Virtual Events Startup Hopin Valued at $7.75bn After $450m Series D

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You may have heard about Hopin’s acquisition on Boomset, but what about how virtual events startup Hopin valued at $7.75 billion? Sure thing, it is an outstanding amount to get, isn’t it? The virtual events startup Hopin valued at $7.75 billion after getting another ‘money injection’ from a November funding event—which ended up them closing a solid amount of $450 million. If you are wondering how this startup grew so fast, find out the reasons below.

A Glimpse about Hopin

When you are talking about pandemic, the first thing that comes to mind is going online. And what comes online isn’t only shopping. Millions of people are working through various virtual meeting platforms. To mention some, there are Zoom, Webex, Socio Labs, Hubilo, and many more.

When it comes to Hopin, it’s similar with that aforementioned software. So, Hopin is a virtual event app, which enables people to meet online through their conference platform.

The software, just like its company, was founded in June 2019. It is not long before the truly havoc situation comes and attacking us with the need to go online. Johnny Boufarhat (27), the founder of Hopin, mentioned that the business was actually luck for him.

This online conference platform company was established in London, not long after Boufarhat was ill due to an autoimmune disease which forbade him to leave house. Until March 2020, the company has no big number of full-time employees. To be exact, the company—which was focusing on virtual events platform as its product—had only 8 loyal employees back then. Now, it is one hundred times more.

Customers too are coming for their extravagant virtual conference app. To mention some big names, there are NATO and American Express. Marking its way to popularity, Hopin’s founder and CEO Boufarhat became the Britain’s youngest entrepreneur who made billions of dollars.

Currently, Hopin has already paved its way to success with 100,000 customers. The company also houses a database of 17 million users of Hopin account—definitely a speedy increase of a startup.

What are the Key Features of Hopin?

You may wonder what makes Hopin to become so popular quickly. Well, there are many features that you cannot expect from any other virtual event companies product.

  1. It is capable to host hundreds to one hundred thousand attendees. Although sounds like a dream, that is what you can find as fact.
  2. Its design is minimal, efficient, modern, and sleek. Despite the features you find outstanding, the UI and UX sound so promising with no lags. It’s light to operate.
  3. The platform is flexible – meaning that you can use the app for yoga or baking class, team meetings or club gatherings. Even it can go with school reunions.
  4. The platform has its reception, session, stage, expo, and networking area. So, it seems like the platform looks like the true event venue.
  5. The platform provides you user data and deep analytics—which will be beneficial for lead generating for your marketing objectives.
  6. Breakout group interactions can be generated easily with Hopin. Hence, the event can be more engaging, and it can help people to virtually mingle with each other.

So, that’s the information about Hopin, an online event platform that goes big with $7.75 billion as its valuation in 2021. It indeed has a great impact for the community, making it a great investment to do.

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