How-To Series: Creating a Hybrid Event Vendor Agreement Template

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As you identify your product and service needs to implement your hybrid events, having a ‘go-to’ contractual template is helpful for both planning and actual authoring of the agreement you need to document with your vendors. Below is a step-by-step guide in how in detailing both your plan and formal agreement;


Start with a heading that underscores the purpose of your agreement.


This AGREEMENT is entered into this ____ day of ________________, 2010 (the “Effective Date”), between (YOUR COMPANY and EVENT) and (VENDOR). (YOUR COMPANY) wishes to contract with (VENDOR) to record (list here the assignment overview, start and end date)


In this section you declare the Property ownership rights title and interest, under the United States copyright laws, the specific property, and to whom you are providing license to this property- and there directed action with this property.


This is where you detail the specific assignment to be completed by;

  • Work description
  • Timeframe
  • Guidelines and restrictions
  • Description of final product to be produced


It is important to delineate between both the (PRODUCT) and (SERVICE) the vendor will be providing.


(VENDOR) will create (PRODUCT) of all the sessions from the conference (including the live audio, video and the PowerPoint presentations), and offer it for sale to attendees, exhibitors and/or speakers on-site and for sale to non-attendees.

  • The (PRODUCT) will be available for paid access by attendees or subscribers 14 to 21 days after the conclusion of the ____ conference.
  • The (PRODUCT) will be accessed via…..
  • The (PRODUCT) can only be accessed by user name and password
  • The (PRODUCT) will include the following list of features;



  • (VENDOR) will deliver (SERVICE) for (YOUR COMPANY and EVENT) using (VENDOR) service.
  • (VENDOR) will broadcast the audio, video and Power Point through (YOUR COMPANY and EVENT)
  • (VENDOR) will make the feeds available to other virtual platform vendors so they may stream the sessions through their platform as well.
  • (VENDOR) will allow select presenters to give their presentation through (YOUR COMPANY and EVENT)
  • (VENDOR) will provide technical support assistance to all attendees viewing the conference from within (VENDOR)

ON-SITE Instruction


(VENDOR) will fully staff (YOUR COMPANY and EVENT) with highly trained, courteous and professional VENDOR representatives to handle the recording, demonstrate the (PRODUCT/SERVICE) and manage the process of streaming content FOR (YOUR COMPANY and EVENT)


In this section you make clear what you expect of the vendor in completing their assignment with instruction and timeline.


This section is used to detail for both parties what your responsibilities will be in executing the agreement. Items can include;

  • Conference Programming
  • Presentation Materials
  • Vendor Accommodations
  • Vendor Booth Space
  • Speaker Release Forms
  • Union/Labor Charges
  • Technology Procurement and Implementation


Detail in this section all payment requirements by amounts, due dates, as well as any commissions or incentives.


Identify in this section the calendar dates of when the agreement incepts and expires.

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