20 Event Activities Ideas to Inspire Your Upcoming Events

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Creative event activities ideas offer a higher chance for your guests to remember the event. As you may have known, there are so many events conducted annually that it can be hard to make yours set apart from others.

According to a data collected in September 2020 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is projected that the events, conventions, and meetings in the United States will increase as much as 9% in this current decade.

Considering how many ideas for team activities available out there, here are some tips to choose the best activity ideas for your upcoming event. Make sure to follow these tips to enhance the successful chance of your upcoming event:

  • Think about the interest and needs of your attendees. There are various ways to gather this information such as conducting a survey, creating a suggestion box, or hosting discussion for groups informally. Collect the ideas from the audience to ensure the result meets their best interests.
  • Integrate with the goal. The activity chosen must reflect the purpose of the event, so it needs to meet with the objectives and the need of the specific group.
  • Consider the budget. Budget is a major deciding factor for a lot of events, so determine what can and cannot be done. Choose the activity that’s appropriate to the available budget to avoid cancelled events or dissatisfied clients.

If you’re already starting in building plans for your next events, there are a whole lot of activities for virtual events and in-person events to try. In fact, it’s highly suggested for planners and organizers to try different activities to keep their conducted events to be engaging and fresh.

It may be tough to create great and remarkable impression on the attendees, as the feeling of already seen or already done something is so common in a lot of people. That’s why you’ll need to incorporate creative and innovative ideas.

Whether you’re looking for community, college, or corporate event activities ideas, you’d find some of the most engaging and inspiring examples below. You just need to choose one according to the requirements and preferences of your events.

Great Event Activities Ideas to Create Better Audience Engagement

It sounds fun to plan an event at first, however when you’re actually getting into the planning stages, it can consume so much time and energy. That’s where you’ll need some inspiration for the brain and your creativity juices to flow.

  • Live Polls
  • Social media contests
  • Warm welcome
  • Cool Swag
  • Networking opportunities
  • Special Perks
  • Surprise guests
  • Photobooth and Selfie zone
  • Host a Q&A
  • Don’t forget icebreakers

Below is a list of in-person and virtual fun events ideas that you can use freely for the upcoming event. Select any idea that match with your audience, budget, and other elements of your event.

Outstanding In-Person and Virtual Fun Events Ideas to Steal From

The audience is the heart of any event as they are there when the event begins, proceed, and ends. This is the reason why it’s important to choose the right idea that can bring everyone’s mood up.

  • Virtual Photo Booth
  • Tasting Sessions
  • Virtual Awards Gala
  • Trivia Game Show
  • Mascots or Event and bands
  • Virtual Guess Who
  • Social Media Contest
  • Online Game Night
  • Live Tweeting
  • Online Game Shows

In the following list, you’d be able to discover different event activities ideas that you can incorporate in your own event. These are some of the uncommon, new, and fresh ideas that will not make your guests feel bored.

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