Careers in Event Planning: Quite Promising with Fairly Complex Requirements

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Careers in event planning certainly deserve further attention for an event planner by considering that there are currently a lot of event planning services that have sprung up. Will this job be suitable as a permanent source of income?

An event planner, also commonly referred to as an event organizer or specialist, is someone who is able to coordinate and manage professionally and responsibly for certain events such as weddings, charity events, parties, and corporate meetings.

Event Planning Requires a Variety of Managerial Skills

Careers in event planning are challenging. You must be able to manage the job given by the client including managing funds, choosing a location, determining the date, arranging the event as well as transport and buffet for the invited guests.

Before accepting jobs in event planning, you must make sure that you have the requirements needed as an event planner. Here is a brief review of four common things that you must have.

  • You are required to have a bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing economics or business communication. If you don’t, you should have at least 2 years of experience. Start by looking for jobs in event planning near me.
  • If you are applying for jobs in the event planning industry, they prefer candidates who include a training history in their CV. You can get one at several universities or when you were a subordinate at an event organizer.
  • There are several official event planner associations that offer specialization certificates for you. This certificate will help you greatly in increasing your chances of getting an event planning job.
  • As described above, you must have skills that an event planner or organizer must have. If you start from scratch, these skills will be further honed as you often dive into the management of events.

Estimates of Salary That Event Planners Can Earn

Estimates of Salary That Event Planners Can Earn

If we talk about how much do event planners make, there are several factors influencing the income an event planner. Their salaries usually depend on the location, experience managing events, and the level of prominence of their event planning business.

Several reliable sources state that the average salary received by an event planner in the United States is $ 15.60 per hour. The average is taken from the event planner’s hourly salary range which is from $7.25 to $42.60.

If so, how much do event planners make a month? If you are still green as an event planner, you can earn approximately $3,000 per month. However, if you are already famous, you can pocket more than $5,500 per month.

The prospect of the event organizer business in the future can be said to continue to grow and is always needed, driven by strong and continuous demand for event procurement, both corporate and individual events.

For those who are still in college and interested in careers in party event planning, start gathering experience through school, campus events and volunteering. Before graduating, take internship opportunities in various industries to give you deep ideas about this profession.

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