Introvoke Raises $2.7M to Encourage Further Digital Transformation Development

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In the raise funding round let by Struck Capital, it was announced that Introvoke raises $2.7M on April 2021. The event was joined by Mike Montero (co-founder of Resy), Bharat Krish (CTO of Time), Great Oaks, Comcast, V1vc, and Social Leverage. Read more about the conference platform provider below.

About Introvoke

Introvoke is a startup company that focuses on powering digital events. It was established by the founder and current CEO Oana Manolache. The San Fransisco-based virtual event app provider was launched only shortly before the pandemic outbreak – in 2019.

The company provides service of turning website into digital stage, which then can promote interactive and enjoyable live entertainment, conferences, and education platform. It provides several services, such as the networking hubs, virtual stages, and other embeddable and customizable features for the website of the clients to host the events. This all can be done by using API integration or WordPress plug-in.

Moreover, the online event platform also provides advanced experiences for the host to connect with attendees, such as Q&A, chatrooms, breakout rooms, and others. The numbers of possible attendees are not limited and they are all guaranteed by tight security.

The company claims that by using their platform, the event organizer can imagine and build unique and exciting event for the attendees. The goal is for the attendees to feel valuable rather than the second-thought.

In addition, the virtual conference provider also offers analytics for the event managers. This way, they can monitor experience of the attendees, the amount of consumed content, the engagement, and the connection between the attendees more easily.

The Future for Virtual Platform Provider Companies

The demands for virtual meeting platforms have been significantly growing on the past year. However, Oana Manolache stated that the world is only experiencing the start of 3rd wave of digital transformation. The young CEO said that their company’s products are designated for upcoming hybrid events boom, which may take several different forms. Hybrid event can mean in-person only, virtual only, or combination between virtual and in-person events’ elements.

Furthermore, she stated as well that the current service provided by a lot of virtual event companies is just a band-aid that will return once in-person events can be executed normally again. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can last long, even if it seems to offer companies with revenue targets and customer base now. The 3rd wave is an era where organizations have to bring solutions to build themselves and build connection with their audience. This is where the investment from Introvoke raises $2.7M is going to be used.

She also explained how Zoom has been a giant player, the go-to solutions when the pandemic just had started – that’s when the 1st wave hit. That being said, its relevancy is slowly faded away due to many better alternatives, for example, the unicorn startup Hopin. A lot of these online conference platform providers are raising funding for mind-blowing amount, but eventually, they will have to provide solutions when the attendees are going back to prefer in-person events.

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