117 Funny Tea Puns and Jokes to Make Your Day Tea-Riffic

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Tea puns are common to be found among tea-drinkers. They do love the beverage and everything they do revolves around the tea. Well, tea is one of the most common beverages around the world. There are more than 2 billion tea-drinkers in the world, and they come from different regions. This is the reason why tea is pretty much still popular to these days.

Moreover, tea also comes in different variations, including the popular boba tea these days. For this reason, you will find the chewy tea beverage very common to be found, and hence the existence of boba tea puns used all over the world. According to recent polling, more than 60% of tea drinkers these days have tried and preferred boba tea.

If you want to know the countries where tea is the most common beverages, you can read this list below. It will show you where those bubble tea puns and all the tea jokes will work the most. These are the countries where it is common or even customary to drink tea in daily basis. If you are not a tea-drinker, it is better for you to think twice for visiting these countries, though.

  • China – As we know, tea is a traditional drink in China. It has been there for centuries and has become a part of their tradition. Tea is more than a drink or common beverage in this country. It is also used for medication purpose as well.
  • United Kingdom – United Kingdom, particularly England, is very chilly when it comes to weather, and this is why tea becomes a common beverage there. It is consumed every morning with the addition of milk or lots of sugar.
  • Russia – Just like UK, Russia is also very chilly, or freezing if you are looking for the right term. For this reason, people living in Russia have to find some beverages to warm them up. In this case, tea becomes the most common beverage to drink.

For you who need to find out the list of funny tea puns or the ones with romantic tone, find the list below. It has everything you need to know.

Lovely and Funny Tea Puns

Lovely and Funny Tea Puns

These are some funny tea puns that you need. They will make people laugh for sure, and you need this to put a big grin on other people’s face.

What’s an astronaut’s favorite tea blend? Gravi-tea.

Coffee’s dangerous, but tea is not. It gives you a sense of safe-tea.

This teabag got mad that its friend got brewed first. I told it to stop being sal-tea.

This teabag keep jumping out of the pot. It’s being feis-tea.

The hipster burned his tongue. He drank tea before it was cool.

I picked up my friend’s coffee by accident then put it back. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

I went into the kitchen last night and heard all this noise coming from the tea caddy. There was a tea party going on.

A teabag’s college friend told her a longwinded story about people she didn’t know. “Cool story, brew,” she said.

This bag of leaves is a successful college professor. It got tenure as facul-tea.

I dropped my wallet last night. The cashier at the tearoom gave it back. Some people have so much hones-tea.

How did the yerba maté become a famous motivational speaker? She was full of positivi-tea.

Why was one teabag jealous of the other? It was green tea.

Some coffee and some tea had an argument. The green tea walked away, but the boba decided to milk the situation.

The tea wanted to buy its mom a gift, so it went into a florist. “Bancha flowers, please,” it said.

This South American green tea was brewed by an angel. It’s a matcha made in heaven.

A cup of yerba became a sailor. As it came aboard the ship, the captain shouted, “Ahoy, ma-tea!”

What did the green tea say when its friend asked why it hadn’t got a birthday card? “But I Sencha card already.”

Why did the coffee tell the matcha to be quiet? He was being too chat-tea.

A new customer wasn’t sure whether she’d like the spicy tea. The barista said that if she never chai’d, she’d never know.

I got to school today and found a cup of chai at the front of the classroom. It was the substitute tea-cher.

Why didn’t the tea introduce itself at the party? It was a little chai.

The chai, the matcha and the oolong were all making fun of the pu-‘er. I told them not to teas-e it.

What’s the difference between a hot spicy drink and an exercise class? One’s chai tea, the other’s Tai Chi.

The chai’s been grumbling about how long the kettle takes to boil. It finds the waiting very tea-dious.

The server at the tea shop got a bad review. The boss said he needed to chai harder.

Why did the infuser break up with the tea leaf? Their relationship was strained.

Why did the teapot always win in raffles? Pot luck.

The teapot started an office job. It was hanging out in the break room when a colleague asked for hot water. “I don’t urn enough for that,” said the teapot.

A teapot became a movie critic and all the directors are terrified him. He’s absolutely brew-tal.

