The Millennial Era, the Trends in Events are Now Getting Cooler

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Entering the era of digital technology, event planners should be more sensitive in holding events. Given the trends in events, the way to present it is growing day by day.

This comes after many events today are using new security and delivery models that depart from the old traditions of the event industry. Seeing the sophistication of technology and today’s event industry business, can change the way to play to a more useful one.

Let’s find out, what are the main trends in the event industry in the millennial era that directly make the event cooler. Check out the following review of trends in events.

  • Event Designing and Preparation. In designing an event, there are initial stages or the planner’s concept for a purpose or target. In this stage, the event planner requires two stages which are event designing and preparation. Therefore, before the event starts, they already know what the goals are, target market, program design, promotional strategy plans, venue design, risks, human resources, budget and so on.
  • Ticket Model. After setting the above planning, the next trend is the most important thing in reducing the risk suffered by visitors during the event. Digital security systems in the digital era make event parties more aware. Even though ticket security has been running for a long time, the more advanced technology is today, the system is getting better. Of course, it’s because the types of tickets sold have many choices with different security. Ticketing has now become trends in the events industry or festivals. Tickets come in various form starting from paper tickets, wristband tickets with barcodes, and woven wristbands with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).
  • Cyber Security. Starting from 2018, many event planners started to use a security system behind the stage or cyber security. Through cyber security with more sophisticated data access, it is hoped that the centralized distribution system will be more organized.

Get Visitors to the Social Media

By fostering creative socialization, an event can attract visitors. This has become trends in virtual events. Considering that even though the events were over, they still can be a support for trending topics in the media.

Get Visitors to the Social Media

As event planners, it is hoped that they will understand this condition if they want the event to be more than just passing by. Create a social media market through the interaction of visitors to the event.

Make a feature that attracts visitors, such as a creative room or exciting game in an event that will become a topic of conversation on social media and trends in events industry.

Buy Tickets Online

If in the past you have checked routine events through newspapers, television, or radio that you want to visit, this time everything is easy.

The sophistication of the system that manages the event database in the online network can be easily searched with just one hand via smartphone application.

Well, each technology has its own convenience features such as buying event tickets online. With a guaranteed security system, this further explains that technological sophistication helps the top trends to be cooler.

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