nothing in this world can break it now. Happy anniversary to both of you lovebirds!

A happy marriage does not just happen to people; they have to make it a happy one. Congratulations to both of you for making it work for such a long time. Happy anniversary!

I hope your love grows stronger and deeper day by day. Wishing both of you a great anniversary, sending love and good wishes to both of you on your anniversary.

Congratulations to you on your anniversary. May this romance between you lasts through the ages.

You two are so great to know and be around. Can you adopt me?

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been [three] whole years since I saw you take the floor for your first dance together as man and wife. Not even your adorable dancing-machine flower girl could steal the spotlight from the two of you.

Happy anniversary to the greatest people…with the garden we’re most jealous of!

No marriage is perfect, but if ever a couple came close, it’s you two.

So…going out to a great restaurant? Huh? Can I come?

There are lots of quotes about lasting love but few couples who seem to do it as well as you.

Thinking of you and all the good times we’ve shared. So glad you’re in our lives.

This is what happens when marathon runners get married. You’ve built a love made to go the distance!

The two of you have your own reasons to celebrate on your anniversary, and as your friend, I have so many reasons to celebrate you both.

Sending love and good wishes to some of our very favorite people.

Also, if saying “I love you” is somewhat too boring, give some of the following funny anniversary quotes for couples a try. It’s a fun way to show how deep your love is towards your spouse. Simply select which saying fits the personality of your beloved.

Cute and Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Cute and Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes

For a humorous couple, only happy anniversary humor quotes would suffice. These amusing quotes are ideals for a married couple who enjoys a good laugh. Below are some of the anniversary funny quotes to make you giggle during your special moment.

Sometimes I wonder how I put up with you, but then I guess you put up with me too. Call it even? I love you.

It feels really great to see you not tired of each other even after all these years. But I seriously hope you are not pretending to be seen like this! Congratulations by the way!

You lost your freedom on this day and you are celebrating it by throwing a party? Now that’s what years of being married makes you; a mentally retarded individual!

God has truly compensated your ugly face by giving you such a beautiful wife. I’m glad you have a happy marriage together. Trust me; I’m having one, too! Congratulations!

Darling, you remember the search warrant I had issued for my heart [put year] years ago? Guess what, it still belongs to you! Happy Anniversary!

My love for you only grew from the day I married you. So, when I say it’s our marriage anniversary, it means my love for you is up by one more level!

If I wasn’t made for you, I would never be born. And if I wasn’t married to you, I would never be happy. Thank you for being with me all these years!

I wish I had more marriage anniversaries with you than my age. It’s so sad that I wasn’t married to you since my birth. But I’ll be celebrating my marriage with you till my death!

For [put year] years now, you have been the Bonnie to my Clyde, the Ying to my Yang, the Sweet to my Sour! Very happy anniversary to us!

You can name it a marriage anniversary and celebrate it as you wish, but I’m simply happy because my friend is alive! Congratulations on that!

I know your marriage is just as much as twisted as mine. But congratulations! You have spent really good years together. Now get yourself out of it!

Wedding anniversaries are when you have to act normal in front of everyone so they think you are so happy. But in reality, you’d like to kill each other off! Happy anniversary!

You’re as good together as mac and cheese. Happy anniversary!

There’s no one I’d rather sit on the couch watching TV with. Happy anniversary!

Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me, but then I remember that I put up with you too, so that makes us even. I love you!

Even though your snoring drives me crazy, I wouldn’t pick anyone else in the world to share my bed with. Happy anniversary!

I’m yours. No refunds.

Sometimes I get jealous of you. After all, you married the world’s most beautiful and brilliant woman. Happy anniversary, dearest husband!

You married this crazy. Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary! Let’s order takeout and be in bed by 10pm.

You’re alright I guess. Happy anniversary!

It’s pretty cool that we’ve been together for however long we’ve been together. Happy anniversary!

You’re my favorite husband.

I love you and I want to punch you in the face in equal measures. But isn’t that how a good marriage is supposed to be?

You’re the kind of marathon running couple I always knew would go the distance. I’m very happy to be proved right.

No refunds. You got this crazy for life. Well done on surviving another year.

If there was an award for best marriage, you’d win it. Then again, you’d probably have set up the awards too…

I don’t know why more people aren’t jealous of you – you married the most beautiful, funny person in the world. I guess I did OK with you too…

Husband, I love you more and more each and every day. Except last Tuesday. You were pretty annoying then. Happy anniversary!

It was cheesy, but somehow, they always knew they’d brie together. Happy anniversary, you two!

I have a confession to make: I’ve been seeing someone and I’ve really fallen for them. It’s you!

There are lots of reasons why I’ve stayed married to you for so many years. You make nice tea, you pay for Netflix, you buy me pizza and you laugh at my jokes. Here’s hoping it continues… Happy anniversary!

You two are so much fun to be around. Please can you adopt me?

The secret to a happy marriage is knowing what your other half likes in bed. Most of the time, it’s a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.

Wedding anniversary sayings don’t have to be boring, especially when you have to send a wedding anniversary greeting to your parents, friends, or other relatives. Try a few fun ideas below to say happy anniversary to you both funny.

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