Top 4 Best Event Marketing Examples and Strategies for Your Future Event Campaign

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The greater the marketing strategy, the bigger the event will be. Holding an event can’t be separated from marketing process. As an event planner, you might wonder what kind of best virtual event marketing examples that will suit the best for my next marketing campaign.

As the breaking of virtual event, your marketing division should adapt and follow the new event marketing ideas to bring people to your event in the digital savvy effectively. One of ways is by joining event marketing to get deeper knowledge and insight in knowing the market of audience and the strategies of marketing itself.

Before we explore more about the ideas of good event marketing examples, let’s see what exactly event marketing is.

What is event marketing and why is it important?

Event marketing is a strategy used by event planner to promote and introduce their event to the audience both physically and virtually which left a good impression and memorable thing to attract people and create connections with targeted audiences.

Then, why you should have your event marketing?

According to a study, 90% of companies said that event marketing takes an important role in their companies. Event marketing will build event branding. It surely will help your event stand out among other events. By building an effective event marketing plan, you will get longer relationship and connection with your audience. It means that by joining event marketing, it will increases your audience engagement.

Don’t waste your time jumbled in confusion. Here, you will find out what types of experiential marketing event that will suit you best. Are you ready hitting the nail on the head? Let’s see some examples of event marketing that are worthy for your future event campaign.

User Conference – Content Marketing World

One of the best types of event marketing is held through conference. A conference will lead its attendees to involve themselves in a number of activities such as focused discussion session by the industry’s expert and networking session with people who have common interest.

Content Marketing world is an event marketing conference where people can share experiences, connect to various marketing communities, and create partnerships. This one of event marketing companies will provide you with more than amazing and breakout sessions.

Through this event, you’ll get content by industry’s experts and top leaders in various categories such as content strategy, content creation, agency strategies, search engine optimization, social media, and many other topics.

This event will be so beneficial for you because you can learn and practice your event marketing strategies with the help of experts in creative ways and with credible sources start from the world of business to event marketing examples. Now, this event can be accessed online and by request. Isn’t that amazing?

Networking Event – MarketingProfs B2B Forum

Networking event is an event which brings people together to find connection with those who has the same interest. The networking session can be held in an informal or formal ways as long as it connects the audiences and creates memorable things for the audience to build networking for each other.

This one of B2B event marketing ideas is a B2B forum which will provide you a place to gather and connect with B2B leaders, innovators, and other people who want to learn latest B2B marketing success secret. This forum have been held for almost two decades.

This event marketing has a program called Program Advisory Committee. This program will serve the best topic of B2B marketing latest information including challenges marketers will face, what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s really important in building marketing strategy.

By joining this event, of course you will have great and amazing experience in B2B marketing field  and marketing campaign examples through focused group discussion, practice the actionable strategies with experts for your B2B marketing ideas.

Seminar – MozCon

Seminar is a focused training sessions in a specific topic which held to get deeper understanding from various experts. Seminar usually provides a certificate after the audiences pass the training session.

MozCon is a digital marketing conference which provide academic training focused on such topics of SEO, mobile, conversion optimization, local search, and many other topics. Here, you’ll discover the advanced tactics and strategies in creating landscape to establish data-driven decision for your marketing strategies.

Not only get connection, but you’ll also get insights, information, and ideas for your marketing strategies in the future in its 5 hours training session. You’ll meet various people including SEOs, agencies, content marketers, and marketing executives. With this one of company event marketing examples, you can build your networking with expert on marketing.

Here, you can also share and switch ideas about what kind of event marketing plan template that will lead you to success and share the information of event marketing jobs from the attendees.

Community Event – Podcast Movement

Joining a community’s event is the right way for you to improve your knowledge focused in certain things. A community event is a gathering planned event to create continuously event. Here, the audience will experience more focused and intimate activities. According to a survey, 97% of people look for community event to get explanation of product or something they are interested of.

Through this podcast community which move in the world of marketing, you’ll receive various knowledge of marketing content, strategies, and some of event advertising examples through voice marketing.

As the title of the event, this types of event marketing will be focused on the podcast content where thousands of professional and inspiring podcasters gather together to discuss strategies and innovative ideas to improve your skill in marketing yourself through podcast.

This event can be one of marketing event ideas for colleges student due to its features provided such as guidance to market yourself or brand experience example through podcast, celebrity podcast roundtable, podcasting on film, and many other features.

Event Marketing Strategies and ideas you can adopt

After you join event marketing from various event marketing companies, here are some event marketing strategies you can improve with the knowledge you’ve got from previous event marketing.

Marketing through landing pages

Creating a personalized landing page for your event is one of which ways to do your marketing strategy. Through a landing page, you can optimized your communication with your audience in the pre-event period.  

A landing page will make it easier for you to know the traffic of people who is interested seeing your event, also it will add source of your registration number. You can share your landing page in any social media to increase the traffic of audience you’ll get.

 Social Media Marketing

Who don’t use social media in their daily life nowadays? Over 3.6 billion people are using social media and it is expected to grow up to 4.41 billion people in 2025. This is such a great opportunity to promote your event in social media due to its large users in worldwide.

Through social media marketing, you can build connection, branding, and traffic easily. What you need to do are publish your most perfect content to attract the audience, listen to what they want after they’ve reached you, and analyze what you’ve got from them. This type of strategy suits best for one of  marketing event ideas for colleges student.

By applying those steps, you’ll get a data which can improve your content and your strategies in marketing your event. The most social media used by people are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instragram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to increase the number of audience you’ll get. According to a research, in 2019, there are 3.9 billion of email users and it will set to grow to 4.3 billion user in the world wide. Therefore, email marketing lead you to gain more audience.

Email marketing is a promotion strategy sent by email to build a personal relations with the potential audience and current audience. It allows the event planner to keep in touch with their audience so that the audience will put on trust.

By building a strong relationship with the audience, it will make you easier to attract their interest in your future event. It is also beneficial if the customer feel more appreciated with your more personal email content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers, especially social media influencers, have a huge influence in the society in this era. They have a huge number of followers in social media platforms that trust them as one of important people to influence their life.

You can utilize this opportunity to promote your event with the help of influencer. You can invite the influencers to your event as your speakers. This will lead you to a bigger chance to get promotion and audience in your current event or your future event. You can also do a paid promotion with the influencers.

Make sure that you have the right influencers to cooperate with. If you have business in beauty and fashion industry, it will be more effective if you use influencer marketing.

We can say that by joining event marketing, you’ll obviously will get various knowledge, amazing story, and insight in the marketing world. Besides, you’ll have the chance to get wider networking and engagement from audience who see your brand experience example shown in the event.

After you know various examples of events marketing, and perhaps you join one of them, you can’t just stop there. The journey is still going on. You have to create your event marketing plan added with the knowledge you have to produce your best event marketing strategy. Put your ideas and the insight you’ve got together to approach people. And let’s not forget that practice makes everything perfect. So, don’t worry to practice your own event marketing strategies by implementing them to make everything way more perfect.

Do you have any experiences in joining an inspiring event marketing? Let us and others know about your experience in the comment section below!

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