Exit Interview: Why is it Necessary?

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Exit interview is basically the opposite of a job interview. Job interview is when you try to get a job, while exit interviews are when you try to leave. If you work in an office or company and you feel you cannot work there anymore, or that you have found a better job offer, you should tell the company that you are about to resign. They will most likely to conduct the interview. This is what you should know about the interview.

What are the questions that will be asked during the interview? There will be information about that, and you should read it carefully, so you know exactly what to do in your exit interviews best practices. Basically, if you have good reason to leave the job, you do not have to worry about the interview at all. Here are the most common questions for you to understand.

  • Why did you decide to resign? – This is the most common employee exit interview The company basically wants to find out why you are resigning from your post. Answer this question honestly and state the real reason.
  • Were you unhappy with your job here? – This is a tricky question, but you have to answer it honestly. If there is a bullying or intimidation that drives you crazy and eventually forces you to leave, state it in the interview. More than 48% people resign from their job because of bullying as per 2020.
  • What can we do to make you stay? – This question is not essentially the company asking you to stay, but they will rather hear your story about what can make the company better, not necessarily for you but for the rest of the employees as well.
  • What does your new job offer that we can’t? – State the question straight forward. Even when it is a bitter truth, the company should take it since there are better places for their employees to actually go to.

How to Conduct an Exit Interview?

If you are 100% sure to leave the job for a good, positive reason, you should understand about how to do an exit interview. Essentially, you should be calm and composed. Do not show off any nervous traits or any signs that you are reluctant. You should speak with confidence and give one last all-out interview for the company.

Who Should Be Involved in Exit Interview Process?

HRD staff will most likely there in the process. Also, your direct supervisor will probably be there as well. They are people who are running the well-being state of the employees, and they need to know exactly what makes people want to escape their company. This is why they are there in the interview

This kind of interview is quite common, and there is nothing to be afraid of. You have every right to stay or leave, and this is why you should never get intimidated by the interviews. It is very common and it is like a culture to conduct the exit interview before the employee is resigning or leaving the company.

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