Multilingual Video Conferencing Platform KUDO Raises $21 Million to Help Interpret at Events

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You may have heard about KUDO raises $21 million in the series A funding in the Q1 of 2021. Just like other online platform industries, this pandemic is an excellent kick starter for the tech companies and newer startups to achieve lots of growth and funding.

KUDO, as one of those tech companies mainly dealing with video conference software, KUDO also experienced getting a huge sum of investment this pandemic, why so? What is so special about this software that it gets trust from the investors? Let’s learn what’s so special about this software in this article below.

About KUDO

KUDO is a New York-based company mainly focusing its product in Software as a Service industry. Their main ‘product’ is a virtual event platform that enables you to have it as a multilingual online conference platform as well. That said, with this software you can get real-time multi-language interpretation, easing you to understand what is being said in the conference.

The company is founded by Fardad Zabetian in 2017, far before the pandemic started and take virtual event app as a commodity to highly cherish. The multilingual video platform didn’t take a routing way to be what it is today. In fact, the company has been focusing on providing their conference platform real-time interpretation to cut off language barriers.

Thanks for that excellent idea; KUDO becomes known to public for its ambitious move to provide more than 100 languages and 147 sign languages to help the disabled ones. Hence, it’s not weird to learn that KUDO raises $21 million during the series A round of funding in March.

What is So Great about KUDO?

You may wonder why this specific company can stand out over other virtual event companies. Well, it has been mentioned above that this company has a great notion in getting real-time translation as its specialty.

But how does this virtual conference platform’s real-time translation become different? There are so many platforms already offering this feature.

If you wonder about such thing, you should know that this platform isn’t only relying on its interpreting service on AI. The translation is also conducted with the help of human interpreters. That said, it makes the interpretation becomes more accurate.

Hence, it enables people to:

  • Attend a conference that is conducted by a foreign language. Being capable to translate over 100 languages and (interestingly) 147 sign languages, this online event platform helps people with language barrier to understand the conference.
  • Attend a conference in specialized industries, such as medical conferences. The combination of automated and human interpreters can help to tackle the wrong interpretation of the term being translated.
  • For disabled people using this virtual events platform—with its sign language feature will enable them to understand better about what is being talked about in the conference.

To conclude, investor’s decision to KUDO is reasonable enough since the software is definitely beneficial for many people. Although there are many other virtual meeting platforms available, KUDO with its real-time interpretation features will make the company possible to get their sales skyrocket.

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