They want to throw out the big tea pot, which is very sad. Samovar best teas come from that urn.

This hillside is covered in people drinking tea. It’s a very steep slope.

I think I may have had this tea before. I’ve got deja brew.

The teapot sent a Valentine to the tea leaf. He said she was brew-tea-ful.

What did the teabag say when he got put back in the water? That was a steep too far.

What did the tea leaf’s mom say at bedtime? Steep tight.

When I told the barista she gave me the wrong drink, she quickly became all missed-TEA-eyed.

Are you even aware that four of the last five Presidents were all left-tea.

You are like a family to me. You don’t have to do any formal-tea in my celebration!

Let me give this a chai

One steep forward, two steeps back

Do you think it is okay to STEEP together on the first date?

I’m great at mul-tea-tasking.

The only dinosaur who loved drinking tea was the TEA-REX.

People who are full of ambition often have loft-TEA goals.

Oolong live the queen!

Bow down to royal-tea

Chrissy Tea-gan

Steep dreams are made of tea leaves. (Or sweet dreams are made of tea.)

My girlfriend is such a cu-tea pie!

Boba tea is unbelie-bubble!

Let’s get this par-tea started!

I am really sick and tired of dealing with flir-tea boys.

Defense lawyers are only afraid of one particular type of tea, the GUILT-TEA!

Hello, is it tea, you’re looking for?

Everything I brew, I brew it for you.

I have never ever done such a tea-dious task in my life.

You’ve gotta admit these puns are quali-tea.

All fired up and red tea to go.

If you decide to invite the Queen of England over for a drink, consider it to be royal-tea.

This is one of most tea-riffic places I have ever visited.

Isn’t my crush beau-tea-ful?

Funny Tea Puns

Unless I drink 10 cups of tea everyday, my creativ-TEA doesn’t comes out.

It’s because of your hones-tea, I madly and deeply fall in love with you.

Why on the earth you don’t use seat belt? It’s for you own saf-tea.

This turkey and chicken is so tas-tea! I am going to gobble them all alone.

The key for a great longev-tea is regular exercise sessions day in and day out.

Would you please stop teasing me all the time? Now it’s irritating me.

I am not at all into alcohol. I am a tea-totaler.

When it comes to drinking tea, you really are a tea-riffic person.

I wish boun-tea-full of joy in everyday of your life.

Where there is tea, there is steam. Where there is steam, there is freshness.

What do you call a lady who loves tea and is beautiful? S-tea-ning.

He is 50 years old yet he looks like a 25 years old bloke. This man is the perfect example of longev-tea.

Wherever I find hot water, I beg for tea bag.

There is no problem in the world that a person with strong mental-tea can’t fix.

What do you call a person who supports social quality? A lef-tea-ist.

I suggest you to not touch the sharp side of the pencil. It’s too pointy.

I have yet to find a highly knowledgeable tea-cher like you who can explain the complicated topics in the simplest manner.

I really don’t want to see your nas-tea side again.That was so gross.

Whenever I look at my girlfriend, only when thing pops up in my mind; she is such a hot-tea.

The day I get over from procras-tea-nation is the day I will achieve all my dreams.

You shouldn’t cook often because you make the food way too sal-tea.

My youngest child is the naugh-tea-ist of all children.

Sweet dreams are made of teas

Hones-tea is the best policy

Brew can do it!

Why the oolong face?

Smells like tea spirit

That took a very Oo-long time

This cup is my proper-tea

I’m so tired, I want to go to steep

I didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose me

I need to get stuff done but I keep procaffeinating

Don’t chai this at home

Can’t we just all get oolong?

The tea dad ran out of spices when he was cooking. He told the little tea leaves to run Oolong to the grocery store and buy some.

What do you get when a tea bag meditates? Sereni-tea.

A teapot became a movie critic. All of the film directors are terrified of him. He’s absolutely brew-tal.

A new barista started at the tea shop. There have been a lot of tea-chable moments.

What did the tea bag say when he got put back in the water? That was a steep too far.

Why are tea leaves always grounded? They’re forever getting in hot water.

What tea changes color depending on the background? Chamomil-eon tea.

What did the tea leaf say when the kettle finally boiled? That took a very Oo-long time.

