5 Lists of Best Free Registration Software for Conferences

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Due to the breakthrough of virtual event in this era, many of event planning companies, small business, organizations, schools, and  need a place to host their event ticketing and registration tool to start their event with a good first impression. Luckily, there are many of best free registration software for conferences offered for you.

The good news is you can have your registration software free! Yup, let me repeat it for you, it’s free!

As a research said, 85% of event planners rely their event registration process on event registration software to make a great first impression. As an event planner, you need to make a good first impression of your event for your audience. One of ways is to make your use event registration software.

Why do you need to use event registration software?

Event registration software is used to simplify your tasks in managing your event in the registration process of the attendees. It’s also beneficial for both of you and your attendees in saving times, easy in doing registration process, and flexible on the payment process. Using event registration software doesn’t mean you’re cutting corners. It means you are on the ball.

Why? Because event registration will provide you with some features that make it easier for your attendees to reach your event. Some of the features are online registration, payment processing, event marketing tools, messaging tools, event surveys, and many more features.

To know more about some free conference registration software that suit best with your needs, let’s take a look on the lists of free event registration software below!


Bookwhen is one of best online registration software you can have. Their friendly support team will help you to handle your needs to conduct successful registration with easy and simple step.

What are the features? Bookwhen will provide you with various interesting and amazing features such as online payments supports, customized booking forms, ticketing options, automatic notifications, promotional tools, and attendee register.

This software is best for you who need free class registration software, camp registration software, and corporate meeting registration software. This is the right software to choose for any small business, club, class, or team to reach success.

You can get a free plan but it is limited only to 150 bookings per month with 1 admin user and 1 schedule page. You can upgrade to the Lite plan and charged for $15 per month to upgrade your bookings up to 300 bookings per month.


Eventbrite will help event business in all shapes and sizes to handle and organize the ticketing process of an event. This online event registration software is accessible in both of mobile apps and web-based form. You can get your free trial by registering on Eventbrite website and it’s free to use for your free event.

What are the features?  This type of conference management software provides you with some features such as giving information of event to attendees, customized ticketing, and social media promotion through Facebook, Instagram and other favorite platforms.

This software is best for you who need corporate event registration software, large conference registration software, and any others event start from small group to large groups registration software.


Tito is an open conference software that will help you in establishing your event’s ticketing and registration process virtually. Tito has provided registration services for more than 1.000 technology, developer and B2B conferences in the worldwide.

What are the features? Tito will give you better experience through their features such as teams, reporting, ticketing management, on-the-day attendee management such as tracking attendance and engagement, customizable event details and branding, and effortless check-in.

This free event management software is best for your event management solutions in holding non-profit plan in free events and charity events. Tito is also available in mobile apps and web-based.


Organizing your event ticketing and registration process is as easy as flipping your hand with this free event registration software. Ticketbud is an event management solutions for you who want to enjoy exceptional experience in using ticketing tools.

What are the features? Using Ticketbud will give you free mobile ticket scanning app which make it easier for quick check-ins, it also provide in-depth analytic and right to use reporting. Here, you are able to create your personalized event pages to promote your event through photos, descriptions, and social media. Interesting right?

This software is best for you who are going to have your first event in small to large-scale events such as fundraising, conference, exhibition, festival, corporate meeting, and any other events. Ticketbud is available both in web-based and mobile app and you can started your event free now!


Anyvite is an event management software to get your event together. As an event planner, don’t make it so hard to manage your event, especially in your registration process. There are many management tools you can use and Anyvite is one of the best tools you can have.

What are the features? Anyvite provides you with various great features such as customized ticketing design, mobile access, promoting through social media, update calendars, list of your attendees’ books, and integrated payments.

This software is best for small event such as classes, birthday parties, meetings, and a place for your clubs to have a ticketing process for their event. You can also have a public invitation and private invitation template from Anyvite.


As the tagline said “Multiple possibilities, for thousands of event planner!”, Weezevent will set up your event without any complicated process. It’s a piece of cake! Within only 5 minutes you can start to create your customized online registration of your event.

What is the features? You will receive many benefits from Weezevent’s features. The features provided are designing a personalized tickets, collecting client or attendee’s data, accessing to control, and digital payments.

This software is best for any size of events such as concert, workshop, professional event, party, conference, trade show, any many other events. You can get this event management software free by holding a free event.

See? Managing your registration and ticketing process is an easy thing to do with the help of event registration software above. Creating great first impression through your event registration and ticketing will help you to create a success event at its first start. Make everything at your will through the help of event management software.

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