125 Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes, Messages and Quotes

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Happy birthday in heaven is the saying that’s often stated by someone who has deceased relatives or friends on their birthday. It is obvious when someone is deceased, they don’t celebrate birthday anymore. However, the day is technically still their birthday, and this is why a lot of people still say happy heavenly birthday to them.

Besides, there are many things that people do to honor their deceased relatives on their birthday. They believe birthday in heaven is a thing, so they do something to remember the deceased loved ones on their special day. These are some of the things you can do to celebrate heavenly birthday.

  • Visit the Grave – In the last three years, 57% of Americans experiencing major loss in their lives with 32% of them losing their family member. If this is a mother figure, you can say happy heavenly birthday mom and then go visit the grave. There will be connection when you are there at their grave and talk to them. Celebrating birthday in heaven mom should always be special like this.
  • Spend it with Family – Instead of spending the day alone then say happy birthday dad in heaven on your own, plan a day with the family. If the family has lost a father figure, it is easier to say happy heavenly birthday dad when you are all sitting together honoring the memories. Then, everyone can cheer and proudly say happy birthday to my dad in heaven.
  • Uphold Traditions – Traditions need to be maintained and when someone lose a family member, it is better to say happy birthday in heaven brother and then do what the family often do on birthdays. Some cakes and celebratory events may involve. Do this for all the deceased loved ones, including fathers, mothers and everyone. Say happy birthday daddy in heaven
  • Light a Candle – All heavenly birthday wishes should be stated while you are lighting a candle. In many cultures and traditions, candles are always lit when remembering the dead. If you like, you can also say some prayers.
  • Write a Letter – Some people cope with grief by pretending like their deceased loved ones are still alive and well. They write a letter for them and inserting happy birthday in heaven images in the letter.

Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Mom

Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Mom

Losing your mother is surely a hard thing to cope, especially when her birthday is coming up. On the day of her birthday, the happy birthday in heaven mom wishes could be used.

Today I remember all the wonderful birthdays we had together. I miss you beyond words mom. I hope you’re doing well and I will see you again, some day.

You were the single most important blessing of my life. I can never forget the love and care you gave me. Happy Birthday to you! May you rest in peace by God’s side forever!

I miss you every day since you left us, but I am missing you even more today since it is your Birthday. I wish you are having a good time up in heaven.

I want you to know that even though you aren’t here with me, I miss you every single day. Happy Heavenly Birthday mom. I love you and miss you so much.

Today it’s your birthday in heaven, throw a grand party and have lots of fun. I miss you every day. I love you so much, mom. Happy Birthday to my mom in heaven, have so much fun.

I know you’re having a great time as the angels of heaven surround you and cheer you up like a sunflower on this day. I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday in heaven mom!

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you, mom. On today, your birthday, I will only remember the good times, and smile when I think of all we shared.

Happy birthday mom. It’s those treasured memories we made that get me through the hard times like today. You remain loved and appreciated for all you did.

May the winds of heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear, how much we love and miss you, and wish that you were here. Happy birthday mom.

In addition, same thing like losing a mother, losing a father is going to hit harder. The happy birthday in heaven dad wishes and messages are useful to help you cope.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Your presence was a gift of a lifetime for me. You may not be with us anymore but your memories will always inspire us. May you have a peaceful day in heaven!

Dear dad, even though you are not here anymore but I will always keep your lessons and advice with me. Happy Heavenly Birthday dad.

Happy Birthday to the best dad of the whole universe. I love you each and every day. I hope you are having the best days up there, Happy Birthday dad in heaven.

I never get to tell you how grateful I was that out of all the people you are my dad. I love you so much. Thank you for all the sacrifices you made. Happy Birthday in heaven.

The only thing that makes me happy today is knowing that you’re having a blissful time in heaven. You were and always will be the best dad ever!

Daddy, you’ve been gone so long now but I still remember your birthday. It reminds me of all the best times we had, and I sit and think for a while about how much we shared. I hope you’re keeping a watch over me in heaven, and that you’re doing ok. Happy birthday.

I look up to the stars, see one shining so brightly, and know you’re up there watching over and protecting me. Happy birthday Dad, I love you.

Even though you’re so far away I feel your presence with me every day. I miss you so much Dad. Happy birthday.

Heaven may have taken you but I still have a lifetime of memories to look back on. I will never forget you and always use your birthday to say how much you meant to me. Happy birthday daddy.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Grandpa

You taught me everything that I needed in life. I always looked up to you and you never disappointed me for once. Happy Birthday to you in heaven!