Don’t kettle for second best

The one and only reason you are my bes-TEA is because we both love to drink tea outrageously.

One of the most dangerous dinosaurs ever know to human kind is TEA-Rex.

The reason I meditate every single day is because it renders me tranquili-TEA.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A cup of tea begins with a single steep.

I know I’ve had this tea before. It’s giving me Deja Brew

There’s no ‘I’ in team, but you can’t have a team without ‘tea’.

If you see someone with a cup of tea in front of them and they’re not drinking it, it’s probably just not their cup of tea.

I stopped making tea the old-fashioned way because I was taking strain.

It’s hard to choose the best kind of tea when there are so many possibili-teas.

I love to par-tea.

When it comes to tea puns you have to milk them for all they’re worth.

When you’re old enough to drink tea you become a teanager.

Your beverage will be launching into space at tea minus four minutes and twenty seconds.

When I hear a tea pun I give a polite “tea-hee”.

In the US, the biggest tea drinkers are from Missis-sippi.

Only one member of the A-Team provided refreshments: Mr. Tea.

Why do you have brown stains all over your top? It’s a tea-shirt

I wouldn’t stop making these puns for all the tea in China.

Meanwhile, if you need love tea puns to show off your romantic side, copy all these texts below. These are some lovey-dovey puns related to the beloved beverage.

Best Tea Jokes and Puns

Best Tea Jokes and Puns

Tea is cute in some ways, and this is why cute tea puns are common to be found. Here are some of the cutest puns about the tea for you.

What do you call a Queen’s infused leaf beverage? Royal tea.

Why did the teapot get detention? It was being naugh-tea.

What political party gets everyone’s vote around 4pm? The tea party.

What do you get when a teabag meditates? Sereni-tea.

Why did the teacup get fired from the palace? It kept spilling the royal tea.

Why did the tea get mistaken for toothpaste? It was min-tea.

What do you call it when you put off doing your homework to get another tea? Pro-caffeine-ating.

Why did the woman refuse to drink the tea served at the cafe? It wasn’t her cup of tea.

How does Moses make tea? Hebrews it!

Why does the man put a blindfold on whenever he makes tea? Because a watched pot never boils.

What kind of tea is really hard to swallow? Reali-tea.

What did one tea leaf say to the other tea leaf? “This is a fine mesh we’ve gotten ourselves into!”

If you put sugar in tea, what do you put in sugar? A spoon.

Tsunami invited Cyclone, Earthquake, and Drought to a tea party, but no one came. Tsunami had a silent tea.

What does a camel ask when they give you a cup of tea? One hump or two?

What starts with a “t,” ends with a “t, and is full of “t”? A teapot.

Why is lemonade bad? Because it’s not-tea by nature.

Why don’t hipsters drink iced tea? Because they drank tea before it was cool.

Why type of tea does Queen Elizabeth love to drink? Immortali-tea.

What do you call a new material made out of lemons and tea leaves? Arnold Polymer.

I just sorted out all of my tea bags and color-coded the containers. It was really tea-dious.

What type of tea does Uncle Sam drink? Liber-tea.

What do workers in a tea factory never get? Coffee breaks.

Patient: “Doctor, I have pain in my eye whenever I drink tea.” Doctor: “Take the spoon out of your mug.”

What do you call a small child who can’t drink much tea? A tea-toddler.

What do you call a vehicle that comes with a dispenser that makes sweet tea forever? It’s an Infinite-tea.

Where is the most fertile region for growing tea? Chai-land.

What is a ghost pirate’s favorite kind of tea? Boo tea.

Why should you always bring your own cup to a spy’s tea party? Their cups are always chipped.

Why do the cows return from the fields right when evening tea is ready? It’s the tea-pot calling the cattle back.

What do you call a man who dips biscuits into his cup of tea? Duncan.

Why did Karl Marx dislike Earl Grey tea? Because all proper-tea is theft.

What tea makes you original? Novel-tea.

How did the loving cup of tea greet his wife every day? “Hello, brew-tea-full!”

Using the puns are guarantee to make other people smile. Therefore, if you need all the tea-related puns and jokes, they are all above. You can just copy everything easily. This way, making the tea puns are going to be easier than ever.

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