25 Unique Special Event Ideas You Need to Try

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Trying to find some unique special event ideas? If so, you have come to the right place! In this page, you will find some inspirations which you can use for your upcoming social events–be it within your social circle, family, or maybe for a company setting.

These days, if you are just doing the special event the common way, it gets boring quickly. That may result in their absence especially if your event does not bring any fun for them. You need to think in a special way about how to make your event a memorable one.

A special event, in terms of marketing, can even help your company/brand to be recognized by potential clients/buyers. That’s why, planning a special event does not need only one day or two. Think about the concept wisely yet creatively and your event will be a great success.

According to humanitix.com, a special event requires you to make it memorable. The source also mentioned that if you struggle with thinking about any special ideas, jumping right onto searching for unique special event ideas will help. Ideas will help you to list the concepts and you can choose one which suits your preference and budget.

Several events that you can try to have if you are making a social event for a company will be as follows:

  • Some games. If playing a certain game can bore you to the core, try to spice up the scale of your game. Let’s say, you can try having a scavenger hunt or making a meme contest in situ. That would crack the whole company while keeping the competitive spirit on and on.
  • Planning a sports event. Other unique event ideas may require you to party ‘til the morning comes. But hey, doing sports is just as fun as partying the whole night. To make a sports event, gather a team and together you can make the sports event come to reality.
  • Talent shows. Everyone has a talent. Be it singing like Beyonce or maybe doing belly dance, you can try to have fun with your colleague by organizing this talent show.

Unique Special Event Ideas to Try

Aside from those aforementioned, you can also try having dinner parties or maybe bringing a food truck to the company for a break time. These food-related events may not be bringing the laughter as much as when you are inviting a comic to do stand-up, but still, it brings fun to the palate.

  • Awards night
  • Trading card icebreaker
  • Back to School Brunch
  • Run a GIF or meme contest
  • Hat party
  • Flash mob or tik tok challenge
  • Introduce a pet
  • Powerpoint party
  • Find the treasure chest
  • Craft night
  • Open mic show
  • Best dressed contest
  • Food tasting
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop – National Teddy Bear Day

Inviting a comedian to your company’s party may also bring the fun to the max. Combine it with a, let’s say, a BBQ night, the party will be more memorable.

Special Event Ideas for Company Gathering

Do you want to find some unique special event ideas that are not mainstream? Well, try organizing a meditation session. Invite a meditation guru and bring your co-workers to reach their stable mind through meditation.

  • Leave Anonymous Notes
  • What’s My Name?
  • Classic Summertime BBQ
  • Board Game Tournament
  • The Suddenly Story
  • Weekly Lotteries
  • Virtual Office Party
  • Room Escape Games
  • Sneak a Peek
  • Two Truths and One Lie
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Race
  • Weekly “Best of” Contest
  • Holiday Office Party In A Box
  • Trampoline Park
  • The Egg Drop Challenge
  • Host a “Cheesy Friday” Party
  • Mystery Dinner
  • Game of Possibilities
  • Bonding Together Over Food
  • Office Talent Show

Alternatively, you may also invite a yogi that will guide the yoga session for your company workers. Having this a s one of the unique event ideas may help to get the team into their greatest potential.

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