Thanks for always being there whenever I needed you. Happy Birthday in heaven. I miss you more than you can imagine, Grandpa.

Thank you for always spoiling me, thank you for making me special. Your sudden departure has left a hole inside of me. Happy Birthday in heaven, grandpa.

Words can never explain how much I miss you, grandpa. I hope you are having a good life in heaven. I love you so much, Happy Birthday.

You’re no more, but your footprints are there to be followed. Today I wish you a wonderful time with all the angels of heaven. Happy Birthday to my grandpa in heaven!

I know you’ll be having a laugh in heaven as we toast you on your birthday. Here’s to you grandad!

Dear Grandad, I’m making sure your spirit lives on long after you’ve gone. Happy birthday wherever you are.

Happy birthday to a man who was as kind as he was warm. We miss him dearly and are sure he is up in heaven enjoying himself just as he did with us.

You have left us but your memories and legacy are eternal. Happy birthday in heaven grandpa, rest in peace.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Grandma

You where always there when I needed advice and someone to turn to. I miss you but know you’re still guiding me from up in heaven. Happy birthday gran.

We were lucky to have had such an amazing gran, and we raise a glass to you up in the clouds on your birthday.

Missing you more than ever on your birthday grandma. Hope you’re up in heaven smiling as we remember you.

To the best gran ever – happy birthday in heaven. You deserve as much love and celebration now as you did when you were with us.

I can never forget all the beautiful stories that you told me when you were around. To me, you were the wisest grandma in this world. Happy Birthday to my grandma in heaven!

Happy Birthday in heaven, grandma. I will always remember all the fun we have had together. Have a great birthday up in heaven.

Thanks for giving me the gift of imagination by telling me all those wonderful stories. I miss you more than you can imagine. Happy Birthday in heaven, grandma.

You were the coolest grandma in the whole wide world. I bet you are the favorite one up in heaven too. Happy Birthday dear grandma, I love you so much.

I always thought you left this world too early but then I realized that even heaven’s angels need a grandma like you there. Happy Birthday to you. Have a blissful celebration of this day in heaven!

Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Daughter

You were taken from us too soon but you shone so bright no one could ever forget the light and warmth you brought to our lives. Happy birthday my darling, may you rest in peace.

Happy birthday all the way up in heaven my darling daughter. I hope you’re doing well until the day we will be reunited.

Your memory is all I have left, and I will never let that go. Happy birthday my baby, you’re in heaven now and none can hurt you.

My girl, we will celebrate today just as we would if you were with us. Until we’re reunited in heaven – happy birthday my angel.

You left a hole in my heart I will never be able to fill. I miss you more with each day you’re gone. Happy birthday my baby girl.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Son

You are still the most wonderful son I could have dreamt of. I miss you every second of every day. Happy birthday my baby boy up in heaven.

Happy birthday to my son in heaven. Too young to be taken but never forgotten.

You were taken too soon from us and the pain is so raw. Today you would have turned _ and we’re going to light a candle for each year. I miss you, you were my world. Happy birthday in heaven.

You were everything to me, my special little guy, and now your one of the angels looking down on us. Happy birthday all the way up in heaven.

No mother should celebrate her sons birthday without him, but I’m sure you’re looking down on us from heaven as we remember you’re life.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Brother

You will always live in my heart because this is where I stored all the extraordinary moments of my life, and because, you were the one who gave me all those moments. Happy Birthday in heaven brother!

I feel your absence daily, but today, it feels the worst. Have a lovely birthday in heaven, dear brother.

We may be living in two different worlds today but my dear brother, our memories are eternal and omnipresent in both worlds. Happy Heavenly Birthday!

Dear brother, I miss you every day so much. Nothing feels right without you. I treasure every moment we spent together, and I wish you a Happy Birthday in heaven.

Just wanted to tell you on your Birthday that I miss you every day more than I did yesterday. I hope you are having a good time up in heaven.

I have been torn apart ever since you left all of us. The only fact that keeps me going is that you are having an incredible time up there. Happy Birthday.

May the angels and birds sing you happy birthday song on your birthday in heaven. Happy birthday, beloved brother.

Wishing you nothing less than a remarkably blissful time in heaven today. You, brother, you’re always the only sunshine of my life. Happy Birthday to my brother in heaven!

Happy birthday bro, up there in heaven. You’re still missed more than I can say, and we love you more than ever.

Missing you desperately my special brother. Happy birthday from down here until we meet again.

