LinkedIn Launches a $25M Fund for Creators

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Through the company’s official announcement post, it was revealed that LinkedIn launches a $25m fund for creators. This 10-week program is not only going to provide the creators with grants, but also other networking and coaching support. Each selected participant on the ‘Creator Accelerator Program’ will receive $15,000 fund, which according to LinkedIn global head of community, Andrei Santalo, can help them to share their content, inspire conversations, and establish communities.

How Creator Accelerator Program Begins

Before it was diminished mid-year, on the early 2021, the Microsoft-owned Corporation released Stories feature. The Stories format was intended to lure creators and gives professionals a way to monetize their program, which is already implemented in other bigger platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The company stated that this was how they would evolve to create more value for the creators, by continuing listening to their members’ feedback.

Although the program was shut down months later, it provides the seed for expanded tools for creators who want to use their service. In order to lure more creators into using the platform, it was announced that the company released grants for creators. The grants are provided as a part of the newly created ‘Creator Accelerator Program’.

So, what’s this creator accelerator is about? According to the announcement of the company, it is a part of their significant effort to established a platform for content creating – which included establishment of new tools and companies acquisition earlier in 2021, such as the ‘how-to’ video making app Jumprope.

Along with the program of creator accelerator, all of these efforts are executed by the company to encourage more lively and dynamic set of voice to motivate more and more people to spend time and talk on their platform.

More Details about Creator Accelerator Program

In his official blog post, Andrei Santalo, who is the global head of community at this California-based online service, stated that this incubator or accelerator program will be focused on various ways that an individual can engage on their platform. He conveyed about how creating content on their app is about creating chances, for the users themselves and the others, as their conversations, words, and videos, will make more than 774 million of professionals getting better at what they currently do or guide them to see the worlds newly anew.

In the regard of more details about the creator accelerator program, he explained that the program is planned to last for 10 weeks. There will be 100 creators in the United States that received coaching about creating content in the platform. These creators will also be given opportunities to network with other compatible individuals, on top of receiving $15,000 fund.

The creators are going to get access to comprehensive training and devoted creator manager to assist them creating buzz-worthy contents. Moreover, they will also get chances to be featured across the platform’s editorial channel, social, and brand.

Along with the announcement that LinkedIn launches a $25M fund for creators, it is also disclosed that creators who are interested in joining this program can apply until October 12. According to the application announcement, the first batch of the program is going to be announced around November.

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