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Communication is one great aspect in event-planning, and it seems Zello is fully aware of this. Zello has been going through thick and thin to become what it is today: one of the greatest, practical, and useful push-to-talk mobile applications.

Don’t be surprised: Zello app is one of the apps that can replace your classic walkie-talkie. Through its simple push-to-talk mechanism that works with the help of Wi-Fi or mobile data, this app brings a lot of features that no walkie-talkie has never thought—even for once.

In this article about Zello app review, you will know what is Zello app, including how does Zello work and other nitty-gritty that will help you better understand about this app. Plus, you will also learn how Zello app differs from its traditional opponent, walkie-talkie.

What is Zello? Is Zello Different from Walkie-Talkie?

So, what is Zello? It is an exact thing that this app shares differences way more than similarities with walkie-talkie. Zello is a mobile app that works similarly like walkie-talkie, but way more sophisticated since it uses Wi-Fi or mobile data to transmit messages.

The Texas-based developer also comes with Zello app for PC. With similar PTT (push-to-talk) mechanisms, it digitalizes voice message-transmitting through the internet. Don’t worry as the end-to-end transmission is secure. No other channels will be able to eavesdrop your team’s conversation.

Often also called as Zellow app, comes in two version: paid and free. Just like any other premium version app, you can expect much than the free version. But the free version itself is enough already for daily use.

  • Zello Free Version

You can win the game of zero-bucks-app challenge by downloading this app to your phone. With no chargeable fee, grab the chance of using Zello for personal use. Say hello and talk over the app to your family members, friends, or even random strangers with a similar interest.

Do you know that this free version enables you to talk to 1,000 users in just one public channel? This will sound like a great idea to have a lazy time when enjoying the talks of your big family. Want more extreme example? Zello can even be used by Search and Rescue team. That said, isn’t it a great invention to have?

  • ZelloWork

Zello’s premium version—Zello Work, is mainly used by companies. The service is subscription-based, and typically it comes with a specific device which looks pretty similar with walkie-talkie.

However, this device will not use radio transmission to convey voices. If you subscribe to the paid version of Zello, you will learn that the device uses mobile data network to transmit data from one person to other persons in the same channels.

Plus, the device can easily be charged just like your own mobile phone. Bring it everywhere around the world, as long as the device is still connected to the internet and you’re in tune, you will never miss any upcoming messages.

Its free and paid version may differ the classic walkie-talkie to Zello. But what makes this app to be downloaded by many people worldwide? Is it just an overly hyped app?

Well, if you mainly use walkie-talkie in the past, you will probably understand why Zello is getting more users than ever. There are several plus points that help you to understand this app better.

  1. Phone friendly

If you are an event planner who handles calls and need to talk to your coworkers at the same time, you will know how hard it is to juggle phone and walkie-talkie.

To ease your job, why use two devices when you can use just one? That’s why Zello PTT (push-to-talk) comes to you as the solution to you.

You may start to wonder, does Zello work without internet? It’s unfortunate that there will be no messages delivered to your device when there’s no internet. But that should not stop you from using Zello—continue reading to get what’s special from this app.

  1. Say no more to messages amizz!

It seems like your lovely walkie-talkie will never tolerate if you’re not listening to it. When you go off-site, the difficulties will show its real face: you will not receive any messages! This can be troublesome especially if you mobilize a lot, yet you are still using the old-fashioned tool to communicate.

With Zello, you won’t have a hard time of missing something new from the channel. As emphasized many times earlier, you will get the message even if you’re standing far from the site. This will keep you updated with any news or urgencies that may come.

What’s special from Zello: it is an app that lets you to keep the ‘messages’ unspoken until you are up to it. So, if your battery is off-dead and you’ve got no charger near you, the voice message will be recorder and kept for a future playback. This feature will surely get your back especially if you don’t mingle too much with your phone.

  1. Unlimited area coverage at low cost

Here is what exactly you will love from Zello. The old friend walkie-talkie will no longer work if you are out of coverage. While you can use phone calls or video calls to replace it, it will incur you huge phone credit and/or mobile data balance.

Zello is relatively a light-weight app that does not require you much internet when working. Therefore, you won’t get any trouble with metered data drainage—why so spendthrift, anyway?

  1. It’s more than just a radio

What’s the use of an app that can only be used as a digital walkie-talkie? The app also has several other features, such as:

  • Notification and message queuing

As said earlier, you can replay the messages you don’t get in and heard directly. You can never miss any voice messages with the app—pretty much similar with a messenger app. Even when the person receiving your message is not checking their phone regularly, you can send alerts to notify them. That will make them to check the message.

  • In an emergency, broadcast is a must!

Zello will convey any emergency message quickly to staff using the app/device. So, you will no longer need to worry about missing a key moment.

