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The first of November for non-Roman Catholics and Christians may be seen as just another day. But for them who celebrate the date, ‘happy November 1st’ is a meaningful saying. In this date, many Roman Catholics and Christians celebrate what we call as All Saints Day.

The celebration does not come from the modern times as today. In fact, back then the All Saints Day was celebrated in May 13, starting from the year of 609 AD. That was the day when Pope Boniface after dedicating the Rome-situated Pantheon as a church in order to honor the Virgin Mary; as well as honoring all the martyrs. It was only when the reign of Pope Gregory III the date was switched away, later in November 1.

As we now march together closer to November, the need to prepare for this day is a must. Happy November wishes are not the only thing you can do throughout the day, and that’d be better to celebrate this date by doing some activities with your loved ones. However, what can you do together with your family to cherish this day? You can see them in this list below.

  • Make November wishes together with your family – Given that the celebration happens at the first day of the month, it sounds great to make a wish for the month and setting out goals while still enjoying the celebration. List down your November wishes together with your family, put them in one note, and stick it somewhere where it can be seen by all family members.
  • If you have kids, teach them what All Saints Day mean – You can also take their assistance to create November wishes quotes in some cards. Then, take them together while sending those cards to your friends that are also celebrating the day.
  • Throwing a party – Be it a simple party or a complicated one, feel free to celebrate the day with your own way—as long as you still keep the party under control.

Best Happy November Wishes and Messages

Best Happy November Wishes and Messages

I’m thankful for cool evenings and fall colors. Happy November, everyone!

It might not be Thanksgiving yet, but it’s never the wrong time to say how grateful I am for my wonderful friends. Happy November, everyone!

May your November be as sweet as a pile of leftover Halloween candy.

Happy November! Hope this cooler weather puts a little pep in your step.

Thankful for November evenings, fall colors, and wonderful friends like you.

Happy first day of November! Hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner!

Happy first day of November, everybody! Hope your month is turkey-riffic!

This cooler weather is a great excuse to cuddle up with loved ones. Happy November, all!

Happy November. Remember that it’s never too early to start being grateful for your blessings.

Wishing you all the best on these last days of fall. Happy November!

Happy first day of November, everyone! Hope you enjoy this beautiful fall weather while it lasts.

Wishing you a November filled with good friends, good food, and good times.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas is just around the corner. Happy November!

Happy November! Enjoy the cooler weather and time spent with family.

May November bring you many things to be grateful for.

Happy Novem-brrrr!

You gotta love this time of year… that is, unless you’re a turkey. Happy November!

Hope your November is unbe-leaf-able!

Turkeys beware: November is here.

I don’t know about you, but I for one am grateful that this awful year is almost over. Happy November, folks!

November is here, which means it’s almost time to break out the fat pants.

Happy November, people! Every day that it doesn’t snow is something to be truly grateful for.

Hope you have a wonderful November free of any thoughts of the awful weather that’s coming our way.

November reminds me of the many things I am thankful for… such as the fact that the election will soon be over. Happy first day of November, everyone!

Creating a Nice Happy November Quotes

Creating a Nice Happy November Quotes

Oftentimes, people find it hard to compose words for November 1st celebration. Well—not until you know how to find some quotes in the internet that you can use to create your ‘Happy November 1st’ wishes. If you want to make greeting cards for the celebration as mentioned, never hesitate to find some inspiration. You can also find various inspiration for November 1st celebration in this page below as well.

I cannot be more grateful for these cool evenings and beautiful colors of fall. Happy November to everyone around.

Although it is not thanksgiving yet, I cannot be more grateful for the amazing friends I have. Happy November, my friends!

May this November bring you good food, good friends and of course good times.

Warm regards for the very first day of November. May you enjoy this cool weather to its fullest.

Wishing you all the love and joy on these last days of fall. Happy November!

Its never too late to be grateful. Be grateful for everything that you have received so far this November.

May the first day of November be terrific as the rest of the year. Happy November.

May the cold winds make your heart and blood warmer. Happy November to everyone.

May this month of November be free of all sorts of awful thoughts of the weather to come.

Every day that doesn’t snow is something to very thankful for. A Happy November to all!

Time to take out the warm clothes and give your wardrobe a new look. A Happy November to everyone!

May this November be full of opportunities and hopes just like the snow.

The awful year is almost about to end. Make hay and enjoy your turkey. November is here.

The Sun looks so beautiful in the November sky. May your lives be full of beauty too, Happy November.

What is the Norway of the year? well, it is definitely November.

All the memories of summer are stored in some days of November just like the color of moonrise lies in the fire opal.

Make the most out of each day in your life. Let no November snow be a hindrance on your way.

I hope the month of November brings lots of joy and happiness for your family.

Let no change in weather deter you from your goals. Keep striving hard, Happy November.

Every new month marks the beginning of new things. May this month of November bring in new proposals and opportunities to your life.

