Live Streaming Platform Happs Raises $4.7 Million in Post-Seed Funding

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Ever heard of Happs raises $4.7 million? Some of you may not even know what Happs is. It turns out that Happs is another live streaming platform that can be used to hold virtual events—just like YouTube and Zoom to mention some. Given that the startup has recently gained a lot of investment, you might begin to wonder, what is so special from this company? Find out the answer in this article below.

What is Happs?

Also known as Happs TV, this software is basically an app that enables you as creators to stream live video in various platforms simultaneously. Simply said, through this platform, you can be live in Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter at the same time.

This will be beneficial if you are aiming to get people aware of your live stream. This one of many virtual meeting platforms startup is based on Santa Monica, California. And despite its budding potential, it is not a wonder that Happs raises $4.7 million given that it has great benefits as a conference platform.

The virtual event app was founded by Mark Goldman and his co-founder Drew Shepard and David Neuman.  All of them had previously worked in the media industry, hence it makes no confusion if the company can have its value skyrocket compared to other virtual event companies.

What are the Key Features of Happs?

What made investors to become interested in investing in Happs? Given that the number of investments is quite a big sum, the software must have something special in it. And turns out, it really has something special to offer its users.

So, what are the key features of Happs? Here is the list of several key features that this online conference platform has.

  • It helps streamers to create a professional online stream, even if you are an amateur, individual live streamer.
  • It is not limited to a certain niche only – everyone can benefit as much as possible from this virtual conference
  • It helps the streamers to reach more audiences with its feature that enables you to link it to various platforms; it will bridge people to reach your live stream better. Hence, more people will be aware of your ‘brand’.
  • In the user-end, live comments can also be used despite the difference in platform used to access the live streaming.
  • The virtual ‘currency’ enables watchers to sponsor streamers directly through the app. The currency can be obtained by purchasing it directly or through doing stuff directly on the app.
  • Currently, the app still has no plans or ads which are great of you are often disturbed by the popping ads.
  • Viewers will be able to invite their friends to the real-time, on-going events

Despite all being said, the app is still far from having great user interface—the graphics are still so-so when compared to the competitors. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to access this online event platform. With no pricing plans as its advantage, that would cost you nothing to view your favorite streamers. If you are a creator yourself, Happs will make it a pleasant experience while streaming, regardless of your status as a newbie or an already-renowned creator.

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