  • Not only live communication, you can also see pictures and texts sent.

There is a “Communication Log” feature you can launch to see any pictures or texts. Voice messages are too accessible on this feature as well.

How to Download Zello to Your Device

Zello comes in two types of app: for mobile phones and for PCs. For mobile phones, you need to use either Android or iOS. Then, to get the app, you can easily download it from Play Store for Android. If you are using iPhone, launch your App Store and start searching for Zello.

The app isn’t that huge, though. As per September 2021, the installation package for Android is only 17 MB; while it may have slight difference in iOS. If you want to purchase the premium version or the device for your business, you can directly head to Zello.com and have detailed information displayed there.

As you finish the download, proceed by launching the app. You will be required to create an account if you haven’t had any account on Zello. But, if you previously logged in to your Zello account, you can simply sign in with your username and password.

Then, as you create an account and sign into it, you can start using the app for its various features offered.

About the App

As mentioned earlier, you can have a free version, as well as the premium version of Zello. By default, after downloading you will get the free trials. Free trials will also be available on Zello’s website.

To purchase the premium version, you can visit the official website. As per September 2021, you can get the price of $6.80 per user/month which will be billed annually. Additional features can be purchased as well, such as premium maps, emergency alerts, and message vault that will cost you different price per add-ons (it ranges from $1.70-$3.40/user per month).

The aforementioned pricing is available for small-to-medium enterprises. While for larger organizations (>500 users), there is no exact pricing you can refer to. So, consider contacting the customer service directly.

Features on Zello

  1. Live communications, such as:
  • Using Wi-Fi or mobile data network.
  • PTT (push to talk) communications. That means you can press the button to talk; and release it when you stop. You can chat live as well with the any member or directly on the groups.
  • Make different channels, and inputting users through Excel.
  • Media sharing—from images, text, to voice messages, etc.
  1. Broadcasts messages
  • Send broadcast messages and/or instructions direct and fast to all staff on your team.
  • Send signs to prep for evacuation
  1. Message queuing and alerting notifications
  • Set your availability
  • Get connected on the channels even when you’re offsite
  • Queue the upcoming messages so that it will be voiced out until the person is online
  • Messages will still be communicated as long as the app is open in the background.
  1. Communication Log
  • Get the text, picture, and voice message which are received and sent
  • Replay voice messages
  • Know the list of communication history on your account.
  1. Location tracker
  • Check the location of your team members
  • Monitor your team member’s location and control their location to answer to a specific situation.
  • Manage services to better give a service update to your team member

Who Can Use Zello?

Well, literally everyone can use Zello PTT walkie talkie like the real walkie talkie. From individual use, small companies, medium ones, to even larger companies—Zelo app will be a great tool to benefit from.

You can do Zello app download directly from PC, and for the premium version you can even get Zello for PC. This PC version may offer you different interface, but it is pretty easy to operate, though.

Event planners too can benefit from the potential that Zello radio has. It enables a quick moving team like them to communicate effectively and easily. Moreover, since it’s using mobile data or Wi-Fi, event planners should not worry about getting offsite jobs.

Not limited only for professionals in event planning, families now can talk over Zello. With a simple controlling using Zello app for PC, the fun of sharing stories over the phone can now be provided to all members of the big family. Everyone can hear the stories and giggle together. So, even though pandemic limits everyone to go out, live chatting can be done easily with Zello. It’s more data-saving too!

The Downsides

You may have learned anything good about Zello walkie talkie. But just as what people say as “nothing is perfect”, Zello walkie talkie app isn’t perfect as well. So what can be the downsides of this app? Here’s some:

  1. It’s charging you annual fee—which is not cheap as well.

Everyone loves freebies, and that applies well in terms of communication provider. Zello app may offer them tons of benefits, but with not-so-cheap pricing for the plans, probably people—especially small enterprises will need to think twice.

  1. It needs mobile data/Wi-Fi

Does Zello use data? Yes. To be honest, it is one of the best features that walkie-talkie doesn’t have.

Isn’t it the plus side? Well, it is. But, it is not until you face disturbances that may occur. Blackout and bad weather are two of the most common problems that may occur. When these happen, the best thing is to use radio transmission to convey the message—despite the excellence that Zello has.

  1. You will drain more battery if you opt to activate the location services.

Well, it is pretty clear. Location services often drains your energy as it will use more RAM on your phone. It may also take more mobile data. Therefore, you may end up spending the same megabytes with doing video calls using messenger apps.

To conclude, Zello app is a great app that you can purchase for your business needs. It lets you to make a digital ‘walkie talkie’ that connects one user with another through internet. Although the point is great, you should learn about the features comprehensively before purchasing the service.

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