This year you have worked hard to achieve your dreams keep working hard and let no November become a barrier between you and your goals.

May the blessings of Divine be with you. Have a blast this November.

Although the winter looks pale and dead but always remember new lives are taking birth underneath that snow. Never give up on your hopes, Happy November.

May the heavens shower you with blessings and prosperity this new month of November.

I hope you enjoy making a snowman with your kids. Happy November, dear!

Take proper care of your family and yourself. The winters will be harsh. November is already here.

Fill your stomachs with delicious turkey and wine. Enjoy the cool weather of November.

Let the November sky fill your lives with new colors and wisdom. A Happy November, all!

The roads will be covered with snow, be careful on your way to work. Loads of best wishes for November.

Winter will be lovely, just like the entire year. Enjoy and take time out for your family.

I love the way you face the odds. May this November bring you more courage and wisdom.

The winter is about to begin, pull out your sweaters and get ready to build a snowman. A Happy November to everyone.

You are such a sweet person to be with. May this November your life gets laden with loads of chocolates.

May you reap the benefits of your hardships in this new month of November. Stay put, you have come a long way.

As you enter the new month of November, I am sure you shall encounter lovely surprises in your life. Happy November.

I am so grateful to have a friend like you. Keep growing, a Happy November my friend.

May the sweet aroma of hot coffee and red wine fill your lives with sweetness and love this November. Happy November.

Don’t worry summer will come again next year, till then enjoy your November.

November is the twilight while October feels like the sunset sky.

Life seems to pass quickly in the month of November. Let us all fill our time with meaningful conversations with our family and have fun.

Let us all welcome November, my favorite month and the season of senses.

I hope that the new month of November brings in new hopes and joys for you. Happy November.

The style divas, let your Jumpers create some amazing winter trends.

Let us all beware the turkeys, Afterall November is here.

November 1st Birthday Wishes

November 1st Birthday Wishes

If you have a family member, friend, colleague, or anyone dear to you that celebrates not only All Saints Day but also his/her birthday at November 1st, it’s your chance to use ‘Happy November birthday’ quotes in this occasion as well. Interestingly, you can find the right words to write the words in this page.

November birthday, boys, receive next to this beautiful month all the blessings for your lives because you deserve it. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on the November birthday! And with you also comes to the celebration of All Saints’ Day, each country is dedicated to preparing its festivals according to its customs and traditions, but still, your birthday will not be overlooked. Have a blessed day!

Happy birthday and happy month of November. Begin by celebrating your birthday with a day as important as it is to commemorate All Saints’ Day, remembering those who gave their existence to a life of holiness. Happy Birthday!

May the peace and love that November brings with you, and may it be part of each one of you. Happy Birthday!

In November, we said goodbye to the autumn dress of nature to welcome a changing cold to face, so November birthday, children shake off their sadness and dress up in a shower of joys to celebrate their birthday Congratulations! Happy Birthday!

One marks the end of existence and the other the deep meaning of the Saints, but both are part of the time we live here, and that represents us. Happy Birthday!

November birthday, boys, I suggest you do the same, cleanse and regenerate your personality, to let out the best of you. May God guide you in your change. Happy birthday!

November finished, winter started. Happy Birthday!

In November, you drop leaves, many or few Happy. Birthday!

November fog brings south in the belly. Happy Birthday!

November, you receive a climatic variation. You discharge the rains to clean and regenerate nature. Happy Birthday!

November has always seemed to me to be the Norway of the year. Happy Birthday!

If November starts well, you must have confidence. Happy Birthday!

Take care of the November, and for January, do not tremble. Happy Birthday!

At the end of November, always take your olive. Happy Birthday!

November is the door of the cold summer. Happy Birthday!

November thundered, bad for the shepherd and worse for the cattle.

November is a month in which we remember those who are no longer among us, but it is beautiful to remember them because they have left a great mark on our hearts, and it is worth toast them. Happy Birthday!

Happy November Wishes Status

I Can’t Believe The Holidays Are About To Start. A Very Happy First Day Of November.

Hope This November Is Unbeleafable. Happy November!

I Hope You Enjoy The Cool Winds And Breeze And Have Loads Of Turkey This November. Happy November.

May This November You Receive So Many Things That You Are Grateful For.

I Think We Need To Get New Clothes For This Winter, Best Friend. Happy November To Us!

May This Month Of November You Have Ample Time To Celebrate With Your Family And Enjoy The Cold Weather.

The Year Is About To End, May You Enjoy The Last Two Months With Full Zest.

The Cold Weather Is A Good Excuse Enough To Cuddle Up With Your Loved Ones. Happy November To Everyone!

To sum it up, whether it is for someone’s birthday or for the All Saints Day, you can find the right wishes and quotes for Happy November 1st in many sources, one of them is this page. Collecting nice words to send to celebrating people will be a smart trick to do especially if you are confused what to write for the occasion.

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