Tech Startup Bevy Raises $40M in Series C Funding and Valued at $325M

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Bevy raises $40M series C is an answer of the world’s serious intention to make sure events can be continued to be conducted online. As the pandemic started to subside, it seems like people are starting to believe that people can achieve the same productivity through online conference platforms.  And Bevy is one of them.

What is Bevy?

You might wonder what Bevy is. Well, to be said shortly, Bevy is a virtual events platform when you can conduct any events on it, gather people there, and do the similar things we do as in live events are in an online setting. The company was founded in 2017 which once built behind Startup Grind.

Since the very start, the company has taken seriously the importance of making virtual event communities possible for the world. During its first two years, it seems that their company has succeeded in building the trust of large brands—such as Twitch, Salesforce, Slack, Atlassian, and Duolingo.

As this online event platform proceeds to the current world, it gets more recognition. Not a shocking news, though, more events are held online and hence this virtual meeting platforms compete with other virtual event companies under bigger names like Webex, Zoom, and even LinkedIn Events.

On recent news about this virtual conference platform is mentioning that 20% of its investor is coming from the Black, which they found is interesting. In addition, they also even proceed in getting one fifth of the company’s employees to be Black. Unfortunately, such way in tackling racism hasn’t been completed as a quest, yet.

However, it isn’t said that the virtual conference company isn’t making progress. In summer 2020 the company made its way in getting their number of black employees, from 0 skyrocket to 5%. By September, the company reached 10%. It went crazy as in March the number of Black employees is 15% from the total. By summer 2021, it is expected to be 20% of the office space is filled with Black employees.

Key Features

As this online meeting platform is a product of a company that’s focused on SaaS, there are lots of features you can get by downloading this app. The key features that this virtual event app provides are as follows:

  • Live streaming – If you are getting this app for conducting an event online, you got the ease with this app. Lots of features will you get to make your event greater.
  • Private session – Conducting person to person private session is also possible to be done through Bevy.
  • Closed captioning (CC) – If you are conducting an event which can be accessed worldwide, here you go. Bevy is powered with CC feature so you can get what the speaker has to say.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) – This will make logging in to this platform easier than ever.

So that is some information related to Bevy—an online meeting platform which recently got the funding worth $40 million US dollars through a series C funding round conducted by Accel, Upfront Ventures, LinkedIn, and Qualtrics co-founder, Ryan Smith. With such features to offer, it can be a great program to have in the future. Now that Bevy raises $40M series C, it only takes us patience to have the result.

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