Hopin Acquires Attendify to Advance Event Marketing and Expand Event Management Suite

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Approaching its 2nd anniversary, it was announced that Hopin acquires Attendify to advance event marketing. This leading online conference platform made the news in July 2021 with more details about the acquisition available below.

About Hopin

Hopin was established in 2019 as a London-based remote-first company that has employees in 45 countries worldwide. Its service allows communities and brands to create live experiences. In early 2020, this company had successfully grown from 6 employees to more than 700 staffs. It also raked a several hundred virtual events creators and raised the number into over 100,000 organizations and millions of visitors monthly. Through Series A, B, C funding, it has raised over $565 million funding.

By using this online event platform, the users can connect, interact, and learn from people across the world. It is in the company hope that anyone is able to create online, in-person, and hybrid that are immersive and interactive.

In 2020, the company acquired a reputable video streaming studio StreamYard. In the following year, it obtained Streamable, Boomset, and Attendify. The latter was a California-based company established by Michael Balyasny in 2011, which claims to transform virtual meeting platforms technology by making it more data-focused, intuitive, and accessible.

What Developments Were Brought by the Acquisition?

With the news Hopin acquires Attendify to advance event marketing, the acquiring company delivered it wishes to empower event managers to reach even more wider audiences, as well as to sustain treasured relationship between brand and audience beyond the events. The combination is expected to bring the better generation of event marketing means.

The acquisition is also expected to enhance the company’s product of event marketing and boost its event management platform that consists of four primary services:

  • Virtual Venue – A diverse and attractive cloud-based environments in which organizers are able to provide powerful events and the viewers are able to live participate.
  • Studio – StreamYard’s product of studio that offer live video production where organizers can create and broadcast quality content easily with various features to their audience.
  • Event marketing – A crucial tools for creators to grow their audience and interact with their communities.
  • Onsite – Services and technology that makes in-person events simpler, by using diverse features such as cashless payments, badge printing, check-in, and many more.

Future Plans after Acquisition

It is also planned on the latest of 2021, that the virtual conference company would debut two notable features to provide more community engagement and attendance for the event marketers, which are:

  • Audience CRM

It is an extensive platform about attendee data to provide comprehensive view to event organizers about an event engagement within this conference platform.

  • Campaign Manager

It is a communication tool in form of email to promote event registrations and delivery of necessary information to the audiences and registrants.

The merge between both virtual event companies is expected to start Illuminate – a planner’s hybrid event created to emphasize innovation and distributes recent news about the company. The news of acquisition was also followed by many other announcements, such as the launch of free new plan in the virtual event app that lets people invite up to 100 attendees with two hours of maximum duration, along with integration of GoFundMe to allow smooth in-event donations.

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