Moving Forward, Here Are Some Ideas For Building Lists

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1. Go through your existing contacts to find different interest groups that you have been a part of. Segment people you know from this association, job or club and invite them to fill out a survey about the organization. Have them leave names and email addresses at the end to receive a copy of the results. They will complete it to find out what everyone thinks of them or those they know.

2. Attract organic search engine traffic into a doorway page sequence to capture names and email addresses.

3. Network in social sites (such as Facebook) to drive people into your doorway page sequence.

4. Interview other people that have big follower lists. Organize the interview recording and content for that person’s followers to listen. Have them sign up to hear the interview.

5. Write a report relevant to a particular user group you are interested in attracting. Invite them through an association to come to your squeeze page to get a copy of the report after they give a name and email address.

6. Write a survey and offer the survey results to everyone who participates so they have to enter their names and email address to get the results.

7. Google’s advertising sends people directly to your squeeze page.

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