College Event Concepts You Can Try as Students

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When you are in college, you will find a lot of college event to support student creativity. College activities are different as when you were in high school. There are various college events that can be organized by students.

A college event doesn’t always have to be formal. You can also organize casual non-formal events as entertainment for students and the surrounding community, but make sure that the events held still have a positive value.

Some Commonly Used Concept Ideas

If you, a student appointed as a college event planner, still feel confused about determining the college event ideas that will be carried out, here are some concepts that you can try to do.

Some Commonly Used Concept Ideas

  • Night Music. Do you like the concept of a college station event? You can try to make music theme at night. The event will be more interesting if you are able to bring in a musician who is quite famous.
  • Culture Nationalism. By looking at the college event calendar, you can use the theme of culture nationalism according to national holidays. Events such as fashion shows, bazaars, and cultural arts are quite common to celebrate. Through the theme above, you can execute interesting college social event ideas with various kinds of Indonesian cultural performances. It will be nicer if you invite the public to come and take part in the event.
  • Sports competition. You can realize college organization event ideas with a sports theme that requires the participants to compete with each other. Several field competitions, such as basketball, futsal, volleyball, and tennis may be listed. Sometimes if the campus has a swimming pool, they will ask for college swimming event order. You may hold the event for high school level as this opportunity can help you to promote your campus at the same time.
  • Pop-up Market. Try to realize a college of event management by advancing the economy with a focus on the pop-up market. The theme may sound familiar since you can make campus events more interesting and exciting. You can also add some fun activities such as workshops or fashion shows. It’s hoped that it will be able to make the economy more secure and advanced among the younger generation of campuses by realizing this college event management.
  • Art Week. Another concept you can run to make campus events interesting by holding an exhibition. Some students and the public can express their appreciation of art by participating in the event. Make college event poster to boost your promotion.

Be an Active Student outside the Classroom

There are still many examples of interesting and useful campus event concepts. As a student, you are required to hold various events to improve your organizational abilities. Try to make an event that is fun but still has positive values.

In essence, college event planning is a mandatory support for the campus academic community. By becoming a campus event planner, it will greatly help you later when you graduate from campus and enter the real world of earning a living.

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