What is B2B Event Marketing? Trends & Strategies

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What is B2B Event Marketing? People interacting with people fosters greater sales than any other channel. Knowing this statistic, it’s only fair that buyers and wholesalers accelerate the buying process by minimizing middlemen. A good B2B event marketing strategy will drive such campaigns.

The in-person attendance of the vendors through B2B event marketing makes it possible for better relationship building, generating sales pipeline, and brand awareness. The in-person attendance makes it easier to connect with people than any other marketing strategy.

One of the main reasons for the business buyers to limit the engagement with the B2B vendors is because they are getting a lot of irrelevant content from the marketers. So, if you have an effective B2B event marketing strategy in order, you can engage with the vendor first hand to provide a better outlook on your business.

2021 Trends in B2B event marketing

You can take notes from the latest B2B event marketing trends to see what you can do differently or adopt high engaging strategies. Vendors attend such events to show businesses that they are leaders. Let’s delve into some of the positive trends you can harness this year to promote your business and give it the visibility it needs!

Live Streaming

Live streaming is essential in all content marketing strategies. Cashing in on the live streaming trend can even create more content in the form of snippets and educational bits for social media.


If you’re looking to target the millennials in your B2B event marketing, then host a brunch. It’s the best way to engage with your audience over scrumptious finger food. Essentially you can turn any corporate event into a brunch function, making it seem fancier than it originally is!

Digital Gift Bags

Providing high-quality B2B event marketing return on investment options like gift bags has always been a trend. However, while targeting the younger generation of consumers and businesses like millennials, you might want to go digital. Digital gift bags with coupon codes, ebooks, featured webinars, and other such high-value content gives a positive impact on your business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing very powerful! Over 65 percent of international brands are looking to increase their investments in influencer marketing by 2020. This can be a great boost for quality audience engagement and support from brand-loyal customers.

Podcast Marketing

Podcasting your event has its perks. You are engaging with all kinds of audiences across all platforms making your B2B event marketing strategy even stronger.

Summing Up!

Having clear B2B event marketing objectives will help you in organizing the most effective event. Some goals/objectives that you can deeply analyze are increasing sales, building brand visibility, and engaging customers.

95% of marketers agree that B2B live events provide attendees with an opportunity to form connections in the digital world. B2B event marketing brings different people decision-makers in one location. The sales team can have a field day with such a mixed crowd. The possibility to build relationships in such a short event span makes B2B event marketing the most effective channels!

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