Constructive Criticism Definition and How to Give It Properly

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Constructive criticism is something that you will often get when you are surrounded by positive people or those who really care about you anyway. This kind of criticism is the one that will help you get back on your feet or reach out your actual goal rather than the one that will hurt you in purpose. For those who want to find out more about the criticism, you should be able to read more about the constructive criticism below.

Of course, you should understand more about the constructive criticism meaning first. It is believed that according to research, 29% of people give out criticism in order to hurt, not to suggest any point. This is completely wrong, and this is why you have to find out the positive criticism instead.

In order to give a good criticism and the constructive one, you should do these things:

  • Give Feedback – The first thing you have to do is to give feedback. Feedback is mostly positive and it is not the unnecessary thing you say to hurt people purposely.
  • Be Specific – Be specific in your criticism. Then, make sure the people who need to hear your words know exactly what you mean to, and what you are trying to say. It is very important that way, and being specific helps setting out their further goal in turning back the critics.
  • Stick to the Point – Do not wander around with the criticism. You have to stick to the point, and make sure everyone can understand your feedback easily. Simplify what you mean, and go straight to the point.
  • Recommend, Do not Assume – Lastly, you have to recommend instead of making assumption. Make sure you keep everything neutral, and you have to be objective. With this point, you should be able to keep the criticism on the positive notes instead, and you won’t hurt anyone at all.

The Benefits of Constructive Criticism

Well, the constructive criticism is considered as the type of criticism you give out to help someone to bounce back from their failed attempts. Usually, people tend to criticize if they do not feel like someone is giving them the result they deserve. However, the criticism sometimes hurt, and thus it will not make them bounce back, but they will get depressed instead.

On the other hand, a positive approach will all make the difference. You should be able to motivate them back on their feet and you should be able to make sure they will try again after reading the critic or reading what people are thinking about them. 

How to Give Constructive Criticism?

Remember this: do not ever give out the words or criticism to people if your intention is only to hurt them. Instead, give them the constructive criticism, so they can understand what you think and what makes it better to them. It will be so much better for them to hear it rather than the hurtful ones. In addition, constructive criticism will strengthen relationship and provide encouragement for the better change.

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