Multi-Platform Live Streaming Software Restream Raises $50M

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You probably have heard about Restream raises $50M and thinking, why on earth do people get such big sum of money. It’s a sure thing that getting a big sum of money is a fun—but there is a certain responsibility behind that. Restream, a startup that deals with technology especially in developing virtual events platform, earns their money through a series A funding round which was co-led by Insight Partners and Sapphire Ventures.

What is Restream?

For some of you, Restream may be an alien word. That is reasonable, though. This online event platform is less popular than YouTube and Zoom. Their function is mainly similar, although their starting point may be different.

Why so? Restream was first launched to accommodate gaming streamers in creating gaming streams. The software enables people to create a platform which is capable in channeling to other platforms. Simply said, streamers can make their streaming live on several platforms—be it in YouTube, Zoom, etc. on real time.

That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Streamers now don’t have to upload their video manually to one platform and another—all are automated and that’s what makes Restream started to get recognition as a virtual event app.

What is Changing from Restream?

While the idea sounds amazing, is it only limited to gaming streams only? Well, at first—yes, it is. But as the pandemic strikes, the need of useful app like Restream is increasing. Hence, the team behind this online conference platform is pivoting its steer—but not too much—in accommodating people in various businesses to be able to use their conference platform.

Before Restream raises $50M, they may have their focus on improving online streaming by providing professional-looking online streams and other features only for gamers. But now, even if you are a businessperson or a musician—you can benefit from this virtual conference app to show your streamers what you need to show.

What are the Key Features?

Wondering what the key features of Restream are? There are several key features of the app which is different to other virtual meeting platforms, which will be mentioned as follows:

  • Multi-streaming to more than 30 various streaming services – be it YouTube, Twitter, or even a Facebook personal page.
  • No limitations on your live sessions – hence you can even go live for more than 24 hours, only if you dare.
  • Access to copyright-free BGM – making your live session be more enjoyable.
  • Users’ analytics – you can get the information regarding your streams viewer, be it the location, age, etc. This will be beneficial if you are conducting a market research.
  • You can as well monitor your streams to avoid getting any possible issues – as a result, your viewers will be able to get only the best experience.
  • No need to bounce your viewers to download app – your viewers can access your live streaming through Restream Studio.

With those key features being said, it makes sense why investors are starting to get their money involved in developing Restream, doesn’t it? It seems like the increasing number of big companies also plays a huge part in skyrocketing the valuation of this company if compared to other virtual event companies. Sure, they have great pairs of eyes.

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