Wonder Raises $11 Million in Round of Seed Funding Led By EQT Ventures

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Around the last month of 2020, the Berlin-based startup Wonder raises $11 million of investment through a round of seed funding led by EQT Ventures. The online conference platform provider is a part of fresh contenders in the industry that aims to make virtual gathering more engaging and sociable.

More about $11 Million Capital Seed Funding for Wonder

Through the company official announcement, it was revealed that Wonder raises $11 million (approximately (€9 million) through seed funding. This round was led by European multi-stage VC, EQT Ventures, with participation from BlueYard Capital, which also joined the company’s prior pre-seed round.

The conference platform provider’s co-founder, Stephane Roux, revealed in an interview that the funding is going to be used to develop more requested features by the existing users.  The example of said features is file sharing tool. Moreover, it would be used to add more team members for the company.

Along with a number of virtual event companies, this digital based service providers gained significant attention during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. As a matter of fact, there was a wave of virtual meeting platforms launch and funding announcement in 2020, as the opportunity to develop businesses in this specific field presented itself.

About Wonder and Their Service Features

Wonder is a company that was established by Stephane Roux, Pascal Steck, and Leonard Witteler back in April. In such a short time, it has successfully gained more than 200,000 monthly users. Some notable names of its clients are NASA, Harvard, Deloitte, and SAP. All of them use the service for various purposes, such as career fairs or team collaboration.

The Germany-bornt startup provides an online event platform where people can connect in video-based groups to socialize, collaborate, or network. It offers unique bird’s eye view feature that display the interaction in a larger space, instead of common business venue or office room.

The idea of this room is built as a ‘shared space’ that can be entered by users. They can “see” each other through a window and get an aerial view as if the members of the group are being in same space. Inside the space, several members can create a cluster together.

The clusters can be used for specific purposes, like a group of items, group of HR department team members, and such. For example, if you were to use this virtual event app to conduct a career fair, then the clusters can hold different session of conference.

The individuals or items grouped inside the clusters can move around during the virtual events. The users are able to start their own cluster as well. The members inside one cluster can interact through video chat. In the upcoming times, the company plans to add more features beyond video chat, such as making document sharing accessible to the cluster members, and more.

These clusters can be made private or public, according to the settings. This offers a feeling of being in an in-person meeting room instead of being in a virtual conference. The real-life overall effect is possible because the collective group can move in motion, even if they’re not being in a physical space.

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