How To Create Winning Marketing Surveys

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Surveys – Getting people involved in surveys is a great way to continue your conversation with them. It tells them that you value their input.

You can ask them through online questionnaires and surveys. The questions should be simple, succinct and to the point. If you have a questionnaire, ask a few key questions and keep them interesting, so people feel like answering them. Convey to the people that giving feedback is in their best interest as it will mean better quality for them. Remember that you can strengthen your relations through feedback. You can collect the feedback via email, feedback buttons on your website, polls, and blogs or through a ratings list.

Don’t be nervous about negative feedback. Hugh Prather, the American best-selling author and lecturer knew what he was talking about when he said that negative feedback is better that none. I would rather have a man hate me than overlook me. Work on this premise and fix the drawbacks in your marketing campaign quickly before things get out of hand.

You may be marketing one of a kind event but if you don’t know how people are reacting to it then you are wasting your time and resources. Reach out to people as feedback is the key to improvement.

A case in point: We’ve built surveys using to gather information about people’s usage and perspective of social media that we’ve used to compile stats for this book. The input from our community was overwhelming and led to interesting findings and statistics.

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