I was lucky enough to have made some truly amazing memories with you, and I often think back to all those brilliant times we had. Happy birthday dearest brother.

My love for you will never end. You will always be my special big brother and heaven can’t take that away. Happy birthday bro.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Sister

You were always my role model and the one I looked up to. I feel your presence even though you’re gone and miss you more every day. Happy birthday and all my love.

To my wonderful sister – my soul aches when I think of you, and the only comfort is I know we’ll be together again. Until that day I will light a candle and wish you happy birthday from afar.

The bond we had can never be broken. I hope you’ve found peace and know that my love for you is a strong as it ever was. Happy birthday.

Sending my wishes to heaven to commemorate your birthday sister. With all my heart.

If I could, I would never let you go, sister. Happy birthday in heaven sister.

To me, you were always the light of paradise that made my life shine bright. Today, you are not here, but your flare is still with me. Have the best Happy Birthday in heaven, sister!

Though you have left this earth, you are always here with us on our mind and on our heart. We love you and miss you so much. Happy Birthday to my sister in heaven.

I miss you my baby sister. The way you used to bring joy to our life can never be done by anyone else. Have a great Birthday in heaven.

Happy Birthday in heaven, dear sister. I miss every single detail about you. I hope you are making everyone happy in heavens too.

Sometimes I feel jealous because you sit in heaven and enjoy the company of God while I live in the memories of us and miss you a lot. But today I’m happy because it’s your Birthday!

As you celebrate your Birthday with all those beautiful angels of heaven, know that your place in my heart is fixed and unalterable forever. Happy Birthday in heaven sister!

Heavenly Birthday Messages For Husband

If I get thousands of chances, I would choose you to be my husband. Happy birthday! I miss you.

Dear, it has been challenging for me to survive without you. Wherever you’re, wish you a happy birthday. You are the sweetest chapter of my life!

May the winds of the heaven whispers in your eyes, how much I miss you. Happy birthday in heaven!

My heart aches whenever this day comes, and you’re not here with me. I’m forever grateful to you for our beautiful memories, love. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven.

I always Thank God for giving me an opportunity to be your wife. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband.

Heavenly Birthday Messages For Wife

I hope you’re in the highest place of heaven, my wife. Happy birthday to you, my queen.

You’re too good for the world, maybe that’s why God took you to Him. I’m sure your appearance has blessed heaven also just the way you blessed our life. Happy birthday in heaven, wife.

Thinking about you feels like you’re right beside me, holding my hands. Happy birthday in heaven, my love.

It makes me sad not having you on your birthday, but I wish the best for you no matter how far you’re from me, dear. Happy birthday in heaven, my lovely!

I miss you every moment since you left me alone. Someday we’ll meet in the heave. Happy birthday, dear!

Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Aunt

I miss your wisdom and your kind spirit auntie. We’ll meet again someday I’m sure. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday aunt. It was so hard to say goodbye, I hope you’re at peace in heaven.

To my dearly departed aunt, I hope you know how missed you are, especially on your birthday. We’re thinking of you always, and wishing you a happy birthday.

Missing you like crazy auntie. Happy birthday and rest in peace.

Birthday in Heaven Wishes for Uncle

My heart broke when we lost you uncle. I still remember all the great times we had. Happy birthday and RIP.

Happy birthday uncle, may your spirit find eternal happiness in heaven.

I still struggle to come to terms with you being taken from us uncle but I take solace in knowing you’re at peace in heaven surrounded by old friends. Happy birthday.

Dearest uncle, you were my rock and such good friend. Wishing you a happy birthday all the way up in heaven.

Heartfelt Happy Birthday In Heaven

I can’t believe it’s your birthday and you’re not here to celebrate it with us. Today I lean on all the good memories I have with you, and on the promise that I’ll see you again one day.

Just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and that the loving memories of you are everlasting in my mind. I wish you a marvelous anniversary, knowing that you are by the Lord’s side!

I celebrate you today and every other day because you have been the sweetest part of my life and the memories of you shall forever dwell in my mind. Wishing you joy on your birthday in Heaven!

It’s your birthday, but it doesn’t feel like it without you here. It doesn’t matter; I’m going to celebrate it like you are here because I know that’s what you would have wanted. I love and miss you so much. Happy heavenly birthday.

I am missing you every day since you left away, but I am missing you even more today since it is your special day. Though you are not here, I want to wish you a very happy heavenly birthday.

I miss your sweet presence around me all the time. But I know I can’t bring you back anymore. I wish you a great day in heaven filled with smiles and joy. Happy birthday in heaven!

