15 Online Event Ideas to Socialize, Network, and Engage Your Audience

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Fresh and distinctive online event ideas are needed considering how tight the competition in this particular industry currently is. If you’re a professional event planners and organizers, then it’s extremely recommended to step up your game now.

Nowadays, it’s important for even virtually conducted event to be more engaging and entertaining. According to a study, it’s reported that nearly 46% of people join ten or even more virtual events compared to over 12% who attend in-person ones.

Having and applying great online event ideas during lockdown can help to promote engagement between the participants. As you may already know, these gatherings should promote not only interaction for the attendees, but also fun experience for everyone.

Excellent online virtual event ideas also help to deliver value for the attendees and maximize revenue for the organizers. However, you need to choose the best idea to use first. Here are some tips on selecting the right idea for your upcoming virtual event:

  • Understand the target audience. This is by far the most practical way to create a successful event regarding of the format. Take your time to narrow down the audience of the event and what content can be involved that’s suitable for them.
  • Make sure it’s relevant. Catching the attention of your guests and attendees involves ensuring that the delivered content is useful for them. Make sure whichever idea you choose to use is worthwhile for the audience.
  • Invite some special guests. Plenty of people are used to work on screens nowadays, so you need something that can excite them. In this case, you may consider inviting an influential or expert figure in the particular field the event is categorized in.

Whether you’re looking for online event ideas for college students, corporate workers, or local communities, you need to choose one that can build more engagement by bringing innovation, experiential elements, and some surprise.

Below, you can find an abundance of ideas, activities, entertainment, and games to use while socializing through the virtual realms.

From online event promotion ideas to some activity contents, you can discover them from these following lists that you’re free to choose from.

Unique and Fresh Online Event Ideas

Nowadays, the internet allows people to share knowledge, gain fresh perspective, and access further opportunities online. Online networking event ideas can be great to help them engage with each other and create opportunities.

  • Virtual Campfire
  • Real-Time Illustrations During Sessions
  • Virtual Guess Who
  • Virtual Holiday Event Idea
  • Online Office Games
  • Remote Dinner Party
  • Internet Quests
  • Virtual Jam Sessions
  • Digital Prom
  • Virtual Birthday Parties
  • Virtual Happy Hours
  • Virtual Escape Room
  • Virtual Murder Mystery
  • Virtual Comedy Show
  • Digital Breakfast in Bed
  • Virtual Coffee Breaks
  • Digital Craft Night
  • Explore Other Parts of the Home

In the list below, find out some online community event ideas to be used to captivate your attendees and audience during a virtual event. Hopefully you can find some inspiration to execute your upcoming event.

The Best List of Online Virtual Event Ideas to Create High Engagement

Virtual events have gained more popularity during the years. If you happen to be responsible of planning and organizing one, then you can attract crowds whenever they are across the world.

  • Virtual Game Show
  • Virtual Team Hunt
  • Virtual International Games
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Live Polling During Sessions
  • Unique Registrations for Attendee Types
  • Send Swag to Attendees Who Register Early
  • Virtual Photo Booths
  • Virtual Trivia Night
  • Social Media Challenge
  • Virtual Team Lunch
  • Virtual Improv Night
  • Virtual Origami Class

Check out these interesting online event ideas to excite and engage your audience. Use them if you’re currently brainstorming on what ideas you can use for the next virtual event that you’re conducting.

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