What Is SMART Goal and Why Is It Essential?

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SMART goal is something that you will often heard, especially when you are working in a target-oriented company. The “SMART” part of the term is an acronym. It explains everything you need to have in a target or a goal. If you want to find out about SMART goal, you will get its further explanation below, and it will most likely help you setting a goal in the future.

Before jumping to SMART goal definition, and thus giving you the insight of what are SMART goals, you should note this is important information. There should always be times in your life when setting out a goal is necessary. To make a realistic goal, this SMART method is considered effective and thus the information about it is surely essential.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. Here is the explanation.

  • Specific – The goal must be specific and planned in details. It makes everyone having to execute and reach the goal knows exactly what to do and what to expect.
  • Measurable – The goal has to be measurable and calculated very carefully to see if it is hitting the right market or properly set for the entire project.
  • Achievable – If the goal is impossible to achieve in the first place? Why bother? This is why the goal must be planned meticulously to be achievable. The method on how to achieve it anyway must be set right from the start.
  • Relevant – The goal must be relevant to the eventual vision and purpose of the team or the company. Also, it has to be set to connect with the target, so everyone can understand the goal quite effortlessly.
  • Timely – Lastly, time has to be the factor indeed. Timely means the goal is supported, time-wise. You should have a sufficient amount of time to get into the process of achieving the goal.

SMART Goal Definition

Well, based on explanation above, SMART goal meaning is basically a set of characteristics that you should find in a goal. Not all types of goal are realistic, let alone making any sense.

When all those traits are found in a target or goal, reaching the team goals will be definitely easier. It is believed SMART method is needed, considering only 3% of adult in the USA have any ability to set up a goal properly.

There are many SMART goals examples for work that you can find around you. Most of the time, it is related to short-term projects. The goal should be achievable in the first place, so the team can see the progress and the eventual goal of the SMART targets in shorter period of time.

That’s all you need to know about SMART method to set up a goal. The examples of measurable goals for employees can be seen right after the method is applied. This is definitely one of the most helpful and beneficial methods you can find, and there will be tons of SMART goal examples for work that come along with it.

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