Company Culture Definition, Examples, and Its Importance

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The talk of company culture can be a bit difficult for some people—but still; it is an interesting topic to talk about. These days, we heard about this topic quite frequently and examples of big company working culture are lots to be talked about. In this article, you will find the definition of company culture and what aspects are required to build a great company culture at a certain working place. Not to forget, some examples of such culture will also be mentioned.

First, let’s talk about the definition of company culture. This term is defined as a culture of which a set of values, attitudes, goals, and practices are shared within the people working in the same organization. It can also be defined as the values the workers of a certain organization believe in, and what they can envision about the company, and what should they do in order to get there.

That way, you can emphasize that no company shares the same culture with the others. Plus, we cannot say that one company has good company culture and the other one has not. It is safe to say that each culture of a company is good, given that the purpose of each company isn’t the same. Then, what are the examples of company culture? Here are some of them you can learn from:

  • Netflix’s company culture – Behind Netflix, there are people working with its company values of: judgment, integrity, innovation, passion, selflessness, curiosity, communication, courage, impact, and inclusion.
  • Microsoft Corporation company culture – The team behind your computer has these cultures of company as follows: accountability, diversity and inclusion, responsiveness to customers, quality and innovation, and growth mindset.
  • Facebook’s company culture – One of the biggest social media, Facebook, also have its strong organizational culture. This culture is summarized into these 5 points as follows: focus on impact, build social value, move fast, be open, and be bold.

How to Build Company Culture

Some of you may have just started your company. That’s good! But without a company culture, the purpose and work ethics of your staff may not be as good as when you implement a company culture. Well, culture building may not be one of the checklists in starting a company, but in a strong culture company, purposes will be able to be reached effectively.

So, how to build a culture at work? According to Forbes, you can benefit from these tips to build a encouraging corporate culture as follows:

  • Emphasizing on employee’s wellness
  • Encourage positivity
  • Create a specific goal
  • Nurture a positive social connection
  • Accept the constructive feedback from the employees.

What If There is No Company Culture?

Well, it is just similar with a car that loses its steering wheel. Nothing to steer the company, it simply means that company will lose its grip towards its goals. It can also be said that there is no fuel powering the people to achieve what is set as goals.

With all that said, it is truly important to set a culture of work in your workplace. More importantly, that would be best if the employees understand the culture as a whole—not merely taking it as something to read.

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