145+ Funny Cheese Puns for Gouda Laughs

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Are you currently looking for hilarious cheese puns ideas? The puns compilation below that is related to cheese are guaranteed to make you smile. Puns about cheese are really popular because cheese itself is a favored food for most people. It also helps that there are so many types of cheese out there that can be made into jokes – whether it is in the form of one-liners, pick-up line, or just puns as available below.

Do you know that cheese is one of the most consumed dairy products? In facts, according to the data collected annually, the yearly consumption of cheese has doubled from 20 lbs./person/year in 1975 to 40 lbs./person/year in 2018.

Before you read and share the funny cheese puns, you may read helpful tips when picking and buying cheese in the following.

  • Find reliable cheese supplier – It can be cheese shop, gourmet foods, or specialty market that specializes in selling cheeses. Other great and reliable resources are online cheese-maker or local farmer’s market, where you can speak to the makers directly and make sure the products are in optimum condition.
  • Pay attention to the label – Particularly if you buy fresh cheeses. You need to ensure that it is still within the expiration date. Your cheese purchasing experience might be less satisfying if you choose for cheese in quick sale with reduced price.
  • Examine the cheese condition – You need to check the appearance, aroma, and flavor to avoid cheeses with unclean aromas, ammonia, or sour milk. If it’s not possible to check the cheese taste, then it’s best to buy a small amount first.

The possibility of puns related to this specific food is practically endless, for example because there are many funny cheese names out there. You may use the jokes to increase your social media engagements, to add more flavor to your text messages, or as pick-up lines.

Best Cheese Puns and Funny Quotes

Funny Cheese Puns Ideas for Instagram Captions

Funny Cheese Puns Ideas for Instagram Captions

Funny cheese quotes, jokes, and puns might be as cheesy as they are, but still manage to be hilarious. If you are planning to post the picture of your mouthwatering food, then these lighthearted and witty puns would make great caption for sure. They might make your followers day a little bit brighter as well.

Let brie friends forever.

Have a grate day.

Hoping today is as nice as can brie.

My favorite kind of music is R&Brie.

Just in queso you didn’t know, you’re the best.

Having a mozzarhella good day.

This might sound cheesy, but I think you’re really grate.

I don’t want to sound cheesy, but we go really gouda together.

Whisper words of wisdom, let it brie.

You’re lookin’ so gouda today.

You feta believe I love being your friend.

Come to cheddar, right now. Over brie.

This is the cheesiest caption I could find.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to diss a brie? I cheddar the world, and the feta cheese. Everybody’s looking for stilton.

We brie-long together.

I would be so provolone without you.

I’m mature for my age.

You make me melt.

I hope you’re having a gouda day.

Hey, that’s nacho cheese.

Cheesin’ real hard.

Hey, you’re looking sharp.

Would you brie mine?

I can feel it coming in gruyere tonight.

In queso emergency, eat cheese.

So grilled to see you.

You had me at halloumi.

Hugs and cheeses.

Just dancing around, and listening to Taylor Swiss.

I found the fontina of youth.

Say cheese.

Y’all gon’ make me lose my rind. Up in here. Up in here.

Be grateful for every day.”

Hello, is it brie you’re looking for?

You raclette my world.

The physics professor taught string cheese theory.

I love you, in queso didn’t know it.

Whey not?

Proud to be an American Cheese

Teleme more, teleme more, did he get very far?

I’ll get a-rind to it.

Frankly my dear, I don’t give edam.

Thank you dairy much.

She’s quark-y.

I have a Danish Blue Christmas without you.

Comte as you are

Just in cais.

I never kiss Emmental.

Kate Mossfield

Truth orla dare?

A bushel and a pecorino

Bernie Brös

Fontal lobe

He feta-d his VP pick.

Hanna Montagna

Would you prefer a priest, a rabbi, or a pastorino?

We are having a very gouda time!

A grana salt.

Home Provalone

Are you quarking kidding me.

It’s a long way to Tipperary Brie

Sperrin me.

Hit the road, Monterrey Jack.

It’s so delicious I’m doolin.

Just try me, I daru.

Y’all gon’ make me lose my rind up in here, up in here

I ate so much cheese I have to Leyden.

Makes my blood curdle.

We eat sausage and cheese in Germany as a wurst kase scenario.

Behind the Velveeta Rope

You’re piment-ed.

Mozzarella lost her glass slipper

The Senator from Vermont Cheddar

Do the Munster Mash

Smoked ’em if you got ’em.

She kicked him to the curd.

She could be a farmer cheese in those clothes.

Never felt cheddar!

Have a hole lot of fun.

Have a gouda birthday. Life is gouda. No thanks, I’m gouda. You’re up to no goud

Fifty Shades of Gruyere. This is a gruyere area

What wisdom did the daddy cheese pass down to his son? “A curd in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

Don’t touch! They’re nachos. This is nacho thing

Better to ask forgiveness than parmesan You’re parmesan it (on it!)

He’s my arch neme-swiss. What is your hypotheswiss? You’re my soul swiss-ter

What did the cheese say after a rough day? “Gouda take the good with the bad!”

What did the cheese say to its hot date? “You make me melt!”

How do you know you’re getting serious with a cheese lover? They’ll tell you they’re pretty fondued you.

What did the cheese say after using a pickup line? “Sorry if that was a little cheesy!”