There is not a single day; I didn’t miss you. But today, I miss you more. Happy birthday in heaven.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

No matter how long you’ve been gone I will never forget your birthday. Missing you so much.

The angels will be looking after you on your birthday. Remembering how special and loved you are. Happy birthday my love.

You will forever be a part of me and live on in my heart. Heavens gain is our loss. Happy Birthday.

Losing you was one of the hardest things I had to go through but I take comfort knowing you’re in heaven now and at peace. Happy birthday.

Together in the same old way, would be my dearest wish today. Happy birthday.

You may have left us but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate your life and the memories we have of you. Wishing you a happy birthday.

The world was a brighter, more beautiful place with you in it. I miss you more every year, which is why I still take the time to say happy birthday, even though you’re gone.

We still feel your spirit and presence. Happy birthday from all of us down here to you in heaven.

I know you’ll be celebrating a special birthday in heaven.

Life just isn’t the same without you. Happy birthday, and keep watching over us from the stars.

You are the break in the clouds that let’s the sun shine through. Happy birthday, I miss you so much.

It’s always on your birthday that I think back on all those wonderful times we had together. It makes me smile, laugh and cry. Happy birthday my darling up in heaven.

Today, on your birthday, we honour your legacy and all the good you did. You will never be forgotten my friend.

The world lost one of it best but the heavens gained an angel. Wishing you a happy birthday wherever you are.

Though you’re not here we still wanted to celebrate your birthday and remember all the good times. We miss you dearly.

Best Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes

Best Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes

Besides mom and dad, grandmothers are the major figures in everyone’s live. These are the happy birthday grandma in heaven wishes and messages you should always use on your late grandma’s birthday.

When I look back, there are just so many special memories that we both have shared. All these wonderful memories are now flashing in my mind as I celebrate your birthday. I love and miss you so much, may you have a wonderful, wonderful heavenly birthday!

May the angels celebrate your birthday with us in the heaven right now. Wish you the happiest heavenly birthday.

I appreciate all the moments that we had together, and today being your birthday, I want you to know that every little moment spent with you were the happiest in my life. I miss you so much, happy heavenly birthday.

Your birthday is finally here, and even though you are no longer with us on earth, I will still celebrate just like we always did. I wish upon a star that you carry my love with you wherever you are. Happy heavenly birthday to you! There will never be enough words to let you know just how much I miss you so. Sending you plenty of light and laughter on your special day!

A human signed out, an angel signed in. Sending the best wishes for you in heaven.

Heaven will help you celebrate your birthday in style; my prayers for you to be happy wherever you are.

May God’s peace keep you and guide you through the streets of heaven. I wish you a wonderful birthday in heaven, dear.

You left a beautiful memory on the mind of everyone who knew you. Have a fantastic birthday in heaven, dear.

You’re not here, but I wish the best for you wherever you’re now. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven!

Happy birthday my love in heaven. Enjoy your birthday with God and angels. Missing you too much.

I know you’re watching me from over the sky. I want you to know that you are very much alive in my heart and I’ll never let your memories be faded away. Happy Birthday!

It has never been the same since you’ve gone, brother. Sending my warm wishes to you on your birthday!

I miss your sweet presence around me all the time. But I know I can’t bring you back anymore. I wish you a great day in heaven filled with smiles and joy. Happy Birthday!

Dear, I just wanted to let you know on your Birthday that I miss you and life is pretty boring without you around. Have a wild party in heaven.

Not even distance make me forget about your birthday. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven.

Happy heavenly birthday wishes to you dear, (Name). May you rest in peace there and have a birthday celebration in God’s company.

On this birthday, we can’t send you gifts so, I’m sending my blessings to you. Wishing you a cheerful birthday!

I never stopped missing you for once in my life. Today, I am missing you even more because it’s your Birthday and you’re not with me. I wish you a cheerful Birthday in heaven!

Though you are not here with me, I know you will always guide me and be with me through thick and thin. Happy Birthday in heaven. I hope you are having a good time there.

Each memory of you is so alive that it never feels like you’re not here. Happy birthday in heaven!

Your early departure shocked me so much that I couldn’t believe it for days. But now I know the truth. You were invited by God to be his special guest in heaven. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people. I hope you are resting peacefully. Have a grand Birthday in heaven.

Maybe God loves and admires you more that’s why he took you back earlier. I miss you so much, Happy Birthday in heaven.

Well, those wishes are surely useful for you. Simply pick one or two, and you should be able to send the best happy birthday in heaven wishes and messages for your deceased family.

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