Ricotta get going. Ricotta get through this

What do they say when you leave the cheese store? “Have a gouda day!”

Did you hear about the guy who had an addiction to cheddar cheese? It was only mild.

Best Cheese Puns

Best Cheese Puns

You’re so cheesygoing

Relax. Just take it cheesy.

That’s what cheese said.

You are looking mozzare-hella good

Have a brie-lliant birthday!

To brie or not to brie

I dis a brie.

You gouda brie kidding!

I’m grateful for your presence.

Why was the cheese feeling so happy and optimistic?

How can you make a mouse smile? Say cheese!

Where would you find cottage cheese on a restaurant’s menu? Under the a la curd section!

What did the piece of cheddar say to the ghost? Don’t scare me—I’m Lac-ghost intolerant!

Because it’s gouda brie a good day.

Let’s pray to cheese-us everyday.

Got to brie-live in magic.

What do you call it when mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan rent a little beach house together? Cottage cheese

Gotta take the gouda with the bad.

His pick-up line was too cheesy.

Make America Grate Again

What did the grilled cheese sandwich say to their date? “You make me melt.”

I’m getting feta up with this

I said to my wife, I’m really fondue you

I was told my jokes were cheesy, but I think they’re pretty Gouda.

Do you brie-lieve in magic?

What drives cheese crazy? That everyone around them is crackers.

The saddest cheese of all the cheeses is the blue cheese.

Why did the cheese lover hide cheese in the back of his fridge? In queso emergency.

Who cares if you’re alone-y, just eat some macaroni.

Sorry you’re feeling bleu

I wheely like you.

Have you accepted cheeses into your life?

How can you be blue when there’s cheese around?

Did you hear about the cheese lover who took his girlfriend for granted? How dairy.Say cheese.

Hilarious Cheese Jokes to Share with Friends

Hilarious Cheese Jokes to Share with Friends

Regular puns sound good, but when you want to share grilled cheese puns, it’s good to just go as cheesy as possible. These following cheese puns are really suitable to be sent to someone you know that just love cheese on their food and snacks more than anything else. Give them a try and see how you can share some good laughs with other people.

What does a cheese like to drink after a long day? Morbier.

What is a cheese’s favorite kind of philosophy? Epistemology and fetaphysics.

What did the cheese call himself after he got dumped? Forever provolone.

What is a cheese lover’s favorite Village People song? Nacho Man.

How did the cheese professor start class every day? Oh queso…

What activity should you do when you’re babysitting little cheeses? Build a roquefort.

What kind of cheese to beavers eat? Edam.

What does a cheese say when they look in the mirror in the morning? Halloumi.

What did Shakespeare say as he was making a cheese plate? To brie or not to brie.

What is a lion’s favorite cheese? Roarquefort.

Did you hear about the guy who opened up a store where they only sell Swiss cheese? It’s a hole business strategy.

Why doesn’t anyone like to hang out with crackers? Someone always cuts the cheese.

What kind of cheese makes the best music? Brieoncé.

How do you share a piece of cheese with a bear? Caerphilly.

What wisdom did the daddy cheese pass down to his son? A curd in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Why should you always bring a bag of tortilla chips to a party? In queso emergency.

What do you call referential cheese? Feta.

Why didn’t I believe what the cheese salesman told me? It was too gouda to be true.

What do they say when you leave the cheese store? Have a gouda day!

Did you hear about the guy who had an addiction to cheddar cheese? It was only mild.

Where should you call if you find a bad cheese shop? The feta business bureau.

What is a cheese’s favorite music? R’n brie.

Why did the cheese smile? It’s gouda brie a good day.

What did the frustrated cheese say? I’m feta up.

When shouldn’t you believe a word your cheese is saying? When it’s too gouda be true.

Why didn’t the cheese want to get sliced? It had grater plans.

What’s the smartest cheese? Cheese whiz.

What did the police say to the cheese thief? You’ve been up to no gouda.

What did cheddar say to Gouda? I need to asiago you a question.

Where does cheese stay when it’s on vacation? At the Stilton.

Why did the cheese cry? It was having a meltdown.

What does cheese say to itself in the mirror? Looking gouda.

What did the piece of cheddar say to the ghost? I’m lac-ghost intolerant.

What did the cheese say when he quoted Shakespeare? To brie or not to brie, that is the question.

What is a basketball player’s favorite kind of cheese? Swish cheese.

What do you get when you cross a goblin and cheese? Muenster cheese.

A tornado destroyed a French cheese factory. All that was left was de brie.

What cheese do you use to coax a bear from a tree? Come-on-bear!

Which cheese surrounds a medieval castle? Moat-zarella.

The other day, this guy threatened to throw dough, cheese, and tomatoes at me. I said, “You wanna pizza me?”

What do you call a cheese with curly hair? Perm-esan.

Did you hear about the cheese who failed at the Olympics? It fell at the final curdle.

What kind of cheese do rodents like? Mousearella.

Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded? De-brie went everywhere!

What cheese should you be used to hide a horse? Mascarpone.

What does a lady in a mall do with a cheesy credit card? Go on a shopping brie.

What do you call a socialite made of cheese? Paris Stilton.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the biggest fan of cheese or just feeling okay about it – these smile-inducing puns jokes won’t be failed in making anyone laugh. Best thing about cheese puns is that you don’t have to be worry about making it cool. The cheesier your pun is, the better it is going to be!

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